A special report looking back at the competitive scene that we did not cover in the 2019 season

PROFESSIONALISM? Judge Chester Sublett gets ready to shoot a load on to competitors Ignacio Grueso (second from right) and Vadim Chernoya (and far right) in the midst of the Middleweight comparisons. 

2019’s IFNB Roma Grand Prix was overshadowed by an unusual judging snafu. The furor arose over the actions by regular judge, Chester Sublett; not his judging, but his actions during the competition. Sublett, a former amateur competitor and editor and blogger about the world of Naked Bodybuilding, has only been an IFNB competitive judge for a year, but he is a noted protégé of Senior Vice President of International Competition and Operations, Paulo Busek. Sublett frequently travelled personally with Busek to a number of international level competitions as a youth competitor, and more recently as an official judge.

Sublett’s prior experience has been at the amateur league level, and without prior incident or controversy. Indeed, despite whispers that his ties to Busek may have something to do with his rise as a international judge despite no professional athletic experience, he had been noted as a perceptive and fair judge in the past.

But during the Middleweight comparisons, he appeared to be come agitated. As Head Judge Roberto Augusto Soares continued to call out poses, Sublett mounted the stage. Unusual for a judge mid competition, but not unheard of. Sublett then stalked the line, taking in the forms of the line-up of pumped, naked young men in competition.

Though he was fully suited, Sublett had a hard on that he was stroking through the fly of his suit. This is not unusual either, as IFNB judges are allowed to be in any state of dress they like (from full suit to completely nude, like the competitors), and it is also expected for the entire judging panel to have rock-hard cocks, as taking a front-row seat in front of the sea of pumped muscles and thick, spewing cocks should leave the judges completely horny and almost wild with lust. Unusually though, he became focused on two favorites, Ignacio Grueso of Spain and Vadim Chernoya of Russia, and started to vigorously beating his dick in front of the young men.

Unfortunately, the distraction seemed to unnerve Grueso, who had been the front runner in scoring so far. The young man had a noticeable semi-softening of his fat cock, and his perfectly timed spurts of cum stopped entirely. But Chernoya seemed to get off on Sublett’s attentions, with his already-regular cum game increasing with three additional spurts of muscle jizz. After shooting a thick load over the young competitors himself, Sublett made his way back to the judging table and carried on as if nothing untoward had happened. Chernoya ultimately won the round, which had supporters of Grueso crying foul.

“I don’t understand what the fuss was about. It was not a big deal; men do and should act like that around me all the time,” said Chernoya after the medal ceremony. “If Iggy (Grueso) can’t take getting cummed on, then he’s in the wrong sport!”

Purists decried the move as unprofessional at best, with a rumor of Sublett’s wild SPH use behind the scenes contributing to the incident. But officially the IFNB downplayed it, with Busek referring to it as just a "distraction".

“I strongly suggest everyone just get over it,” said Busek outside of the competition venue. “Good IFNB judges take their work seriously. Assessing the most Alpha, virile and stunningly sexual men on the planet is an intense job. If they want to get a close up look, that is literally their job. And if they are inspired by the spectacular bodies and juicy cocks in front of them, well, they’re just men too.”



  1. Love this totally fucking hot story!!

  2. This is laughable. The Spaniard if a true competitor should have been more aroused like his Russian rival. The judges actions were actually helpful for all contenders. In my local community it is actually customary for there to be "stimulators" joining the competitors. These viril Musclemen are usually guest professionals or other competitors from other weight classes not participating in that particular round. The role of a "stimulator" is to pump up all the competitors so they perform with maximum arousal. It is a win win situation.

  3. Wilting cock apart, the Spaniard needs to bite the bullet and submit his cock to the surgeon's scalpel. He has a decent dick, which is spoiled by the fact that his cock-head is veiled in foreskin and lacks definiion which detracts from his overall appearance.

    Just compare him with the Russian on his left. He also has a superb cock - and what magnificent pair of balls he has supporting his cannon. But he has also been beautifully circumcised, which makes all the difference. Just look how his cock-head is shown off by the rim. My own view is that any would-be NBB worth his salt and who is serious about competing on stage internationally, should have his penis circumcised.

    Cut cocks are also easier to train, as anal penetration is so much easier if a guy's cock-head is free of foreskin.


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