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Advanced Massage Techniques Increase Mass
DEEP INSIDE: Massage therapist Christopher Hall works on Mr. Alpha, JK Roher at the spa at Big Rod's. Roher spent over two hours having his body worked by Hall's unique massage techniques.

With each new location that “Big” Rod Chastain adds to his empire, he offers more, better services to his customers. “It used to just be rough machines and hardcore lifting and fucking,” he says with a chuckle. “Now to keep the new guys coming (and cumming) we’re adding classes, luxury locker rooms, electro-stim stations, virtual posing simulators. The list goes on to keep these kids entertained! And now they want it to be a spa too? It’s crazy.”

And at his newest location, he is leaning in on that last request. He has hired Christopher Hall, a former bodybuilder turned massage therapist to develop a full offering of spa services at Big Rod’s specifically developed for naked athlete’s bodies. Long known as the “secret to the stars” of naked bodybuilding, Hall is still an imposing man, with the pumped physique and throbbing dick of a competition level bodybuilder. But his demeanor is calm and relaxed in comparison to the usual Alpha egotism of many men who look like him.

“I started to get into body work after 15 years on the competitive circuit,” Hall says. “I was spending all my time busting my muscles and pushing them to their limits, but as I reached age 40, I just couldn’t deal with the pain and extreme soreness, especially during the lead up to competition. It was so extreme it would sometimes distract me from my poses and disrupt my sexual energy and hand-free cum flow. I started working with physical therapists and massage practitioners, but I found that my muscular density was just too much for all but the absolute strongest men.”

Hall endeavored to study modern deep-tissue massage therapy himself, since he knew he had the strength to tackle Alpha bodies that few others successfully could. He also studied eastern theories on releasing the sexual side of the “chi” life force, which is so important for Alpha men to truly express themselves. Finding that running his hands over the oiled, pumped bodies of naked bodybuilders left his cock throbbing and hard, he began to incorporate it instead of ignoring it. “It has become my secret weapon. I call it my ‘third hand’, and I use it to stimulate external and internal pressure points as part of my therapy. As I engage my client’s full bodies, I make sure I’m using all my body has to offer assistance.”

Hall has developed several of his own unique massage techniques that are dedicated to naked athletic performance. It is why Rod Chastain decided to partner with Hall to develop the program with Big Rod’s. “He has this one move he calls ‘The Hall Deep Therapy’ move that is astounding,” says Chastain. “He has you on the table on your back, spread full eagle. Slowly he inserts his hard cock into your ass, pushing it all the way in until he is deep in your gut. Then with slow, deliberate moves, he begins fucking you with his huge dick inside you and uses his strong hands to deeply massage your abdomen, giving the unique feeling of deep tissue massage from both inside and outside of your body! He’ll then flip you on your stomach, and with the same move deeply fuck your ass while he massages your lower back and glutes. Afterwards you’re primed and feel completely sexually ready.”

While he was visiting Big Rod’s this week, JK Roher booked himself a 90 minute appointment with Hall. “Every Alpha body deserves care, but I admit it was intimidating massaging the most perfect man in the world,” says Hall. “But we ended up spending over two hours together because he just wanted more and more from me!”




  1. I'm interesting in that.Please let me join

  2. That picture of Christopher Hall the bodybuilding masseur is an absolute fantasy come true - more of that guy, please.

  3. As you can see from his massive erection, which is demanding sexual satisfaction, just the act of massaging Roher has already turned on ex-muscle-cock alpha turned masseur and physiotherapist, Christopher Hall. Chris decided a few years ago that he would abandon the rather hectic training demands and non-stop international merry-go-round of professional naked bodybuilding, not to mention the enormous costs, which any aspiring alpha musclecock has to accept as his life if he hopes for any form of international recognition for his considerable physical efforts. And so, he has dedicated himself to helping aspiring younger studs as a masseur and, anus and cock trainer to achieve their dream of strutting the stage internationally.

    It is hard to believe, looking at this photo of Chris massaging JK Roher that he is now approaching sixty years of age. This guy is still in great shape, which he puts down to regular exercise and sex, both of which he indulges in vigorously on a more or less daily basis. As Chris says; “I lead a charmed life for a stud of my age, who would normally have been put out to grass several years ago. But I like my job and I get to massage some of the finest young muscle around at the moment and my combined simultaneous massage and fucking technique yields great result both for my clients and for me personally. So, I keep myself in shape and fuck tight young ass on a more-or-less daily basis.

    But the cream on the cake is when I massage and fuck the top alphas, many of whom regularly come through this gym; guys like the world’s most perfect man, JK Roher. And in this case Roher was so grateful for the relief I brought to his muscles by my massage and my a special cock work stimulating his hole, that he was generous enough to spend two further hours of recreational sex in private with me. It is amazing how different copulation is when it is done strictly for pleasure as was the case between Roher and me. He sucked and fucked me and I sucked and fucked him and we had an absolute ball of a time together.

    If I had to give advice to any other musclecock, I would, say, keep exercising, even if the sport has become just a pastime. The important thing is to maintain muscle tone into old age and to make sure your own anus and fuck-stick get regular sexual exercise. I am totally convinced that the secret of remaining young, way into old age, is to ensure that you maintain your sex drive. Fucking can be hard, sweaty work, but the results are worth the effort. And remember the old saying: “ Fucking is man’s greatest joy and is a toy which never fails to please.” So go to it, young man; don’t; let your man-eat ossify due to lack of use.

  4. Wow! Great pic and accompanying story. I want to be massaged by Christopher!!

  5. The week after Chris Hall had serviced the Alpha Musclecock J. K. Roher, to his, and everybody else’s great surprise, the veteran Musclcock, Carlos Monza turned up totally unexpectedly in the Gym. He was apparently booked for a number of private posing and cum shooting performances locally and needed somewhere to work out on a daily basis; so where else but Big Rods’ Gym? And so Chris Hall’s services were again required to deal with the great man’s muscular problems. As Hall said: “Like many musclecocks, Monza over- exerts himself when hehis training and needs a serious massage to rid him of the muscle pain entirely of his own making.”

    “I could not believe my eyes when another of the greats of the sport walked unexpectedly through the door. I had followed Monza’s career in the competitions and knew of his reputation as the bad-boy of naked bodybuilding. But not only to see him, but to work on the man, was something I had never ever dreamed of. And coming so soon after J. K. Roher was an unthought-of of dream come true.”

    “In terms of physique, Monza iss every inch as great a Roher as he has a solid muscular quality which is unbelievable and which has cane him the title of Iron Man from his numerous admiring supporters. But when it comes to that most important piece of kit, his fuck-stick, well I was totally blown away the first time I saw his fourteen inches of rock-hard meat on the massage table before me. And so for a week, I became more or less Monza’s sole masseur and prep assistant. In addition to massage he required frequent anal stim to keep him ready for his performances. So I was privileged to share my own, not-insignificant cock with him on numerous occasions.

    “But the greatest moments of all were the numerous occasions when Monza slid his fourteen inch boner into my anus and rough fucked me. I could see how he deserves his reputation as a maverick cocks-man, as he is the roughest of arse fuckers I have ever experienced in my long professional life. However, when you are being fucked by Monza, it is, without a shadow of doubt, probably the most thrillingly, exhilarating sexual experiences you will ever have. It is as if you are being fucked by a machine, which there is no way of stopping, But at the end of the day, Monza, in spite of his roughness, prefers to take his partner lying flat on his back, so that he can observe his state of readiness to climax. He always endeavours to bring his partner of the moment, whoever it is, to orgasm. He always observes closely the state of readiness of his partner and at the precise moment he judges him ready to be pushed over the edge to climax, he withdraws his entire fourteen inch pole, before thrusting its full length back with extreme force and speed, to bring both of them to that state of nirvana so seldom attained: the simultaneous, volcanically explosive orgasm. Monza always shoots his load deep inside of his partner to ensure he reaps the full benefit of his alpha quality, live semen.”

    “Say what you will about the bad-boy maverick, Carlos Monza, but for me, he is one of the greatest anal copulators alive today. Yes, he does have a signature style which is rough rather than tender and loving. But being fucked by him is to experience one of the the most exhilarating acts of anal sex ever. Beneath his braggadocio style, Carlos Monza is in fact a highly sensitive anal copulator; indeed, one of the greatest ever, as he never ever leaves his partner unsatisfied. And, at present, in my judgement he is on is on top form!”


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