Naked Bodybuilding Assistants Flock To The Monster Dongs At The Factory

PREPARATION IN PROGRESS: Byron “Chat” Chatibweke, a star NBA (Naked Bodybuilding Assistant), takes advantage of the opportunities at The Factory to prepare for his work backstage at an upcoming international competition. Chat will spend at least 12 hours a day at The Factory in the lead up.

"When I am preparing for a major contest," says Byron “Chat” Chatibweke, a top assistant who has worked with some of the best names in the pro ranks, "I accept that I will be assaulted for several days straight by men who are focused completely on only their own stim. I’m an object and my wellbeing and needs have no place in this, and nor should they. This is my job: to be a piece of meat that can be fucked and used by some of the most powerful men on the planet. I am just two holes for pleasuring sadistically gigantic cocks and the men who have the strength to do whatever they please to me; knowing this is what makes me requested by the top names in the industry."

So how does one prepare for the unpreparable? The first part is mental, and Chat obviously understands the mental prep that is needed. But when faced with sexual aggression beyond anything reasonable, how can a man prepare his body for that onslaught? “The first task to get prepared is to start working my way up, both in size and frequency. But dildos can only do so much. That is why I love to come to The Factory to train because there’s always big, horny cocks around, and offering your holes to them will guarantee a solid fucking.”

Spending his days – sometimes up to 14 hours – on his back at The Factory getting fucked, Chat says it serves two purposes. The first is to physically prepare him for the hole-ripping sized dongs he will have to endure, and the second is the stamina he needs to survive the jackhammering fucks he’ll take for days on end during a pro-level competition serving as a Naked Bodybuilding Assistant.

The heightened stimulation of the cum and cocks he will service would normally cause the uninitiated to pass out from pain or euphoria unless they went through this process. "I need to have no interest in sex or cock prior to going in to work a competitor," Chat says. “Fucking all day leaves me completely drained so that I can head into a competition ready to endure. If I pass out, and I stop pleasuring my client right, he may toss me aside and move on. So I have to be ready to go for hours, getting passed from one cum-slicked cock to the next without break.”

Chat and other pro-level NBAs are hugely hung and muscled themselves and look like they could be professional naked bodybuilders too. "Haha, that's just because of the quality of cum we take in!" Chat tells us. "I swallow and am injected with hundreds and hundreds of loads a contest, all of which are so enhanced and testosterone rich that it causes a growth effect in an assistant. Most of this mass and cock you see on me is the result of having my legs up and hold forced open as thousands of bodybuilders take turns pounding out their throbbing dicks in my ass."

So why does Chat go through it all – the prep and the abuse? "It feels good to know I am part of something greater than my well-being," he says. "Knowing that the hours of sexual abuse from a man who ignores my pleas to stop resulted in his taking a place in a contest feels rewarding. I know the suffering went to good use. It helped an alpha male gain his rightful recognition!"




  1. Yes I want to try,teach me please

  2. Methinks that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Well possibly not in Denmark but certainly in the way the IFNB Musclecock Blog is going. I gather, I know not how, that the originators of this quite amazing blog, handed over the management to a new team a while ago now. Not surprisingly the new team wanted to make its mark and decided to change certain things. However, if you will forgive me a mixed metaphor, the new broom has swept the place so clean and is now in process of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The goose which laid the golden egg is in danger of dying.The blog has become a shadow of its former self!

    It is not so much that you have decided to plough a new furrow and abandoned the IFNB and other international naked body-cock competitions in favour of surveying the activities of a of naked gyms, which is an interesting idea in itself, but which at the same time has removed from view, pretty well all the well-known NBBs who, for years have formed the backbone of continuity of the blog, in favour of a series of muscular guys with big-cocks, whom we risk seeing only once. However, be that as it may, the quality of the photo-shots you are publishing at present is absolutely fine but you have more or less destroyed whole infrastructure around the blog.

    I have come to the conclusion the you are a set of would-be control freaks, who have set about introducing all sorts of unnecessary restrictions, which put people off doing anything more than just looking at your latest photo presentations.

    Your first cardinal mistake was to introduce restrictions, which discouraged fans from commenting on the shots, with the results that we now see. Essentially this one misguided action, killed off the comments section, reducing it to a series of uninteresting one-liners other than comments made by myself and a guy called Wallow, a confessed newcomer, who has taken me to task for being a complainer who does not understand what the blog is all about. Well done Wallow, as at least you are saying something,You exhort fans to comment by saying “Keep Alpha Alive” when your actions have put it almost in intensive care on life support!

    Your second big mistake was to kill off the side blogs made by fans like Donovan Pryde and replace them by such things as VPL (an utter misnomer) and a series of other similar blogs chosen by you. Donovan was a regular commenter on the blog and additionally had his own, ever changing series of vignettes in his side blog. Like him or loather him, (I liked him), he always had something to say.

    And then you have canned easy access to the blog archive. What is one to make of a system which when you log onto the archives give you the following message:

    This blog is open to invited readers only
    It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.
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    I’m sorry to be so critical, but you deserve it. As I said above, a new broom sweeps clean; but you are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Think on this; you and the fans may like or dislike my comments, but at least I make some. Frankly your cupboard, like that of Old Mother Hubbard, would look very bare without my contributions, as Wallow whoever he or she is, seems to have stopped commenting for quite a while now.


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