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Rod Chastain Is An Institution
START OF AN ERA: c.1983 shot of the opening of Big Rod's Gym. Rod Chastain (R), was able to convince clothed bodybuilding superstar Eddie Verga (left) to drop his shorts and show off his thick, hard dick to the public for the first time! Verga went on to win several naked awards, and always thanked Rod for introducing him to the Alpha lifestyle.

When “Big” Rod Chastain opened the first Big Rod’s Gym in 1983, it was a scrappy organization. Little more than a steamy, windowless warehouse, as a professional in the controversial sport of competitive naked bodybuilding, Chastain wanted to open a place that had professional level machines but with an atmosphere fully supportive of the naked all-male environment needed to excel at the sport.

“I spent my early career working out in terrible basements, after-hours at non-naked gyms or in my own garage, and I had had enough,” says Chastain, still buff, tan and fully nude at 70. “We are the most perfect men in the world – our accomplishments are to be celebrated, and never hidden. I wanted Big Rod’s to focus on 3 things: 1. Creating an exciting sexual energy that stimulates all men from beginners to pros. 2. Helping men get the rightful body and dick of their dreams 3. Make it a place where men can easily and happily meet each other and show off.”

Chastain’s focus on building the right space for naked bodybuilders and the men who want to train with them paid off, and the original Big Rod's has a 35-year history of being a "destination gym" for naked bodybuilders on the circuit. But it is not just for the elites. “We are as happy to have a massively-muscled IFNB pro superstar with a monster dick as we are to get the 18-year old high school quarterback stripped down for his first naked workout. All men should feel ready to strip off and shoot off for their peers,” says Rod. “Our regular patrons know that they are as likely to get hit by the cum from a top-ranked naked muscle star as a young musclenut with a raging hard-on. It’s that mix that makes Big Rod’s work.”



  1. Oh, so many memories. I was just a teen, I knew I was attracted to muscle but was in denial to myself, and didn't want to let myself follow my urges. Then as I was flipping through the magazines at the newstand, in the sports section as, even if I wouldn't admit it I was glutton for images of hypertrophied muscle, I stumbled upon a publication I had never heard of before, just at the end of the sports section and at the beginning of the "adult" section, and it was a very early issue of the now immensely popular "COCK & MUSCLE".

    The cover completely blew my mind. Although I had just seen it in a flash as I was at the store just down where I lived and didn't want the owner to think I was interested in porn mags or God forbid, publications with little other informative value than the glossy display, page after page, in vibrant colors, of extremely burly men, each more muscular than the next, with their overly tanned, grease layered skin so thin that their muscles all showed a multitude of striations of lines and ligaments and veins, and in order to show as much muscle as they possibly could, they wore nothing but the tiniest excuse for a piece of underwear that only a sculptural Hercules would dare to wear, not minding at all that their genitals were part of the show, as the shiny fabric hugging them artfully outlined their volumes with light.

    So many considered the wonderful, sublime majesty of their powerful muscular profusion as gross and disgusting. I'll never understand why.

    But the cover of MUSCLE & COCK was burnt in my brain. Not only the magnificent bodybuilder was sporting a megawatt smile exuding pride and joy, he was by far the most monumental specimen of muscular hypertrophy I had ever seen. Or ever thought possible. And I was dumbfounded. I just walked out saying goodbye to Mrs Jones at the register.

    Mind that at the time there was no internet to speak of. There were no other source for bodybuilding adoration but muscle mags.

    Nothing else I could think about, the exquisite beauty of that God on the magazine cover. I breathed heavily. I went home, grabbed the change I could find, and took the bus to go to an unknown area on the lookout for a newstand, small enough, empty enough, ok I saw one and got off the bus and right in the store.

    The guy at the counter was a young guy, very tall, very handsome, I didn't expect that. I remember well. I went through the sports section, the small store didn't have as much choice as my regular one did, and yet, I found the miraculous treasure. Seems like the model had grown even more massive since I left him twenty minutes ago.

    Hands shaking I went to pay for the holy artefact, and pretty boy gave me a broad smile and a look full of disdain.

    "Kiddo, this shit is porn. Muscle porn. The ugliest form of faggot shit for deranged weirdos like you little boy." Wait, I was like, fourteen. "So that's what it looks like, a retard who goes off on pictures of ridiculous shithead braindead moronic dummies with no other goal in life than turn themselves into cattle by filling up their so called muscles with injections of shit. You find this hot? Pff, these trashbags are hideous. Arrrgh, disgusting. You disgust me. You're a nutcase, you're sick. You find that these big baloons of hot air are not revulsing? Please." He approached his face to mine. Making his blue eyes sparkle somehow. "And believe me I know about handsomeness. When I see a musclehead somewhere I can't help stealing his girl and fuck her as they're all full of shit. If I see one trying to cruise a girl I wave my finger to command her to come to me and I make out with her right away as they're all full of shit.

    - Fuck you. And what porn to begin with?

    - Are you kidding me?"

  2. He puts the mag into my face and, oh, indeed, the spectacular muscle behemoth posing had a huge, hard, power cock fully exposed and almost reaching his luscious pectorals. The muscle had distracted me. The name MUSCLE & COCK was a hint I overlooked too.

    He started turning the pages before my eyes

    "Frolic at the sight of these freaks, you poor little...
    - Go to hell."

    I tried grabbing the book of wonders, but failed, only ripped off a few pages and ran away with them. I kept them inside my jacket and religiously contemplated them once locked in my room.

    Among the few sights of bliss they offered, there was this picture right there. I spent so many days drooling at it. Memories.


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