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CUMDMP Training Sets Rod’s Apart
1.2.3, CUM:Amataur Bodybuilder Darrin Lange does his last shoulder raise before heading out on stage for his first competition. His CUMDMP trainer, Rob Helepene, just withdrew his fat cock from Lange's ass, and looks on with feedback.

Part of the promise at Big Rods is to be the full service stop for naked bodybuilders, from the amateurs who just are starting to long time pros. Rod Chastain himself makes that pledge every time he opens a new collation. One service that has evolved over time is their one-on-one competition trainer program.

“It really started when I would see these young novices come in and start working out with the best of intention,” says Chastain. “And they would have some terrible ideas from the internet, and get some pointers from older guys (and a load or two of their cum), but I was seeing all sorts of bad form, incorrect training, and by the time these young bucks would show up at an amateur competition, they weren’t ready and didn’t show to the best of the ability that I could see in them. As I started to increase the size and number of Big Rod’s, and the sport of naked bodybuilding finally started to get the recognition it deserved, I saw more and more these guys.”

So Rod decided to make the change himself by starting the Comprehensive Universal Male Development Muscle Program (CUMDMP or “cum dump”, for short). The programs starts out like standard personal training, but becomes more intensive, with the goal of getting the client ready to compete.

“My army of muscle-makers are trained in not just muscle and cock building techniques, but full stim programs, expert posing performance and even the psychology of keeping the client on track. And of course they learn all my own successful techniques to achieve Alpha status, but I am not so egotistical to think there’s not others out there that will work. So my guys learn the Vetter technique, the Hyperstim technique and even the newer Coach Cox techniques. All of them are effective, depending on what a guy responds to, so I want them to know them all.”

The trainer client ratio is one-to-one, and can go on for months, and therefore can get quite intense. To find success as a naked athlete, boundaries have to be broken down, and often the trainers will move in with a client in the lead up to their first event, spending 24/7 with them to keep them 100% on track. And they always accompany them backstage to their first competition. But with this level of attention comes a steep price tag. But does it get results? Absolutely!

Darrin Lange just competed in his first amateur competition, with his Big Rod’s CUMDMP Trainer Rob Helepene at his side. “I totally connected to Robbie,” says Lange, fresh off the Amateur ANFB State Classic Championship. “I totally felt like we were in it together. When I finally got up on stage there, what a rush! And I would have been completely freaked, and forgotten all by poses and blocking, but his training kept me on track. And when I found him in the front row, every time I locked eyes with him and would have flashbacks of our stim sessions, I would make those hands-free cum shots fly! I made runner-up in my class in my first competition!”

That level of connection is the intent of the CUMDMP program for Chastain. “To be successful, my guys have to be completely devoted to their clients. I want them to be so proud they shed a tear when they see them up on stage, the way I did when I saw my sons up on their first professional stage, pumping out shots of Chastain seed for all world to see.”



  1. He's doing shoulder raises (don't know what a "lat raise" is) but no matter. It's a hot as hell shot. Would love to see some precum oozing from his cock, though!

  2. (Unless you meant "lateral raise")


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