The Dildo Station At The Factory Is As Large As You Would Expect
DEEP INSIDE: Amateur bodybuilder Peter Anyang pushes the last bit of a double-headed dildo into his ass. The level of excitement from this feat caused Anyang to cum - and he tried to capture every drop!

Naked gym floors are unique. Not only will you find the usual full complement of free weights, cardio equipment, weight machines and accessories you would find at any standard gym, but you’ll also find other tools unique to nude training. One of these areas men brand new to a naked gyms often double-take about are the dildo racks. Like the free weights, the racks have dedicated floor space and are sorted by progressive size (length and girth). For new athletes, they probably already understand that to maximize their growth they will need to take cum from another Alpha in training, but why an entire rack of artificial cocks in the middle of a gym?

The answer is twofold. First, it’s no easy task to get fucked in the ass if you haven’t been before. Factor into this that the truly built, Alpha men whose cum is most desirable often have the largest, longest and hardest fucksticks that far surpass an ordinary man’s. So training up to take larger and larger Alpha cocks is key to getting a good result from an ass full of hyper-testosterone infused muscle cum. Secondly, naked bodybuilding is about working and building every muscle to create the most aesthetic and sexually athletic physique possible. Building a strong, muscular sphincter has two upsides. Clenching and releasing during a posing routine can cause increased levels of arousal and makes for harder erections and richer, fuller cum shots. And a powerful sphincter also helps hold in all the cum shots delivered deep into a bodybuilder’s gut to allow for maximum absorption.

A full offering at a well-stocked gym will offer not just the usual set of silicone phalluses, but will have a full array of shapes, sizes and materials, including bulbous “plug” style pieces wider than they are tall, long double-headed dildos, massive animal inspired insertables, and rubber fists all are available. Some will even have fucking machines, that will allow the athlete to attach a dildo and let it go to town deep fucking them. But more often than not, you’ll find an assortment of sweaty, pumped bodybuilders huffing as they squat down and stuff their butts with thick “anal trainers” (not “toys”).

As one might expect at the premier gymnasium on the continent with records for the largest, fattest and most ass-ripping dicks in the world, the men of The Factory have to be prepared to take any size cock at any time. So despite the spartan surroundings, the dildo station is one of the most extensive and well stocked in the world. So from petite 10cm buttplugs to a double headed snake a meter long, whatever anal training the men need can be had. They even have custom “wreckers” with circumferences in excess of 50cm to open holes to the max.

“When I first came, I never had anything up there,” says aspiring bodybuilder Peter Anyang. “I had ben training for a while, but only cock stim. I wasn’t comfortable with the anal stuff.” But after watching huge, musclebound Alphas impaling themselves with large dongs, Anyang decided to give it a try. “If they could carry themselves with such butch assurance and still lay on the floor in front of the entire gym full of men shoving a 30cm dong up their ass as their extra hard dicks bounced along, then I decided I could too.” Anyang’s training regimen has increased in size so that as we spoke, he was plunging a 40cm double-headed dong all the way inside his hole until it disappeared fully inside him. “My cum shots are three times as strong as when I first arrived, and I really think it was to do with how strong I am down there. Plus, at 40cm, I want to be ready if my hero, ‘Snake’ Assombo, ever comes to The Factory!”



  1. Well with this stud sucking his own cock, we seem to have stalled in this Factory series devoted to muscular back Africans and their massive fuck-sticks.

    So what exactly has this series of shots shown us? One thing is for sure, when it comes to muscles, black Africans certainly have them. But equally it does seem to answer once and for all that perennial question: do blacks usually have bigger cocks than whites? Well I think that this series has settled that question once and for all; on this photographic evidence, THEY MOST CERTAINLY DO.

    But that having been said, do these blacks, with their monumental fuck-sticks, look better than whites? To that question my own answer is a resounding NO. On the whole their cocks are just too big for their own good. Thomas Addo (Fac 03) is a case in point. His cock is beautifully presented. He is one of the few to have had himself properly circumcised to make the best of his key asset. But just look his cock! It is an absolute monster and his balls are just too big. Try to imagine what he looks like when he is hard and wanting to fuck. Who the fuck (pardon my French) would be willing, or even able, to take that pile-driver piece of meat up his arse? Frankly the mind boggles!

    And then there is Kawawe “The Rhino” (Fac 05) holding his monster badly cut cock in one hand: to me this totally un-alluring piece of man-meat reminds me of a log. But HRH Prince Nakibinge, (Fac 06) takes the biscuit for showing us how NOT to do it. His body is a joke and his cock so totally unappetising, with that huge piece of foreskin covering his knob. Frankly, this guy is beyond the pale. He needs to get a serious trainer to take him in hand.

    Finally we have Ben Oyango (Fac 11), a lighter type of stud, very much to my own personal taste, but who nevertheless has that massive African cock, which looks to me very like an American baseball bat. And here again, we have an uncut stud, but one whose foreskin is way too tight, which when he is hard probably makes fucking rather painful for him.
    So what do we conclude from this interesting series? Yes, black Africans do seem to have monster cocks; bigger than those of whites. However many of them are just too big for their own good. And with a few exceptions, they all need to go under the knife to clean up their act. In my view every musclecock, whatever his ethnicity, who wishes to exhibit his man-eat in public on stage, should be circumcised.

    1. For me ,i love all musclemens dick.

    2. Oh bugger off, cut, uncut, huge or just normal, these cocks are all fucking gloriously hot and stuck to some seriously huge men.


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