Another Douton Is On The Rise. . . . But Is He Making The Same Mistakes?
SO FAMILIAR: Young Édouard Douton stops mid workout at The Factory to let out an SPH-influenced cum spray. Like his older cousin and famed professional, Pierre, Édouard believes in the power of controversial drug SPH to improve his performance.

There is something familiar about swagger of the young man. And a capriciousness as he swings from arrogantly dismissing onlookers, to boldly challenging them to touch his bulging bicep, to spraying them with his man juice after a few deep strokes. And finally you hear the name and it all makes sense. . . .


But not the “Douton” you are used to. Édouard Douton is only 22 years old, but he comes from storied DNA. “My cousin is the best bodybuilder in Africa,” says the younger Douton, flexing his arms for us. “Actually. Probably. The best in the world. You cannot stop him from doing anything he wants. Just like a true Alpha. He takes what’s his, and never apologizes. Just like I’m going to do.”

Édouard has been training for about 5 years to compete and has won a few regional titles. Though it must be said that by twenty-two, his elder cousin already had a Pan-Africa runner-up title under his belt. But that hasn’t stopped Édouard from trying to take the same trajectory.

Like his superstar cousin, the younger Douton has made The Factory his home base for training and contest prep. “I’m doing everything Pierre did. Everything he taught me,” he says. “Well. . . . maybe not ‘taught’, since that’s not his way. He SHOWED me, even when I was a kid, how an Alpha acts. Nude all the time, demanding acknowledgement. Demanding admiration. Demanding respect for the big cumstick between his legs!”

But there’s another one of his cousin’s training techniques that he has leaned into as of late: Sperm Production Hyperdrive. Possibly the most controversial subject in the world of Naked Bodybuilding, SPH as it is known, deeply divides athletes throughout both the professional and amateur leagues. The IFNB’s frank discouragement of SPH in theory but unwillingness to actually ban the drug in competition has left it controversially in limbo at the highest levels of the sport. Pierre Douton’s use of the drug during several international competitions led to his own reputation for inconsistent and unpredictable performances that many projected lost him top placements at several Pan-Africas, and even spots at Mr. Alpha.

The effects of “SPH” on a man’s body are both psychotropic and physical. Initially developed as a training aid, the unpredictability of it led it to become more of a “party” drug, though many men still try to harness the powers of it for training, and even sometimes (disastrously) for competition. The body becomes sexually over-stimulated with a throbbing, with an unflagging erection and churning balls producing sperm at exponential rates. Even on small doses uncontrollable cum shooting is not only common but becomes essential for the body to rebalance itself. This deep need naturally reduces a bodybuilder’s ability to control cum shots– a great disadvantage when in competition, when control and polish are everything. But the psychological implication is where the big dangers lie.

A dose of SPH can turn even a skilled professional bodybuilder into a feral animal, obsessed with fulfilling his overwhelmingly intensified sexual demands by any means necessary. Nicknamed “falling into a cum hole,” a man in the grips of an SPH trip can become completely single-minded and only cognitive of his cock and cumming.

Young Édouard is undeterred by warnings about SPH however. “Real Alphas can handle the effects of SPH no problem. Only pussies who play with SPH end up fuck-hungry zombies." Douton says. “Like my cousin, I use quick, small doses at correct times to give myself a training boost, without the side effects distracting from posing and flexing."

Whether that is born out in the younger Douton's training is an open question. Like Pierre, despite his insistence of complete control, intensified sprays spontaneously erupt from the thick fuckstick as he works out and wanders the Factory. His spotters know to be prepared to be hosed down with hot cum from his throbbing dick many times during reps, and other patrons are often caught in aggressive sprays from his pulsing cock head when he stops in the middle of the gym, his eyes rolling back as he beats out a creamy shot in obvious ecstasy.

Despite the obvious struggle to maintain composure, Douton is undeterred, “Like my cousin, I say those who criticize my choice of using SPH are ignorant pussies who are jealous of my cock and my Alpha personality. The just want me to pound their ignorant asses until they beg for my perfect rod to stop! Like Pierre showed the haters when he won Mr. A., they are going to be proved wrong for ever criticizing such a perfect man as myself!"




  1. I want him to cum into my mouth and my hole

  2. On a recent business visit to Nigeria, as keen follower of NBB activities world-wide myself, I had the opportunity to visit The Factory which is located on the outskirts of Lagos, the country’s commercial capital. I was warmly received by the Gym’s manager, Ndongo Kawawe, known to everyone as The Rhino (The Factory 06). Now retired from competitive naked bodybuilding himself, he devotes all his time to The Factory, which has become the key pole, not only in Nigeria, but in the whole of the vast area of Sub-Saharan Africa, in training young black Africans starting on a career in naked bodybuilding. Keen young NBs travel thousands of miles, making the pilgrimage to train at The Factory, which has achieved a reputation of being a magical place, which every serious African NB, sees as an obligatory stop in his career, to prepare himself for the search for fame and fortune at the numerous international competitions organised by the IFNB and others.

    But, as the Rhino pointed out to me, lack of funds makes naked bodybuilding a struggle in Africa. “Young NBs in training tend to forget how much they depend on professional naked bodybuilding assistants (NBAs) for their cock development and maintenance. They take the ubiquitous presence and anal availability of NBs for granted, forgetting that the guy they are depending on to develop their cocks also needed considerable training to develop the all-important top-notch anal sphincter control, the quality which makes cock-trainers quite different from a sex partner who bottoms, for the sheer pleasure, of recreational sex.”
    Also given the fact that we black Africans, myself included, do have larger cocks – not to boast, but usually much larger – than most whites, the professional, black NBA needs months of preparation to render his anus capable of taking for hours on end, day in and day out, some often gob-smacking, NB fuck-sticks, to avoid sustaining irreparable anal damage. His anus has to become flexible enough to accept a guy’s cock, often as much as 2½ inches in diameter, but at the same time to retain the muscular grip on the penis he is training, without which the exercise, for the NB becomes just “another fuck”.

    It is, in fact, penis girth, rather than length, which is the limiting factor as to what an NBA can stand. It would be a brave man to take cold, man-meat as big as Thomas Addo’s (The Factory 03) or Ben Onyango’s (The Factory 11) or even, with no false modesty, my own, without some prior preparation of his anus. Therefore, here at The Factory, we pay great attention to providing extensive anal training to NBAs, without whom the place could not function properly. Make no mistake, those NBAs who can meet the heavy demands of the NBs are in great demand and are, in their own righ, as much stars as are the NBs whom they are serving.

    To be continued

  3. The Dildo Stool continued

    The Rhino continued: "Ideally,The Factory would have a fully qualified team train prospective NBAs in the indispensable art of anal sphincter control, the key to success in their chose profession. In fact, in addition to myself as Gym Manager, we have only two other, full-time qualified anal trainers available,. Necessity, it is said, is the mother of invention; and so, to meet the demands of some twenty five, aspiring young men, who wish to dedicate themselves to this profession, we have developed a simple and inexpensive device – a key criterion in African naked bodybuilding circles –which we have called the Dildo Stool.”

    “Inspired by the extensive and much used selection of hand operated dildos owned by The Factory, the Dildo Stool was originally conceived solely as an aid for young, trainee NBAs, in an attempt to compensate for the lack of training staff, but, given its utility and ease of use, has fast become a popular device for anal exercise – and if I dare say it – anal stimulation among both qualified, professional NBAs and NBs alike.”

    “The Dildo Stool is extremely simple. It consists of a stout wooden box – the stool – about eighteen inches long by twelve wide and eighteen in height (about the height of the seat of a dining chair). To each of the short sides are screwed two stout vertical arms of hard-wood some 30 inches in height, surmounted by a horizontal piece which acts as a handle. In the centre of the seat of the stool is set a female threaded nut, into which a series of different hardwood dildos, fitted with a male screw their lower ends, can be firmly screwed.”

    “Little imagination is needed to see how this device is used to simulate the training act, which, essentially, consists of reciprocal penetration of the anus of the trainee by erect penis of a professional, anus trainer. The user, selects the dildo appropriate to his needs – of which more later – screws it into place, holds onto the two handles and lowers his arse onto the business end of dildo, allowing the tip of the penis to penetrate his anus before beginning the vertical reciprocating movements controlled by his own arms, thereby simulating the live-live situation common to all acts of anal copulation, whatever their objective.

    Originally conceived as a self-help device to provide young trainee NBAs with the all important anal training, essential to their profession, the Dildo Stool had become widely used, both for exercise and recreation by NBAs and NBs alike. It has been a great success.”

    To be continued:

  4. The Dildo Stool concluded.

    Ndongo Kawawe continued with his explanation: “Originally conceived as an anal training device for young NBAs, the Dildo Stool was delivered with a set of different-sized, surrogate penises designed especially for anal training and not for recreational use.

    “However once the general utility of the stool for anal stimulation had been appreciated by Factory members, a number of other dildos or pseudo-cocks, specifically designed for pleasure was made available. The members of the gym had quickly appreciated how the Dildo Stool provided them with a means of what I suppose must be defined as anal masturbation. It allowed them, when alone with no partner to hand with whom to copulate, to fuck themselves to orgasm, whilst at the same time exercising their biceps and thigh muscles, as the entire vertical reciprocating process simulating live copulation is provided by themselves, pushing their arses up and down on to the dildo of their choice. So, for the first time, the introduction of the Dildo Stool has rendered physically possible such rude exhortations as: Go fuck yourself or Bugger off; the user can actually fuck and bugger himself!”

    “One of the most important capabilities – possibly THE most important – for a top professional NBA, is to be able to maintain his sphincter muscle grip on his client’s cock, no matter what its girth. So, with this objective in mind, training on the Dildo Stool is carefully programmed. All the different lengths and girths of dildo are turned from hardwood in a form simulating a erect, circumcised penis with a well-defined rim below the cockhead. Additionally all the cylindrical dildos are highly polished and fitted with an adjustable collar which defines the depth of anal penetration.”

    “So a trainee begins with a small diameter dildo, adjusted for minimal penetration and progresses to larger diameter dildos with ever increasing depths of penetration. The main objective is to ensure that the NBA maintains control of his anal muscles whilst at the same time increasing his receptive capability to take – and grip – such formidable cocks as Thomas Addo’s. One of the dildos is tapered along it full length, which enables the trainee NBA to control the degree of stretching of his anus, depending on the depth of penetration he allows himself.”

    "Overall, the introduction of the Dildo Stool has enabled The Factory to turn out world-class NBAs, capable of servicing some the biggest cocks in the world, all of which are found on black Africans whether here in Africa or elsewhere on the world. Aif you wouds liek to try out the stool,yourself, I will happily can let you use the personal one I have in my office."

    I thanked Kawawe for his time and told him I would think about his offer! But The Factory has shown us all that the old maxim: "Where there's a will there's a way" holds good.



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