Despite Rough Conditions, The Factory Gets Royal Endorsement
ROYAL COCK: Prince Patrick Nakibinge and his “valet” and training buddy Ssuun Henry Kalemeera head into The Factory for a workout. 

Visitors from the west often come to Muscle Factory Naked Bodybuilding Super Gym with certain expectation. After all, in competition the African competitors are often physically the largest men on stage (physique and sheer cock meat) and have a notably aggressive horniness that leaves many intimidated. Assuming that the gym that would turn out these fierce competitors would be shining and state-of-the-art, many are left slack jawed after seeing the primitive facilities and dirt courtyard that make up (aptly named, since it churns out huge Alpha bodies at an amazing rate) “The Factory”.

“The white guys come here, and are always gobsmacked,” reports gym manager Ndongo “The Rhino” Kawewe (link). “But I tell them, we make the best men in the world here at the Factory. We even have royalty that works out here.”

Kawewe’s statement isn’t figurative. Patrick Nakibinge is the crown prince of his tribe, heir to his father, King Richard. His education and destiny are aligned with leading his people in the future. But he is also a naked bodybuilder, something that the Prince took up his youth and something that the Prince believes will make him a better ruler and representative of his tribe. Despite concerns from his father that naked bodybuilding is “unwholesome,” Nakibigne insists that it actually more closely aligns with his tribal teachings.

“In my tribe, we are real men. Strong men. We are warriors. And what could be more masculine than showing off this body?” the Prince says, popping his bicep and flexing his quads so his huge black dong bounced. “As eventual King I also must be virile – and in my last competition, I shot 19 cum shots in a row. What could be more manly?”

But his father’s criticisms may have less ultimately to do with showing off his massive, beautiful naked body than with his lack of proliferation. Prince Patrick is the eldest of his father’s 40 children, and the push for a second generation heir seems to preoccupy the King. “My father pushes me constantly to find wives, or concubines to make children. And when I find a woman who is not scared of this, I will! I am pushing to get the head to my knees by next year. My valet and bodyguard Ssuun must vet my prospective stim partners to make sure their holes are up to the task of pleasing and accommodating my royal ‘staff.’ So for now my precious seed is reserved for my brothers in training.”



  1. Jesus wept, (John Ch 11, V 35), is the shortest verse in the Bible. He wept at the news of the death of his friend Lazarus. Well, believe me, if he were to see this photo of Prince Patrick Nakibinge, I think he would again be moved to tears; and not tears of joy; but quite the contrary, tears of frustration at a missed opportunity by the leader of his tribe to inspire his young male followers to develop bodies and cocks they could be proud of.

    Just look at this guy; his torso and his lower body look as though they have been joined together at the waist. His thighs balloon out with their overdeveloped muscles as if they had been created by one of those fair-ground operators who fashions all sorts of grotesque animals for children, by bending and folding together a number of sausage balloons. In fact his thigh muscles, which are totally grotesque, could almost be balloons. My guess is that the circumference around the heaviest points of his thighs equals his chest measurement. Big muscles are fine; but there has got to be a certain aesthetic in them, which HRH misses completely. His six pack is also on the road to a barrel, which so many older MCs develop. Just Compare him with Thomas Addo (The Factory 03) and you will see what I mean. In fact he could do worse than engage Addo to coach him, as he is definitely on the wrong road at present.

    And then we have that cock of his! My God, it hangs there like a semi-deflated balloon between his legs, which is about as sexually attractive as wet dish-cloth. And in a sport, where the sine qua non of cock presentation renders circumcision utterly necessary to show off a guy’s cock head and rim, what do we have here? Well what is obviously a huge cock head, completely masked by all that foreskin on a cock which is anything but attractive. Once again Addo shows us the way, with his massive, humongous, perfectly-cut fuck-stick.

    Sorry, but HRH is, for me, just not in the running.

  2. Although annoyed by his fathers pestering the prince realized that while at his prime even though he greatly enjoyed spilling his seed inside his muscular brothers not all of it should be wasted on fun and sport. And that although most women wouldn't be able to handle anything but the tip of his great cock unlike the holes of his superior brethen.He as a red blooded heterosexual man(like most of his fellow bodybuilders), craved a wife for companionship, it wasn't adverseness to take a wife or make children that kept him from fulfilling his fathers wishes but rather time. He had so little of it outside of the gym and the tight manly holes of his muscular brethren but he would have to make time because he was starting to like the idea of bonding with his future son and raising a worthy muscular heir. His father may not understand the way of naked bodybuilding but once his son was older he would be molded by it!


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