Accommodations At The Factory Are As Spartan As The Gym Itself
ROOM SERVICE?: Two visiting bodybuilders make personal use of the accommodations provided by The Factory to it's out-of-town clients. Though rough, they have proven as popular with the athletes as the gym itself. 

Africa is a vast continent, and population centers can be long distances apart with little infrastructure to connect them outside of pricey air travel. So travelling is a pretty major commitment, and subsequently when a traveler arrives for a purpose, he will elect to stay for a while instead of immediately turning around.

The owners of Muscle Factory Naked Bodybuilding Super Gym realized that when the buff, nude hulks of the dark continent come to devote time at The Factory, they were often intending to be there for days. Naked bodybuilding is not an easy or cheap sport to participate in and finding that a high percentage of their out-of-town patrons were tight for inexpensive lodging, they made the effort to carve out a few rooms on the upper level of the enclosed part of the gym for use as dorms for athletes to stay when they come to town.

In keeping with the rest of The Factory’s spartan look, these “guest rooms” are little more than six door-less stalls, with a well-worn and cum-stained bare mattress on the ground. Bathing facilities consist of just the locker rooms in the gym, and the open shower in the courtyard. With The Factory’s every growing popularity, on any given night these rooms now teem with mountains of naked, sweaty muscle flesh pressed hard against each other, with naked bodybuilders from all corners of the continent “sleeping” several to a bed.

But of course, lumping all these horny, testosterone-enhanced beasts together after long days of pumping and stim leads to all sorts of things outside of sleep. “Literally every night it sounds like an animal barn during rutting season,” says one local trainer, who happens to live across the street. “Bellows, yells and grunts all night. The moans are so loud it will wake me up at night, and sometimes I have to sneak over and jump in on the action! Can you blame me?”



  1. Thomas Addo (The Factory 03) recently gave an interview to the Black Africa Naked Bodybuilding magazine. Addo is without doubt one of the foremost NBB’s in sub-Saharan Africa today and is clearly the Alpha Male at The Factory, which he has chosen to make his main training ground. Addo has probably the most beautifully body and certainly the largest cock extant in the black African NBB community today. As he said of the shot in the T Factory 03 report: “What you are seeing in this shot, is my flaccid, twelve inch, perfectly circumcised, natural fuck-stick which when ready for action measures almost eighteen inches in length and has a circumference of over twelve inches.”

    “Fans ask me why I hang out in a gym like The Factory when I am rich enough to belong to the most well-equipped gyms in southern Africa. Well the reason is simple. I have made it my mission in life to encourage poor, young, black, African men, from wherever they come, who seriously want to become world-class muscle-cocks.”

    “To this end I regularly take under my training wing a maximum of twelve serious young men, who wish to emulate my success but who are so poor that they are forced to live in the sort of of primitive accommodation describe in the The Factory 07. I guarantee each and every one of them at least two, full, live-sperm injections per week from my own rock-hard, eighteen-inch, Alpha Plus fuck-stick. Most of these young studs have never before ever experienced a cock like mine up their arses. And I take them right through to their own orgasm, before I ejaculate my potent, cock-building-semen into them, thereby showing sowing them the and utter joy of homosexual, anal intercourse .”

    “But that is not all as the gym manager, Ndongo Kawawe, (The Factory 05) follows me and sequentially fucks each stud with his own formidable tool, adding an injection of his own sperm to mine. So each guy gets a huge dose of a highly potent, synergistic mixture of live sperm from two donors, which together stimulate cock growth. Finally, a plug is inserted in each trainee’s anus, to ensure that in the work-outs which are scheduled to follow each double-donation of sperm, the precious fluid can be adequately absorbed into their bodies and work its magic.”

    “It is not surprising after taking two massive cocks up their arses in quick succession and then being obliged to work out for several hours to absorb to absorb the sperm they had been given, that in the evenings, the young studs need to relax together which they do by fucking each other. Yes, regular and intense copulation is one of the keys to success in this sport. And fortunately, it is an act, which, however many times it is repeated, never, ever fails to please.”

  2. Evident from the ring on Thomas's finger he is a married man with a wife at home, which is not too uncommon among these pros. Any outsider might think that these men rather be at home in cozy beds with their women, instead of a rank, run-down, musky,sweaty ass , and cum smelling "dorms". But it's quite the opposite. Despite most if not all these men being solely interested in relationships with woman and romantically vested, there sexual actions have inclined to men almost exclusively. Obviously because women can't handle there size and ferocity, along with not understanding the need and nature of manly muscle buttsex. Although those who are tied to and married to men of the sport have come to understand and accept their men's lifestyle. In fact just as Thomas Addo finished with the man above his wife called to wish him goodnight and to enjoy his weekly stay at the dorms. Knowing she had his love even though his muscles, cock and holes belong to men. Bidding goodnight they say their "I love yous" with the sound of wet slapping, manly grunting and moans in the background. Thomas pushing the man off the soaked mattress to invite the next man he is sponsoring.

  3. Where is the hardware? I'd like to see those balls strapped!


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