Rough Equipment Doesn’t Constrain Committed Athletes
ROUGH AND READY: Thomas Addo, reigning Mr. Naked Ghana and runner up at last year’s Pan-Africa competition, shows that even basic equipment can develop amazing physiques. 
“As long as I have something heavy to lift and a hole to fuck, I’m good.”

So says professional bodybuilder and 2019 Pan-Africa runner up Thomas Addo, explaining the astounding gains he and other African men show from the spartan and improvised equipment at The Factory. “We African men are just naturally superior, I guess,” he says with a laugh. “It does not take as much fancy shit to get our muscles huge and our cocks hard and thick.”

But there has long been a question about the incredible gains that the men of Africa have shown – is there some sort of genetic component that favors the incredible mass and seemingly unstoppable cock enlargements that black bodybuilders seem to be able to undertake? Or is it a cultural difference instead? The idea of discipline and proportion in naked bodybuilding work seems to give way to a more rampant focus on “bigger is better” in African competitors. The push towards ever increasing size and length mean less and less control over those dangerous cum-cannons between their pumped quads. Even at the top levels of regional competition, cum timing scores can be non-existent when using official IFNB rules, but when this fountain of muscle semen is erupting from a dong over two feet in length, who cares?

At least that was true of Addo at the 2019 Pan-Africa. With an astounding 82 cum shots in official competition, he had less that a 22% hit rate for timing. But his arrogant showmanship and stupefyingly thick fuckstick gave him such good will with the judges he was able to top the megaweight class, and come out second in the overall.

“Yeah, it frightens people, but it should,” Addo says with a chuckle, wrapping his hand barely halfway around his monstrous dong. “They say getting fucked by me is like getting your ass torn open by a fist. But I find that insulting! This beast has a head bigger than a fist, and thicker by inches than a forearm. So if you want to talk about the most extreme ass-ruining possible, you need to talk about getting an Addo up your hole!”



  1. I'm that hole fuck me please baby

  2. Wow! there are many slang terms for a man’s penis; willy, dick, cock, fuck-stick, dong and so on; but this endowment leaves one gasping for words to adequately describe the piece of man-meat this stud has between his legs. This black African has that perfectly proportioned, beautifully tapering torso of a true Alpha male, which leads the eye down to that monumental fuck-stick, which in this shot we see flaccid, What must it look like when it is rock-hard and he is ready to fuck? The mind just boggles, at the thought, for it must be approaching two foot in length with the girth of a drainpipe. By any standard, Addo must surely have the biggest cock in the world; a cock which is worthy of the accolade Alpha +++.

    What he has compared to earlier young whites, such as Chris Garter who has an exceptionally long penis of relatively small girth, or the black, Snake Assombo, whose nickname tells us all we need to know about his own super-long endowment, is balance. Like it or like it not, Addo’s cock has balance and substance, even when, as in this shot it is flaccid. It hangs beautifully, not at all like a wet piece of rag as is so often the case when cocks are at rest, over what appears to be a very large pair of balls.

    Of course, Addo does have some problems to contend with due to his massive member. Where on earth does he dock it when he is not naked? And then there is his reputation as the greatest anal sphincter wrecker of all time, due to the vigour of his penetrative attacks of young men. But in spite of the dangers to which they expose themselves, I gather there is no end to the young acolytes who are eager to experience what must surely be one of the the biggest cocks in the world today.

    I am told, given the number of wrecked arses Addo has left behind him in his need to satisfy his libido, that the Gym is now insisting that any young stud who volunteers – and there are many willing to offer their anuses to the TLC of Addo’s cock, which they see as a-not-to-be-missed opportunity of a lifetime – enter a two week anus training session, where their anal sphincters are gradually stretched by a successive cocks of ever increasing girth, to accommodate Addo’s monument without risking permanent damage to their holes.

    Finally, to answer the question as to whether blacks have bigger cocks on average than whites; can anyone name a white musclecock in this blog who has a cock to match, let alone bigger than, Addo’s? For me personally I prefer many men, both black and white, who are less generously endowed than Addo. But one has to acknowledge that he is a ground breaker; and in the musclecock world of this blog, that is exactly what many fans are looking for.

  3. I would also, as an afterthought, add, that one of the reasons why Addo's torso looks so perfect, is that he that he has not so far, anyway, overdeveloped his trapezius muscles, which when overblown, as they frequently, are make a guy’s head look as though it belongs on another body. Just take a look at the middle guy in The Factory 1 and you will see what I mean. His head, stuck onto an overdeveloped triangular, trap, muscle mass, does not really seem to belong to his body. The photo makes him look like a “cut and paste” job. His head and traps seem to have been cut from another photo and stuck on his (otherwise splendid) torso. But that is what most BB strive for. Pierre Douton, for instance, in some of his poses, looks utterly grotesque for this very reason.


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