Big Rod’s Gym 11
Socializing Is A Part Of The Draw At Big Rod’s
A ROUND FOR THE BOYS: Big Rod's devotee Todd Lee (third from left) has a drink at the BJ's Pub location attached to the gym. Lee and his bodies love being able to hang out completely nude in front of each other even outside of their mutual workouts.

Although “Big” Rod Chastain stands by his credo GROW IT BIG, SHOW IT BIG, KNOW IT'S BIG, he’s still a realist. There are still areas of America that refuse to recognize and celebrate the stunning and dominant magnificence of a the completely naked male form of an Alpha Male Bodybuilder. As an entrepreneur with an ever-expanding empire of gym locations that cater to these men (or at least those that aspire to them), he recognized that as much as these muscle beast deserve to be naked, and should be naked at all times, they just reasonably must be covered up when the left his clubs.

But always looking for solutions, Chastain left it to his son, Brian-James “BJ” Chastain, VP of Customer Experience, to come up with something. Why not let them stay as long as possible to soak up the atmosphere, wave around their fat, cum-loaded dicks, and chill with like-minded, naked studs? So BJ’s Pub was born. Adjacent to several of their newer locations (with connecting doors), BJ’s are full service sports bars, with a focus on allowing 100% nude muscle men the opportunity to drink, relax and socialize with men just like them outside the confines of the gym, but still in the buff.

Men can enter via the private parking lot, so they never need to have a stitch of clothing when they are on the property. Entry is limited to Big Rod’s Gym members, making it a private club and therefore out of reach to be regulated by the more conservative elements in certain locales. And as part of the Big Rod’s “No Boundaries” experience, nothing is off limits at BJ’s. There may well be a college jock blowing a pro bodybuilder at the next table, or two jacked amateur studs acrobatically fucking on the next barstool. But by-and-large, you’ll just find guys hanging out with each other, chatting and having a good time. Except their muscles are huge, their cocks raging and their lips as likely to be slicked with cum as with a fresh imported draft beer.

“Besides going home to sleep, I pretty much am at Big Rods and BJs now,” says 27-year old fitness fanatic Todd Lee. “It has been probably 18 days since I had a piece of clothing on, and I am finally living my best life. My rightful life!” he says, clinking glasses with his buddies.


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