Big Rod’s Gym 13
RoherFest Arrives at Big Rod’s
SHINING STAR: Mr. Alpha himself, JK Roher (left) visited Sit-On-It Saturday at Big Rod's. In short order, the superstar fucked all three men in this shot with him.

This weekend’s Sit-On-It Saturday had a superstar guest – none other than reigning Mr. Alpha JK Roher! Roher continues his Victory Tour, which he kicked off at the iconic Buff Beach. And as you can guess, the most perfect man on earth garnered an appropriate level of attention and worship due to him. But his stop at Big Rod’s party night wasn’t an “official” engagement.

“There are few places more iconic than Big Rod’s, so as an icon myself, I make sure to workout there whenever I am in a town with a location,” says Roher, flexing his biceps and bouncing his cock as he speaks to us. “And as much as I love a good, hard workout, I love coming to Rod’s for these party evenings. My crew and I pop some SPH, and rock out. With our cocks out, of course!”

Roher is a controversially a proponent of recreational Sperm Production Hyperdrive (SPH), however he has publicly disavowed its using during competition. The hallucinogenic drug causes unstoppable periods of arousal, sexual cravings and cumming, and plenty of other bodybuilders have used it during training and the build up to competition to erratic effects.

One of the most notable effects of SPH is making some of the most masculine, dominant top muscle alphas into begging ravenous fuck bitches. And Roher thinks of this as another upside of the drug. “I expect that any man who sees me, wants me to mount them and drop a load of my precious muscle cream in them. But sometimes these dudes end up yelling and whining when I slam my huge fuckstick into their virgin holes. But after a dose of SPH, the biggest, cockiest beast is on his back serving up his meaty ass and begging me to fuck him raw.”

Famed for his unyielding horniness, Roher has been known to plow 40 to 50 male holes in a single evening when riding high on SPH, and last night was no different. “Tonight wasn’t about being contest ready, this was about letting my hair down and having the most fun possible. That's my entitlement as Mr. Alpha, right?"



  1. It’s great that A. K. Roher took some time off at Big Rod’s Gym from his blisteringly intense cock and muscle training schedule to relax and have an evening of recreational sex in which he shared his superb fuck-stick with many guys. To have had the privilege of having one’s anal sphincters stretched by one of the greatest – if not the greatest – fuck-stick in the business at the present time must have been a moment to savour as what must hitherto been but a dream now turned into reality as one young stud after another had his arse reamed out by the true master of anal sex. For the onlookers eagerly awaiting their turn with the great man, it must have seemed as if they were part of master-class in sequential anal sex, as Roher passed practically without pausing from one willing anus to the next, but giving each and every one of them the full treatment, in most cases bringing them to orgasm, before he finally withdrawing himself and moving on to on to the next impatiently waiting stud.

    But one must not forget that behind Roher’s success and that of all top alphas in the international world of muscle-cock competitions, lies an enormous team of coaches and trainers, among whom the most important are the top muscle-cock trainers, whose assistance to their clients is of paramount importance as they prepare them to go on stage and shoot their stuff. The importance of a top trainer in those final hours before the competitor goes on stage cannot be underestimated. Many of these top cock trainers are millionaires in their own right, who command eye-wateringly high fees for their services.

    And it is to Big Rod’s Gym that goes the distinction of having trained the man who is possibly at present the world’s greatest anus and cock trainer: Brett “Tightarse” Titus. Brett’s affectionate nickname stems from the fact that he has unrivalled control of his anal sphincters so that in those critical final moments in the prep-room before his client goes on stage, on stage Brett ensures that his client’s cock is in peak condition to make the maximum number of hand-free cum-shots, that critical ability which separates the good from the truly great, such as Roher for instance. Brett’s services, which do not come cheap, are in such demand that he is fully booked for the next two years for all major international IFNB and similar events.

  2. It night have been supposed that after Roher had finished ploughing the arses of some twenty young studs that evening, that things would quieten down; but quite the contrary, as something extraordinary happened, in the form of the unexpected arrival of the sport’s most eminent muscle-cock assistant, Tightarse Titus himself. Himself a superb physical specimen, he was greeted by Roher, one of his key clients for the last four years, as a long lost buddy.

    Standing together with a brotherly arm over Roher’s shoulder, the two of them made a superb picture of what naked body-building perfection was all about. Compared to Roher’s muscular magnificence, Tightarse’s physique although perfectly proportioned, was less muscular. But standing there with their rock-hard cocks aggressively ready for further action, Tightarse dominated the scene with an erection some twelve inches long as the two of them stood there in front of a hundred or so adoring muscular guys, all of whom were psyched up for recreational sex themselves and clearly now wanted to see Tightarse strut his stuff and sink his massive fuck-stick into Roher’s arse.

    So faced with a crowd of fans chanting ever more loudly the words fuck, fuck, fuck, Roher finally put up his hand and said: “OK guys, we’ve got the message. However, I reckon I’ve already done my bit for this evening in ploughing over twenty of you studs already. So in the democracy in which we live, I will let Tightarse demonstrate to you on my arse what he does with that magnificent fuck-stick of his in preparing me for a competition, but in exchange I want all of you to select a partner as we are going to conduct a fuckathon, where every person present tonight will be either be fucking or being fucked by his partner and this simultaneously to a rhythm which will be set by Tightarse as he tends to the needs of my arse.”

    “But that is not all. As we shall produce huge quantities of sperm during this marathon of copulative art, we shall all used a condom to collect our emissions, which will will be gathered by the gym attendants’ and used to prepare the deep frozen, anal sperm suppositories, which are so beneficial in promoting cock growth.

    Try to imagine if you can, the sight of fifty or so pairs of muscular young buttocks, simultaneously thrusting their owners’ cocks in and out of fifty receptive anuses. And all this to the ever increasing beat of a disco record, which Tightarse used to set the pace. Not everyone achieved orgasm at the same moment, but it was a sight of mass copulation never before seen. It is safe to say that Big Rod’s idea of a recreational fuckfest, which is how such occasions came to be known, was a great success and brought droves of new clients to the gym: young studs who wanted the freedom to fuck members of their peer group in group in public.

  3. I need Roher😍😍😍😍

  4. Bloody hell, I know that guy on the right! I know him from junior high, I'm absolutely positive it's him, the two last years we were in the same class and we became best buddies. We parted ways right after...

    OMG, often he asked me if we should get into sports, if I would like to become a "big guy" when I grow up, what I thought about Schwarzenegger movies, and a few weeks before we finished school, he told me he had seen a really, really big bodybuilder at the mall, that he had followed him all afternoon, and finally had the nerve to talk to him on the parking lot, that the man had let him touch his arm...

    From then on he talked about this encounter almost all the time, he clearly had become obsessed with it, I made fun of him with it, though when he went in a daze blabbing about the beauty of bodybuilders and their oversized muscles like he did a couple of times I found it pretty hot...

    Yeah, it's Alex who planted the seed for my admiration of power bodybuilders, now that I think of it. I must have the phone number of his parents somewhere...

  5. Due in no small part to the presence of J. K. Roher and his long-time associate, Brett “Tight-Arse” Titus, the first Fuck Friday at Big Rod’s Gym had got off to a resounding start, so much so that members were wondering if what followed could be anything other than an anticlimax. But they were to be proved so very wrong, when, the following week, quite unexpectedly another heavyweight monster in the form of that Brazilian ‘Man of Iron”, Carlos Monza turned up out of the blue. Monza, often considered the bad-boy of the professional IFNB contests, at which he was, and still is a regular competitor, is a law unto himself. But his, aggressive style of fucking on stage has, nevertheless earned him a faithful band of followers, many whom think that he and not Roher should hold the coveted title of Mr. Alpha, which until now has eluded him.

    But Mr. Alpha or not, Monza is without any shadow of doubt, one of the top Alpha musclecocks in the world at present. There is no doubt that today, Monza possesses one of the largest and most potently vigorous fuck-sticks in the world. His reputation as the owner of one of the biggest and most aggressive cocks in the world, was made in an IFNB report in 2014 or 2015 in which the sheer magnificence of his monumentally erect penis displayed below a chiselled torso to weep for, simply blew fans away and earned him the title of Iron Man. Since that time Monza has continued to develop his body and now sports, when on stage and ready to demonstrate his pre-eminence in the art of anal stimulation, a rock-hard fuck stick of a breathtaking fourteen inches in length. And this monster, world beater of a tool, was what was on display and in use all week as he worked out at Big Rod’s Gym. It is safe to say that Monza had most of the onlookers at Big Rod's Gym, salivating with desire as they asked themselves what it would be like to be fucked by such a world beater of a cock and whether or not they would be among the few chosen to work out with the aggressive but undoubted, top master-copulators at the pinnacle of his powers. Certainly among the world’s Caucasian musclecocks, Monza’s endowment must be the biggest extant. However he is probably pipped at the post for the overall world title of Top Cock, by some of the African musclecocks, such as members of the Ballo family and Snake Assombo, who have even larger endowments; which gives credence to the perennial, contentious assertion that black men have bigger cocks than white men.

    So all week, Monza worked out at Big Rod’s Gym and fucked and was,in turn, himself fucked by a number of older, senior members of the gym. But when he heard of the Fuck-Friday recreational evening of free-style fucking and that his rival, J. K. Roher had been an impromptu star turn the previous week on what had been the first of the Friday Fuckfests, his mettle, not to say his hackles, were inevitably raised. He could not allow to pass such a chance as the second Friday of freestyle, recreational, anal copulation to leave his own inimitably different mark in the footsteps of his archrival, Roher.

    To be continued

  6. Carlos Monza spoke to the gym manager, young Michael Chastain, the nephew of the owner, Rod Chastain, and told him he would like to play a leading role in the forthcoming Friday Fuckfest. Michael was overjoyed that, for the second time within a week, a visiting super-star, celebrity musclecock would be a major participator in the next Friday evening’s cornucopia of recreational anal copulation. True to his form, Monza suggested he give a demonstration of his signature style of rough, anal sex to the younger members of the Gym.

    “My idea,” he said, “Is to show the younger members that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So although it is important that they concentrate and apply themselves seriously to muscle and cock building as well as cum control when they are working out, they also need to understand that there is more to sex than using it just as a tool to develop their muscles and penises to that pinnacle of perfection they are striving to attain. They have to learn to relax and forget their bodybuilding ambitions for an evening and wallow in the delights of pure recreational sex. They all need to learn that anal copulation is a toy which never ever fails to please, no matter how often it is played with.”

    “So to this end, I suggest that a group of twelve young studs, each aged no older than eighteen, willing to offer their anuses to the tender loving care of my cock, be selected, when I will attempt to show them and the observers what an exhilarating experience a really rough fuck can be, both for the fucker and the fucked.”

    In the event, Michael Chastain had to make the young members draw lots for the privilege of being included in the group of twelve fuckees, as all gym members, both young and old wanted to experience the fourteen inches of Monza’s legendary, rock-hard man-meat thrust up their arses.

    Fuck Friday evening arrived. The gym was packed to overflowing with naked muscle and cock as every member of the Gym wanted to be present to see the legendary Monza in the flesh perform his signature feat of sequential copulation as he rough fucked twelve different young arses. It is safe to say that there was not a single cock in the place, which was not fully erect and oozing anticipatively with pre-cum, as young Michael Chastain, the Master of Ceremonies, went along the row of superb young arses and carefully oiled each anus before the proceedings proper actually started.

    The disco music, hitherto relatively soft, suddenly changed and to the strident strains of a classical piece of music, “Hail the Conquering Hero Comes” from an opera by Handel, Monza, the veteran showman that he was, strode onto the scene in all his muscular, naked glory.

    To be continued

  7. As Carlos Monza came onto the stage, the throng of onlookers suddenly became silent before giving a huge round of applause to the titan they suddenly saw in front of them: an oiled, bronzed, finely chiselled muscular figure of perfect proportions, just over six feet in height, with finely defined, gleaming muscles and with his fourteen inch fuck-stick fully erect and ready to show the crowd exactly how one of the world’s leading musclecocks of the moment could sequentially fuck more or less without stopping, a series of twelve eagerly impatient young arses.

    Monza stepped forward and faced his audience, and then, before beginning his epic demonstration of anal coitus, he showed the crowd what a professional he was, by ejaculating a huge spray of his own cum over the nearest spectators, without ever touching his cock, in a hand-free demonstration of his prowess as one of the world’s leading musclecocks. The spectators went wild with enthusiasm, realising that they had just witnessed a virtuoso demonstration of finely controlled cum shooting, a feat to which they all hoped one day to aspire themselves.

    Monza motioned to young Michael Chastain, who promptly knelt before the master and lasciviously, with obvious pleasure at being given the task, licked Monza’s cock-head clean of any residual cum, before the great man himself turned to address with his cock, the first of the twelve, well-oiled anuses, to commence to his marathon demonstration of rough anal sex.

    Monza gave the buttocks of his first “client” a playful slap before thrusting the full length of his rock-hard fuck-stick in one continuous, smooth, uninterrupted gesture into the young man’s hole. Then he began his brutal, fucking technique, by withdrawing himself more or less completely before again thrusting his cock back into his partner. What was amazing to watch was not only the force Monza brought to the act, but also the speed of his strokes. Within a dozen or so uninterrupted thrusts, Monza, with bis superb fucking technique had brought his young partner to the point of orgasm.

    Then, with his cock still deeply embedded in the young man, he heaved him up from the table and somehow spun him around to face the audience, before withdrawing himself completely from his young partner’s anus, and by giving him one final monumental, vigorous thrust of his cock, brought the young volunteer to his own climax. With his cock fully erect and now facing the audience, the young stud suddenly shuddered and and climaxed, shooting his own load over nearby onlookers. Monza, still deep inside his partner’s hole, deposited his own sperm deep into into his rectum, to work its well-known cock enhancing properties.

    And so Monza proceeded, more or less without a pause, to rough fuck the other eleven volunteers, each of whom had the pleasure to feel Monza deposit his cum deep inside them, whilst they themselves shot their own cum over an ever more amazed and euphoric group of onlookers.

    But the evening was not yet over, as inspired by Monza, the hundred or so crowd fucked itself silly until, at about four in the morning, young Michael Chastain announced, as if at the end of a ball; “Gentlemen, please take your partner’s for the final fuck of this historic Friday Fuckfest. Might I suggest that all couples attempt to coordinate their efforts to the beat of the music and try to climax together in an orgy of cum.”

    Poor Michael Chastain, as Master of Ceremonies, had himself missed out participating himself in all the fun. But his uncle Rod, the Gym’s owner, took him in hand for that final fuck and shafted his own nephew to the sound of the loud disco beat. And so ended a memorable evening of anal sex, thoroughly enjoyed by all.



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