Amateurs Show Off for the World to See
deadlift young bodybuilder cumming in public
EXPLOSIVE EXHIBITIONISM: Amateur bodybuilder Evan Duque executes his first public hands-free cumlift, a controlled deadlift with orgasm. The excitement of the performing in the open Buff Beach gym played an important part in Duque’s ability to shoot cum. 

Certainly, one of the most unique and celebrated aspects of Buff Beach is its outdoor setting. Though there are other naked facilities that have full walls of the gym floor opened up with glass to onlookers, and even some with windowed locker rooms. Others have open areas for swimming or cardio training or open lounges for cock training.

But none in the world are as open and on display as the men working out at Buff Beach. A gym completely without walls, from established professionals to new young amateurs, the men who choose to strip down and get hard in the middle of the California sunshine always speak about how exhilarating it is.

“This is the most intense muscle work I have ever experienced,” says teen amateur Evan Duque of his first workout at Buff Beach. “I have been working out at my school gym and now at Big Rod’s in Downtown for the past 3 years training to start competing. But being here, in front of not just other bodybuilders or athletes, but to have so many eyes on me was a complete turn on!  It's a whole new level of bodybuilding to have passing strangers just hanging over the fence, watching, waiting as I pump my delts and blast my quads and stroke my dick. Now I want to make sure as many people are watching me when I’m naked as possible!”




  1. When I was 18 I went to Muscle Gym for the 1st time. It was a large gym near Community College, in Los Angeles, where I was enrolled. I went one Friday evening. It was not very busy and there was only one staff person, and he was at the desk. I decided to take a risk and stripped. Doing my routine naked gave me a hard 10”s. A couple of bodybuilders joined me naked. Between sets I stroked my cock and made sure they could see. One pulled me over to a workout bench and roughly fucked me. I grunted and moaned, but I loved his huge cock plowing me. He shot a load into my asshole. The other one ate the cum oozing out of my hole and told me bodybuilder cum is potent and good for muscle and cock growth. My adrenaline was working in high gear. I pulled him onto the floor and fucked him doggy style. By now a handful of guys were watching, including the staff person. I pulled out of the BB and shot a massive load onto a mirror, hands free for the first time. All the guys cheered. One said, “I didn’t know this was a nude gym.” I said, “it is now.” I really enjoyed bonding naked with the BBs and being watched. Friday nights was the start of working out naked in public.

  2. After working out a few months at Muscle Gym, I could see muscle growth and my cock had grown one inch. I read about the IFNB and learned that it was true, potent NB cum contributes to muscle and cock growth. Being 18 it wasn’t difficult to get NBs to fuck my bubble butt so I could absob thier cum in my hole, or swallow it down my throat. I was proud of my work and I wanted more people to see me so I started jogging naked in my Silverlake neighborhood at night. At first I took shorts with me as I left my apartment. My landlord was a nudist and the other tenants knew it. He saw me naked all the time. At first I only jogged a few blogs and I didn’t hide. Guys saw me and were positive. I loved being seen naked. After a few jogs I stopped taking the shorts and the distance grew longer. I was jogging naked a few miles and a couple of time guys jogged with me, clothed, and asked how I got my body and about my nude experiences. One night I jogged naked across the Community College campus. The guys I ran into were excited to see me. One yelled, “hey, running naked!” That night became an urban legend, but in time it became reality and a common site 12 years later when I became Assistant Coach in charge of the NB program at the college Men’s Phys. Ed. Dept. I now live naked 24/7 so everyone can see my large muscular body and my 14” cock.

  3. Coach Pete Rider (formerly the bodybuilding coach) and some of his NB students went to Buff Beach so the students could experience doing muscle and cock work in public (based on my recommendation). The NB program started at the University of Pasadena in September. So far the newbies have only worked out at the Phys. Ed, Dept., at NB gyms, the NB frat house, and home gyms. They want the work they’ve accomplished on enlarging their muscles and cock to be seen by everyone. The excitement of being watched outdoors kept all of them hard at Buff Beach and most of the students shot loads as they used weights. Coach Rider and the young men mingled with the NBs in the open training area and gladly took cock up their holes and down their throats in order to get potent NB cum into their bodies. Being watched as he fucked his students stimulated the coach to the point that he was able to fuck and shoot a load into a number of them. The coach and all his students liked the freedom of being outdoors and watched by the public. On the way back to Pasadena, they kept thier clothes off, and came up with possible locations in the city where they can workout naked in public.

  4. Dont you guys lay it to any women

    1. Women don't play any part in training for naked bodybuilders. It is a sport for men only, and the connections between men and the support that a man's body can do for another during training is unique.

      Outside of training as a naked bodybuilder, these young bodybuilders may well have girlfriends and hook up with plenty of girls. The sport and the sexual expression it requires have nothing to do with the orientation of the athletes. It is just a part of being a truly Alpha man.


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