Gym Manager, "The Rhino" Kawewe, Sets The Tone At The Factory
HORNY HORN: Ndongo “The Rhino” Kawewe casually and almost abesntmindedly strokes his enormous dong as he greets gym patrons at The Factory.
When a new, young recruit arrives at the Muscle Factory Naked Bodybuilding Super Gym, he won’t be greeted at the door by a bored, underpaid receptionist or a glorified high schooler earning cash between sports practices. Most likely, 7 days a week, he’ll encounter the impressive form and ever-hard horse-cock of Ndongo “The Rhino” Kawewe.

That intro has left many a man completely breathless, because “The Rhino” is a walking embodiment of all that naked bodybuilding can do. His massive form and epically sized flesh-cannon is constantly leaking cum. Kawewe is a former professional bodybuilder, having taken top placements at the Pan-Africas, competed in the Alphas, and even repeatedly taken the overall at the Freak Show. “Three consecutive times I took the ‘Freak’,” he says. “The best record ever.”

But as the gym manager, Kawewe takes his second career seriously. "I love to confront young men with the naked lifestyle and see them working out and making gains here at The Factory. They should all aspire to me like me, and I love when I encounter a young man who doesn’t get nervous or embarrassed if I am fondling my fat, throbbing hard-on when they approach me. If they boldly look me in the face, they are the ones who are true, confident men. I can tell are Alpha.”

As to how he got his nickname of “The Rhino,” there are actually two theories, both having to do with his performance. The first theory has to do with his onstage abilities. In the wild, a male rhinoceros will put on an alpha display of dominance by spraying up to a distance of 5 meters in the presence of other males or breeding-age females. Kawewe’s thick flesh cannon was renowned for not only the force, but also volume of cum shots in competition, often leaving his competitors literally hosed with ropes of thick, white muscle milk.

The second theory has to do with rhinoceros’ use of their horns when being particularly aggressive in their pursuit of a mate, and the rate of "mortal combat" among these horned lovers is higher than any other mammal on the planet. Kawewe’s huge cock needed constant “loving” attention, and he is never shy to demand what he thinks is due it, anytime and anyplace. His propensity to strut around the gym, his almost-grotesquely oversized “horn” jutting out at an angle, leaking a stream of cum as he looks for a hole to plunge it in or a throat to gag with it makes the comparisons all that more obvious.

“I don’t know what they call me The Rhino,” says Kawewe. “But watch out!”



  1. There is a plethora words to describe a man’s penis: prick, cock, dong, fuck-stick and so on and so on; but faced with this monument of rock-hard flesh, emitting cum at a rate rivalling lava flowing from an active volcano, I confess that I am, for the first time in my life, lost for words adequately to describe and do justice to this incredibly awesome piece of man-meat. Like it or loathe it, this stud has a cock in million. And it would be a brave and foolhardy young stud who agreed to take this sphincter stretching monster up his anus. But many do!

    We do not even have this guy’s name or from which country he comes originally. However, a close African friend of mine who is from Ghana and who is himself a keen practitioner of naked bodybuilding, thinks he may belong originally to a small tribe from along the Gambia River in West Africa. The tribe are known as the, Nwizugno and are noted for an inbred, genetic mutation which shows itself in certain males of the tribe, many of whom have exceptional sexual endowments. These guys with super-large cocks, are revered by the tribe as being gifted by God and are called Mnangi and their massive cocks are referred to as Mbanwi Gnestori, which translates as “hole destroyers.”

    All African men are, in general, great copulators, and as the whole of the tribe of the Nwizugno more or less worship their Mnangi, whose lives involve at least ten separate fucks a day, young men are obliged to service them regularly and take their cocks up their arses, even though they know that in so doing they may be ruined for life. But if you can believe it, young studs from neighbouring tribes also offer their anuses to the service of the Mnangi. Much as young gay men still fuck others, in spite of the risk of contracting Aids, so it is with the willing servers of the Mnangi; so great is the attraction of taking a monumental piece of man-meat up their arses that any danger of irreparable damage to their anal muscles is thrown to the winds.

    Just one point; the Mnangi never ever fuck women, only other men (and how!); and they never ever allow anyone to fuck them. So they never produce any progeny themselves. They themselves are products of normal sexual intercourse between men and women of the tribe, among whom, from time to time, the inbred, mutant gene suddenly shows up and the result is a boy with an exceptionally large cock. Typically, a Mnangi may have several absolutely normal brothers among whom, because of the enormous size of his cock, he is treated with a degree of deference normally reserved for a deity. In spite of the sphincter stretching dangers, it is considered an honour to serve the Mnangi; so there is no shortage of young men willing to sacrifice their anal muscles in servicing these men, the Mnangi, who have the status of Gods in the eyes of their tribe. Such, the force of sexual attraction

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