A special report looking back at the competitive scene that we did not cover in the 2019 season


MASSIVE MIDDLE(WEIGHT): Middleweight Dominic Hilton, (second from left) is inspected by a judge in the final posedown. His runner up status shocked many, including heavyweight Brad Caralho (center, cumming). Freak Junior overall winner Matthew Fetter is at right. 
Among true lovers of massive – truly gargantuan – muscle and cock, the favorite competition of the year outside of the crowning of Mr. Alpha must be the annual Freak Show. For the past nineteen years, they have marketed themselves as the BIGGEST naked muscle show and exposition in the world.  But not just large in numbers - large in meaty cocks and massive muscle!

The Freak Show follows all IFNB judging rules but has a slew of special prizes for the hyper-enhanced and above all other officially sanctioned gatherings does the most to exalt the most extreme in masculinity. This means it attracts the set of pros who have pushed their mass and cock size beyond any semblance of “balance” valued in regular competition and allows them to show off their amazing wok to adoring fans. The Freak Show fills a niche that is much appreciated in musclecock sports.

But as you might expect from a show looking to reclaim the work “Freak”, the show has always sowed controversy. It is relatively standard to have claims of intense favoritism for the most massive bodies, thickest dongs and most prolifically spewing cum shots, official judging rules be-dammed. With that filter, it’s one of the unique shows where megaweights often take home top overall spots, unlike other shows where their sexual unpredictability works against them. 

This year, was of course, not different, this time in the Junior (i.e. collegiate) competition. Although there was no question of 22-year old megaweight Matthew Fetter taking the overall win at the Freak Show Junior after expertly showcasing his 292 lbs. frame and colossal 17" fuckpole with a 14” head, it was the runner up who created the most controversy. 

Middleweight Dominic Hilton is only nineteen years old, but got into showing off as a naked bodybuilder after his college teammates told him to enter because of his love of cock growth. "I always have been fit, super athletic. But from my early teens I was always obsessed with having a really big, really impressively dominating dick. So I started young – trying all the enhancements and techniques. Of all my bros I grew up working out with, I have gotten the most amazing cock by far. So why not show it off?” 

Hilton’s lean body didn’t quite match up to his thick pole, with an acceptable 12” length, but a truly freakish 19” circumference dickhead. “It’s the size of two fists! A complete hole-wrecker,” says Hilton proudly. But Hilton also arrived with a cocky and clean program, performing like a true star and cumming with stunning precision that blew away the competition in his division and gained him some admirers during the final posedown – usually just the prevue of the largest size classes. 

His ultimate overall placement as first runner up at the overall earned the ire of 2nd runner up, heavyweight Brad Caralho after the competition. Caralho took the his issue directly to the judges though, strutting immediately after the calls to the table and slapping his fat, 15.5” cock on the table in front of them, saying, “I do not care that I didn’t win next to Matt, but how in the world can you look at my perfect cock and muscles and not know that a true freak came to the Freak Show – not some skinny twerp with a dong?"

The judges did not dignify Caralho with a response, and it was said afterwards in the release room during the Victory Fuck, that Fetter and Hilton passed around a screaming Caralho until he was a whimpering cum rag. 


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