Big Rod’s Gym 12
Late Nights Become Party Times Weekends At Big Rod’s
GETTING DOWN: A trio of young bodybuilders check out Fuck Fridays at Big Rod's. 

Despite thirty years in the business and being one of the “grand daddies” of naked bodybuilding in the US, Rod Chastain’s Big Rod’s Gym isn't heading into the sunset. The chain continues to grow and expand at an impressive rate, with huge numbers of members who weren’t even born when Chastain opened the original location!

One reason the younger muscle hunks are flocking to Big Rod’s are their special Fuck Fridays and Sit-On-It Saturday nights. Open 24/7, Big Rod’s undergoes a shift from diehard naked gym to hardcore nightclub from 9pm to 4am, two nights a week. With lowered lights, flashing strobes, and drinks supplied by BJ’s Pub, the gym floor becomes a hybrid space that allows men to socialize, workout, fuck and have a good time, all to the thumping beats of guest DJs.

The brainchild of Rod’s nephew, Brent Chastain, the idea sprung from his commitment to living Alpha way. “I live twenty-four-seven focused on naked muscle and fat dick. I have to show it off all the time and live the naked bodybuilder lifestyle. But I still want to be able to hang with my bros and do what young guys like me do – party. So two nights a week, we get to get down and let loose, while still being true to our nature to show of the perfection of our built-ass bodies.”

Accusations that huge, muscular men don’t know how to dance is undone by Brent himself. “I definitely like to let loose. We spend so much time focusing on our bodies, building them up and refining them, it’s nice to just let go.” Asked about his signature move, the Naked Worm, Brent says it comes easy, “I just incorporated the hip action I learned from years of stim training into the Worm, keeping the focus on swinging my hard dick while I roll my hips. The guys love it!”



  1. This latest shot of three super-well-endowed twenty-year-old young studs at Big Rod’s Gym is a glowing example of how the intensive muscle and cock training techniques used at the Big Rod establishments produce outstanding results. It is hard to believe that these three young men were accepted on an intern course as school leavers aged eighteen just two years ago and that their massive cock development is as a result of hyper specialised techniques at present unique to Big Rod.

    Rod Chastain himself has said that the basic desire of most men to have a large penis is the main motivating factor behind their dedication to naked bodybuilding. And it is this desire of most men to develop their penises that has spurred him on over the years to find and implement the best methods to achieve this end. Like most practitioners, he is a firm believer of the benefits of regular doses of third party sperm to aid cock growth. So when his chief medical advisor, himself a muscle-cock and no stranger to the delights of anal copulation, told him of a new technique, which was giving fantastic results, he was the first to adopt it.

    And so Big Rod’s Gyms were the first to implement what is called the Direct Double Sperm Donor System, or DDSDS for short. DDSDS is based on the fact that if two sperm donors, donate their sperm one after the other directly into the recipient’s rectum in an act of anal copulation, there is a synergistic effect between the two sperms which leads to very rapid growth of the recipient’s penis.

    The three young studs in this shot are living testimonies to the effectiveness of DDSDS, which is an onerous and costly procedure. As eighteen year old interns at the gym, after their morning toilet visits, they were given a thorough internal cleaning, before the two sperm donors sequentially fucked them in order to deposit their sperm into their rectal passages. Then an anal plug was inserted to ensure that none of the precious synergistic mixed sperm was lost. The procedure was repeated each evening before they retired for the night. For a full year this was done on a weekly basis with a rotating team of donors. The results speak for themselves. As twenty year olds, the three of them each has a world-class alpha-fuck-stick which they were delighted to share with all-comers on the first Fuck Friday

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  3. in answer to what goes on after hours when these gentlemen are all gone behind closed doors and they deny that theres any homosexual activity despite video evidence filmed by the members who belong to this club.this club is very secretive and it is also extremely discreet and private since this club has homosexuals that are members of this white homo pornostars only private club for men only.
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