Big Rod’s Gym 2
Rod Expands His Empire
FAMILY BUSINESS: Rod Chastain test the machines at his newest Big Rod’s Gym location just prior to the Grand Opening. Michael Chastain, Rod’s 25 year-old nephew who will take on managing the new location, looks on. All of Chastain's male family members participate in the business with him.

More recently “Big” Rod Chastain has had the opportunity to take that special alchemy of Big Rod’s Gym and see if he can reproduce it elsewhere. Approached by deep pocketed investors, several Big Rod’s locations have popped up in major North American cities, each larger and more luxurious than the last. “We want you to be surrounded by a world that serves as a monument to how successful you have been at changing your body,” says Chastain. “Staying true to my three original ideas for Big Rod’s means each space can be bigger and better than the last, but still not loose what makes a Big Rod’s a Big Rod’s.”

Although some charge that the “charm” of the original is lost in the large new outposts, the new Big Rod's attract all levels of jacked muscle studs because of the size of their facilities allows so much to get done.  They continue to offer incredible muscle, cock and anal trainers, classes at all levels, top tier equipment and a staff as jacked as their patrons. Surfaces are smooth to allow quick cum clean-up from the muscle sperm spray.  The floor plan is also completely open, encouraging men to feel fully on display always, with locker rooms, showers, stim studios, classrooms and spa facilities fully open (or at least completely glassed in) to the gym floor. They also heartily welcome all levels of men, allowing beginners, dreamers and pro-level naked muscle alike to get the intense muscle-blasting and cock-enhancing workouts they need to get where they want to get to.

“Every man willing to show up naked and pump and flex at Big Rod’s should feel like he is on the path to greatness,” says Big Rod Chastain, proudly. “That is why above every gym floor we have the motto, GROW IT BIG, SHOW IT BIG, KNOW IT'S BIG!”



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  1. When Michael Chastain, aged just seventeen and fresh out of high-school, decided to join his uncle Rod’s gym as a trainee muscle cock builder, he had no idea that he was taking the first step in what would prove to be his future career. He had decided not to go on to college as he wanted to be in an environment where where there was a lot of naked muscle and cock on show. Michael had long been attracted towards his own sex at school and, like most youngsters of his age, he had experimented with sex. However he had no idea at all just how important sex would prove to be in developing those physical characteristics he so desired for himself.
    His uncle Rod saw that his nephew needed to be schooled in one of the basic acts of the gym and said: “Michael, as this is your first day at my gym, I think to get you well and truly started you need to undergo your induction right away.” He pushed his nephew flat on his back on a side table, pulled him forward by his legs so his all-important entry port, his anus was positioned accessibly on the edge of the table. Then with a bottle of lubricant in his hand, he lifted Michael’s legs over his own shoulders and applied a generous dose of lubricant to his nephew’s anus.
    Michael had seen his uncle’s fuck-stick prepared for action in the past; but the prospect of having ten inches of ram-rod-hard man-meat thrust into him was a frightening prospect. But Big Rod, intent on showing his nephew just how important a role anal intercourse played in the gym’s training programme, pressed on regardless and Michael was helpless to resist as his uncle forced his cock through hi tight anal pucker and gave his nephew the first true fuck of his young life.
    In spite of his initial misgivings, Michael saw that his uncle was an expert in the art of anal sex. That first time, which is always very special, he was careful to bring his nephew to the ultimate state of nirvana. As they both erupted into volcanic, simultaneous orgasms, Michael suddenly realised that what he had experienced as sex at school fell by the wayside compared with what his uncle had just done for him.
    Big Rod never ever neglected Michael and during the intervening years, every Friday night, when he was in town, Big Rod, systematically groomed his young nephew with his own cock, with the results results we now see in this shot of the twenty-five year old Michael. Michael, with his slighter physique, will never equal the size of his famous uncle, but he is certainly one of the greatest anal copulators in the world of naked bodybuilding.


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