Fads and Gimmicks Often Seen at the Beach
a hard young naked bodybuilder works out with a ball stretcher
BIG BOUNCING BALLS: A junior competitor works out at Buff Beach with only a ball stretcher on. The recent rise in the popularity of ball stretchers among naked bodybuilders is tied to the misconception that testicles have “shrunk” in recent times.

Like any sport, naked bodybuilding has a culture that relentlessly pushes the men who participate to be better, stronger and BIGGER their rival. Each year that passes the refinements that the men undergo to improve their physiques or stamina are driven by an aggressive hope to be the very best. Sometimes these refinements are reasonable and easily adaptable, sometimes they are wild and dangerous. And sometimes they are just fads or crazes for the new thing, with little basis in the effectiveness of them.

As the most iconic "on-display" naked gym in the United States, Buff Beach has seen it’s share of all these changes, good, bad or just novel. Enhancement labs, equipment firms, and supplement and cum-energy drink companies have all used “the Beach” as the backdrop for pushing and promoting their products. And even new gear or trendy workout styles are often seen and talked about in the completely open space under the intense California sun.

One of the most recent trends or fixations especially among younger bodybuilders is ball stretching. Although certainly not a new concept, as with many cultural standards of beauty over time, the idea of larger, fuller ball sacks has come back into vogue. It has been the accepted aesthetic that as part of an overall balance and symmetry for a naked bodybuilder’s best physique that the balls would be large, but not too large, and sit close to the body. The perception that balls were “shrinking” in comparison to prior years was driven by the visual change in physiques. As musculature and the relative fatness of cocks continued to thicken with new innovations in enhancements and techniques, testicles seemed to appear smaller in comparison. In addition, the expectation that naked bodybuilders would have enormous balls overflowing with semen was misguided. Naked athletes' testes do indeed produce semen at a vastly accelerated rate and in excessive quantities to the average male, but the near constant need to ejaculate and orgasm keeps the size of the testicles in check. 

But recently there has been a push to claim that fuller, rounder “low hanger” balls are more "manly" and therefore more attractive on men that are the epitome of masculinity. So the use of ball stretching weights has come back in fashion, and are more and more frequently seen on bodybuilders out and about. The hope is that by stretching out the scrotum, the balls will be more obvious and impressive. Critics charge that the look can instead become floppy, sloppy and distracting during competition, as a stretched scrotum will continue to swing and move as a bodybuilder moves through compulsory poses, when they should be showcasing their hardest flexed muscles and complete control for the judges.

In any event, however you feel about balls on naked bodybuilders, the debate rages on and “big” or “small”, all will be on display at Buff Beach!




  1. Years ago there was talk that NBs should use dildos to stretch their sphincter. Some NBs said a true alpha can take any cock, no matter how large and painful when penetrated. So the idea was dropped. When I was an assistant NB coach at Community College, I added a dildo course. Via the IFNB, there have been a lot of complaints that most ANBs can’t handle being plowed by gigantic dongs at competitions. All my ANBs and NB must have completed the dildo course to be considered a NB at CC. Attendance at CC usually last 2 years, so my students can take 2 years to master the fist dildo. Occasionally, one hears that the cock of a NB is the size of a fist. Once mastered, my students can take ANY cock up thier assholes, and for hours at a time. As part of their training off campus, my students train with mature NBs at the North Hollywood Gym. Many of those NBs have gigantic cocks. Many of my students have been double penetrated and a few triple penetrated. Often the plowing goes on for hours. No one has failed. During Christmas break it’s was arranged for some of my ANBs to serve pro NBs at a competition. My students were praised and for the first time, as a group they were recognized for “Providing Excellent Service on Behalf of the IFNB,” with a sizable donation to the NB program at CC. IFNB have requested the participation of CCs ANBs for a pro event during spring break. ANBs are already volunteering. As far as I am concerned, the use of dildos in training is not a fad, but an advantage. When the ANBs returned at the end of Christmas break, the Silverlake Frat House held a huge orgy and all the ANBs who worked the pro event, fucked me, them shot loads onto the crowd. The party ended the next morning and there was cum all over. Those young men can really shoot.

  2. Looking at this shot, and at other recent shots (Wien Cock Builders 2 and 5), one asks oneself why these guys do what they do. Certainly speaking for myself as a follower of the blog and I suspect for many others as well, I get little pleasure from seeing guys, who may well have super bodies and dicks, wearing such ridiculous contraptions. Any aesthetic appreciation of an aspiring musclecock’s physique is ruined by his wearing of such a device. What purpose do they serve, other than to detract from a magnificent male body?

    In Roman times in the arena, slaves and miscreants were castrated before being finally executed, by making them wear devices similar to those shown in recent shots, to which weights were successively added until such time as the poor sod’s scrotum was torn away from his body. Surely in showing such devices we are in danger of descending to such levels of depravity! In this very shot, the guy’s scrotum looks to be stretched to the limits of endurance and his balls appear ready to fall off.

    Now that you, the editors, are ploughing a new furrow and have broken loose from the (frankly ridiculous) rules and restrictions of the IFNB, which, as I remember it, prohibited the wearing of any cock jewellery or enhancement devices when competing on stage, is this an effort to show your new-found independence: to cock a snook at the old rules? If it is, then I can but recommend you to think again, for in my view and I may be in a minority of one, these pictures bring nothing at all to the blog.

    A few years ago, there were shots of a young white guy called, from memory, Gregory Stone, who competed in one of the IFNB events in the Far East. He did not even get a place but, for some reason he was shot twice wearing one of those cock and ball, trianguloid, three dimensional cock rings, which really do enhance a guys endowment and add an aesthetic note of exotica to his presentation. In fact, he caused quit a stir, as I recollect that there was an avalanche of comments about the guy, who was, I suppose breaking the IFNB rules. Unfortunately, as was pointed out by some observant eye, Greg did not get very far as he had an uncut cock. What was a superb cock head, enhanced by his wearing of the triple ring, was veiled in foreskin. I think that any guy, who is serious about this sport, if not cut a birth, just has to bite the bullet and get himself circumcised if he wants to make the grade.

    As we no longer seem to have access to shots older then 2018, I cannot give you the precise references to the two shots of Greg Stone. But for me, they were refreshing eye-openers – in a good way, that is!

    Now, if in your new-found freedom, you want to feature studs with cock enhancing devices or even with nipple rings and other body jewellery or tattoos, these are, to my mind, the sort of things you should be looking to show. Forget the absurd and concentrate on the aesthetics. As has been said many times, but I will repeat it here, all we the fans have, at the end of the day, is a series of photographs of sexy looking guys with a bodies and cocks that I am sure we all wished we could emulate, but know that we cannot! All the words about cum-shooting, arse fucking etc etc, fade into insignificance compared with the visual impact of the actual photographs.

    So, my advice to you the editors, for what it is worth, is to concentrate on publishing super, thought-provoking pictures, which are worthy of comment. And when I say worthy of comment, I mean comments which are related to the pictures and not just some fan’s imaginary, unrelated sexual fantasies based on unlikely, rampant, male-muscle sex.

    1. Hello Jason. As mentioned in our transition post, and in the link at the top right, all posts prior to October 2018 are available in the archive.

      Please also make sure to mind the posting policy, also available at the archive and in the link just below the archive on the right menu.


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