A special report looking back at the competitive scene that we did not cover in the 2019 season
SHOW OFF: College senior and CMCS local president Derek Armour works the crowd (and is worked by the crowd) at a recent Suds & Studs event. He was able to recruit 32 new applicants for his CMCS team through the event.

The explosive rise in acceptance and recognition of the sport of Naked Bodybuilding has meant that not only as the IFNB (as the apotheosis of the sport) seen huge growth in the last few years, all the official amateur leagues have seen a similar explosion in young men ready, willing and aggressively ready to strip down and show off their this muscle and fat man meat. But the organization with the most fiery growth isn’t even one of the official organizations. It is the focused Collegiate Muscle & Cock Sports league (CMCS) that has seen triple digit growth in its enrollment numbers through an aggressive strategy of promotion and outreach across college campuses. 

We have covered the CMCS extensively on the blog before, but their recent participation in the planning and execution of the IFNB Mr. Alpha in 2018 seemed to be an implicit recognition of their status as a proto-official amateur naked muscle group. But there are plenty that still take exception at the CMCS’s focus on the social and “fun” aspects of Naked Bodybuilding, and rip the organization for not respecting it as the official sport of Alpha men. 

But the sheer number of young athletes signing up to join the CMCS cannot be ignored. And their most recent outreach – inviting fraternities, collegiate sports teams, and entire athletic departments out to off-campus “Suds & Studs” mixers have been a great tool. 

Renting out local bars, social halls and cabarets, drinks are free and rumors are that SPH is handed out plentifully. After an hour or two of drinking and socializing, a representative from the local chapter takes the stage and reveals his naked muscles and big dick to the assembled all-male crowd of fit young men. 

"Derek (Armour, a senior and varsity linebacker) just suddenly popped up on stage naked, with his massive dick rock hard, swinging everywhere and even drooling precum all over the place," recalls Jeremy Troy, a sophomore on the football team who attended a “Suds & Studs” at a bar just off campus. "At first you could see everyone was a little freaked out. There was nervous laughter and a lot of whispering, but you could see that people were fascinated even if they were acting all shocked. But Derek was just, like, really confident and didn't even act horny despite his big cock hanging out there. I have been lifting weights for years for sports, but always admired bodybuilders’ refinement and wanted to be one, so I would have looked at his body anyway because he is so perfectly built. But I had just never seen a guy so chill about swinging his hard dick around a room full of other guys, even in the locker room, where that is normally more appropriate."

Derek Armour is the local CMCS club president, and is used to showing his classmates by his own actions the best way to train, instead of just instructing them. “Modelling good form and the naturalness of masculine sexual superiority through naked bodybuilding helps these boys learn faster, and continue to help recruitment,” says Armour. “I love to tell these guys about the sport and how the cock is seen as a symbol of masculinity and power, not only sexual interest. And as straight as they are, they are always fascinated and have a hard time not staring at my monster cock! I scout out the ones whose own muscle and cock have potential and encourage them to not only be proud of getting a fat woody in front of other guys, but also to consider looking into training and competing in the sport.”

Working the room, the representatives let the attendees get up close and personal with their huge physiques, and show off the astounding opportunities for muscle and cock growth that naked training can bring. By the end of the evening, many cocks will have been pulled out and showed off for the crowd. 

“We’ve tripled our membership in the last year alone,” says Armour. “I’m graduating next year, but hoping to get a job as the assistant varsity coach so I can stay on and see the fruits of my labor! These boys are hot.”


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  1. An exemplary six pack and a massve, dead-straight dick with a well defined helmet: exactly as they ought to be.


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