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your on thoughts, ideas and stories

We strongly encourage and support the fans of Naked Bodybuilding to use the comment section to let the IFNB come alive.  Our fans take the details we have given and build off of them.

Fans can reveal stories and details of the competitors and of this "reality" that the editors haven't had time to note. Feel free to add as much as you feel inspired to - this is a space for all to do the same.  Remember this is a "real" space, so always couch your accounts in the a realistic voice; be it rumors you have heard, things you have personally witnessed, or experiences in the hyper-masculine super muscled world of the IFNB.

As the Editors, we are hoping you guys will continue to help us flesh out this world and make it always seem more real for you and all the other followers; our naked bodybuilding adoring fans.  As such, here's our main hopes:
  • Suggestions for hopes and ideas the IFNB Report should cover
  • Polite, well-meaning and encouraging pointers of where we might have goofed
  • Naked bodybuilding fan excitement 
  • Excessive competitor adoration (even worship)
  • Debates on top picks for wins in competition
  • Sports-talk style debate of competitor strategies, assets and deficits
  • People who know and understand "real world" bodybuilding customs, processes and the culture
  • IFNB name-dropping and referring to past events
  • Tales of male dominance and aggression
  • Lust for excessive size, muscle and cock alike
  • Questions that lead to hot accounts and ideas
  • Tales of hardcore cock training 
  • "Fan accounts" of contests you have been at
  • Accounts of your own naked bodybuilding
  • Hot discussion of supplements and enhancements
  • Cum-based dieting tips, uses for sperm, etc.
  • Comments of overt political correctness (this is a heightened reality, and will cross lines for effect)
  • Complaining about not seeing the things that you like (it's not our job to precisely fulfill your personal fantasies)
  • Excessive criticism of our photos and writing 
  • Excessive or rambling posts in the comments sections
  • Stories that don't thematically match our tone and focus
  • Commentators who didn't do their homework
  • Discussions of "hetero" vs. "homo" (this is a all-masculine world that transcends these labels)
  • Claims that your voice alone represents the majority, and thus we should do as you suggest
  • Demands for tattoos, piercings and hair on their muscle – sorry, but that's not this world, guys
  • Requests for BDSM - while we have dominance and power themes, leather, restraint, etc is not what we do.

  • We love when people debate and discuss the competitions! We cover the contests like any sporting event, so feel free to debate outcomes and pick favorites!
  • Keep lengths reasonable!  While no one minds a short 3 or 4 paragraph post from time to time (especially if it is a fun one), try not to write a short story every time!
  • IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT WE ARE ABOUT, PLEASE MOVE ON.  Not every theme of this site will work for everyone.  We know this.  If something isn't to your taste, is a turn off or even offends you, just move on.  This is a place people come to enjoy themselves and escape their reality for a while; please don't harsh on people's enjoyment to grind your own personal axe of distaste.
  • NOT ALL OF OUR PHOTOS ARE PERFECT.  We get that.  A lot of it you'll find remarkably authentic, but we know we have the occasional dud in the batches.  We are not going for some pristine level of perfection, but just a general consistency of tone, theme and story.  Please bear with the occasional less-than-perfect shot and don't whine too much in the comments section.
  • Try to comment in theme with the IFNB.  Try not to get too elevated and flowery if you can; just keep it real.  We all have our own style of writing, of course, but the IFNB is a tough, intense world of machismo and bravado.  Try not to wax too eloquent if possible to help us maintain theme.
  • Ads or posts promoting other products, people, sites etc will be deleted. 
  • Sometimes there will still be cases not covered above where we will find the comments do not fit with the intent of the blog, or feel like it will negatively impact the enjoyment of other readers.  In the end, we are the Editors and this isn't a democracy!


  1. THANK YOU for taking the time to lay out the ground rules. I've been a long time watcher and contributed to this blog, and the recent tone and self-serving trolling was turning me off. I'm really glad you put this all out there, and really happy to continue seeing the fantasy world of Naked Muscle grow,

    1. I agree! I've already notice a return in tone to the old, fun style of comments. I was also getting tired of a lot of the recent commenters. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Man, I am so glad to see these new tabs to orient newcomers and help keep track of the pro's stats! I know I've been scarce for a while, but now I am even more excited to get back to posting and chatting with other dudes who love muscle!

  3. I really wish i could find one of the labs why so i could participate in the next comp . :-( email me if you would like to it's .. :-)

    1. I want to thank Donovan Pryde for supporting me. I've enjoyed looking at/reading the IFNB website for a couple of years, and recently I've been trying to add more commentaries. It is a challenge, but I enjoy contributing.

      Everyone has different like and dislikes. The creators provided these guidelines to give potential participants enough information to decide if this site is for them. Creators, thank you. This is a great site visually and literally.

      When I am not working out my naked muscular body at the gym, stroking my huge cock, fucking and cumming loads at the gym with and on another naked bodybuilder, or on the mirrors like an alpha dog claiming it's territory, I'm at home reading this blog, stroking my engorged cock, cumming in my hand and eating my cum. Don't want to waste protein for cock and muscle growth.

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