Massive African Dicks Can Be Trouble In International Competition
BIG BOY: Ben Onyango showcases his massive cock after a thorough workout. Though he has dominated as a middleweight in African amateur events, the massiveness of his penis bumps him to heavyweight for international competition, where he has stagnated. 

In general, one of the most noted (and exciting) aspects of African competitive bodybuilders is the massive cock size they seem to sport as a rule. In the naked sport, smaller dick men are just lesser men – that is just a fact of nature.  Which is why cock size can be such a cornerstone when evaluating masculinity. So in naked bodybuilding, cock size is often the cutting edge that pulls a remarkably masculine man up into the stratosphere of a true male icon.

However, the standards of IFNB judging are not all about cock or even about sexual power. For international competition, judging criteria weighs cock-focused scoring and physique in almost equal measure, which means the performer must have to have the full package of balanced body and cock, and know how to flex and pose in a way that showcases his form.

Which is why African competitors often perform very differently in international competition. Although nominally following official IFNB rules, a vast majority of African local and regional competitive organizations tend to favor massive, powerful penises in greater measure than physique in classing and scoring. In fact, cocks that would be considered oversize, or “freakish” in regular competition often are celebrated and awarded top prizes, seemingly irrespective of the body they are attached to or the performance they put on.

This cultural difference though has been accused of handicapping African competitors as they move through the local ranks and find themselves on the international scene trying to keep pace with Alphas who have been scored more stringently to IFNB guidelines.

Ben Onyango is one such aspiring competitor. Well known in western Africa for his notably fearsomely-hung, bat-shaped dong, he is also a smooth and professional performer, making good use of his dick’s formidable size during stage competition to showcase his aggressive horniness. In Africa, Onyango has repeatedly taken the gold as a middleweight (based upon his weigh-ins) in a range of competitions. But on his few times in International competitions he has struggled to place since the more strict interpretation of weight classes places his “balance” of lighter physique and stupefying cock in the heavyweight division.

“It feels like I am punished for being a man. The biggest, and best man,” says Onyango. “But if they cannot handle the magnificence of my cock – of the cocks of Africa – too bad for them.” Too bad indeed!



  1. The one question which the shots in the present Factory series has settled is the perennial question if whether Black Africans have bigger cocks than Caucasian men. The answer to that question seems to be “undoubtedly.” However, as you point out in your latest commentary, cock size, although important is not in itself enough to ensure success at international level.

    What the present series has dramatically shown is how important it is for each and every musclecock competitor at international level, whatever the size of this penis, to present this, his most precious possession well. And this is where the Africans usually fall down lamentably. It is my view that the IFNB should make complete and total circumcision and obligatory requirement for all competitors.

    How any musclecock worth his salt can present himself on stage in public either uncircumcised or with a scrappy back-street, half way, badly cut cock, beats me. The full beauty of the male sex organ is only fully revealed when the cock head is completely free of foreskin, which needs to be expertly removed by a surgeon, to reveal the cock head in all its glory set off from the shaft by a well-defined rim.

    Thomas Addo, (03) whose cock I personally find just too big, is nevertheless a good example of what a monster African cock should look like when ready for the stage. He has been well cut and his cock-head is well disengaged. On the other hand the Rhino, (05) who has a humdinger of a fuck-stick is a fine example of how not to do it. He need to see a surgeon and get that ring of foreskin removed to put his cock-head into relief. And as for HRH Prince Patrick Nakibinge, (06) well, words fail me to describe the full horror of this man’s penis. In fact, everything about him is wrong. For me, he is a prime example of how a musclecock should definitely not look.

    There are horses for courses, and my own view is that I prefer race horses to cart horses to which latter category, I am afraid I would consign most Africans; they are just not to my personal taste. Even Ben Onyango (11), who has a body to die, for has a disproportionally large cock. What the hell does he do with it when he is not naked?

    Do any of these guys ever fuck anyone for pleasure, I wonder? African men are great copulators and there are lots of young studs who enjoy anal sex. But I wonder if such guys as we have seen in the Factory, with truly monster meat, ever manage to enjoy recreational sex with anyone, or is sex just a tool with which to develop themselves still further? It may well be that once on the band-wagon, the creation of the biggest cock in Africa becomes their whole life, even though when they achieve their goal and have a dong 24-30 inches long, they can do nothing with it.

  2. This guy is a perfect example of the problems many African musclecocks have with their dicks. Size is, as usual, not a problem, other than that if he goes on developing his cock it may get just too big and unwieldy, but many Africans seem to like that “bigger is better” look.

    But Onyango’s meat is completely uncut at present and his foreskin is masking what is certainly a magnificent cock-head, which is peeping through his foreskin even though his dick is totally flaccid. I would guess that when he is hard and ready for action, he finds his foreskin is very tight, stretched as it will be, across his cock-head, making fucking uncomfortable. He needs expert surgery to remove his offending foreskin if he is going to make the grade on the international stage. I can but echo the view of the other comment that the IFNB should make full and clean circumcision obligatory for all competitors.

    The other other thing is that his cock, like those of so many Africans, has the form of a base-ball bat, in that its girth gets greater nearer to the head; not an attractive feature!

  3. i just noticed that the dark skinned man in the picture is uncircumcised.
    He has a foreskin.
    This is unacceptable.
    i thought it wazza prequisite to be on your website that all men had to be circumcised.


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