A special report looking back at the competitive scene that we did not cover in the 2019 season
DOUBLE UP: Jeremy Anderson (right) poses with his “boy”, student Richard “Ricky” Rome, at the official Master’s Grand Prix after party. Anderson had a lot to celebrate. 
The 2019 Masters Grand Prix had a rare double win. Although it has happened before, it has been 16 long years since one man won both the overall title at the show as well as aiding his protégé in securing the Master’s Boy trophy. But Jeremy Anderson, a 55-year-old high school coach from Indiana, USA, secured the unique distinction at the event, successfully securing, in turn, the super-heavyweight cup, the Master’s Boy cup for his apprentice Richard “Ricky” Rome, and finally the overall win for himself. 

With his massive bulk and fearsome cock, it was easy to see why Anderson dominated the competition, and though not known for exceptional placements in his “prime” years, since reaching master’s status Anderson has continued to come into his own. It culminated in his exceptional Grand Prix performance, which included a near flawless execution of an extraordinary 76 cum shots between the prelims and finals of his assorted stage performances. 

But for his part, Anderson seemed oddly modest – for an Alpha naked bodybuilder, that is! 

“I did amazing, as I knew I would,” says Anderson at the official after party. “But I was proudest of how Ricky did. I knew he would do it too – he had me to show him the way, after all. But even in that he was exceptional.”

Since there’s a component that awards points for similarities, related pairs have more frequently than not secured the Master’s Boy trophy. Father/Son, Uncle/Nephew, Brothers, and even one Grandfather/Grandson duo have triumphed. But Anderson and Rome just met two years ago when Ricky transferred into Anderson’s gym class. But the lack of genetic connection didn’t stop the smooth and deeply connected posing the two showcased, and Rome hummed with a sexual energy when in the presence of his Coach that allowed their duo shots to be nearly completely in sync. 

“I was a pretty cocky kid, but when I saw Coach Jeremy for the very first time, I literally had some sort of revelation,” says Rome. “Like, that very first time I looked at his body – he was, disappointingly, wearing a tank and gym shorts because of, like, school rules and shit, but his body was bursting out of them. You could see every ripple of his abs and every vein on his dick through the fabric. And I knew that’s what I had to be too.”

“I’ve been training Ricky for years for this moment,” says Anderson. “More than any student I’ve had at St. Sixtus, Ricky took naked bodybuilding totally seriously. For a lot of them there was nervous laughter and things like that when I told them what I did outside of work. But Ricky came to me after his first class and told me I needed to pump him up to be just like me. And pump we did!”


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  1. What an amazing guy for his age; and what a cannon he has. I would love to see it fired.


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