A special report looking back at the competitive scene that we did not cover in the 2019 season
LONG NIGHT AHEAD: Nineteen year old bodybuilders Joseph Duma and Damon Symon excitedly head on to the dance floor at Entice during Hugo Hackelberg's Compound Production's Breeder's Ball party. Both boys are too young to drink, but not too young to take SPH!
As the legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one and over, club promoters have long looked for ways to incentivize the under-21 year olds to come out and enjoy nightlife in a lucrative way. Without the premium paid for alcohol at clubs, it was not economically viable for youth to be allowed into nightlife spots. 

But as usual, Hugo Hackelberg seems to be at the forefront of finding ways to blend his two greatest passions – horny, beefy naked bodybuilders and making money. Although he’s a Swede, Hackelberg has long been looking for ways to dominate the naked bodybuilding market in the US through his line of resorts and training facilities. His most recent play might be his most surprising yet: club promoter. 

Hackelberg had realized the opportunity that existed to service the exploding market of young men interested in naked bodybuilding in forming his Compound Resorts Teen brand, but is latest effort is a new way to reach the demographic. As there are no age restrictions on enhancements, stimulants and possibly most consequentially, SPH (Sperm Production Hyperdrive), Hackelberg correctly assessed that he could easily monetize the passion young men have to party with their naked male peers, and formed Compound Productions to host parties at nightclubs (mostly adjacent to his own resorts properties) tailored to the alcohol-free crowd. 

Clothes are left at check-in, and as one might expect from a building packed with naked, pumped and horny teen athletes (many dosing on training-aid-turned-party-drug SPH), the crowd quickly becomes a sea of sweaty, cum-coated muscle bodies dancing, groping, masturbating and fucking. 

“Wow, what a rush!” exclaims 20-year-old college sophomore Tyler Timms emerging into the morning light and hastily pulling on his clothes after spending nearly nine hours at Entice, the location of Hackelberg’s Breeder’s Ball party. “Watch out, I’m still a little horny from all the SPH,” he says with a laugh, grabbing his thick cock through his jeans, “But I have to get to geography class. 

“But this hangover is one I’m going to be happy to have,” he says with a smile, licking the thick muscle cum surrounding his mouth. “I can’t wait til next weekend when I can do it all over again.”


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  1. Two nice looking lads, although from their hair it as though they have seen a ghost. But aside from that they are both well muscled. However they both need some work doing on their cocks.

    The guy on the left needs to bite the bullet and get himself circumcised if he wants to go places in NB world. The one on the right has already grasped the importance of cock presentation and that three component ring he is wearing gives his already quite formidable fuck-stick a really aggressive look. However although his cock-head is exposed, I think he too needs some surgery to remove what is left of his foreskin and put his cock-head into relief by exposing the rim.

    I know it’s a difficult decision for teenagers to make, to allow a surgeon loose on their prime asset, but I think in both cases it is worth it. Foreskin is simply a no-no in NBB.


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