Non-Stop Cock Milking is Basic Training at Papa’s
HYPERSTIM: Teen bodybuilder Sergei Osel is held down while trainer Aleksandr Nikolaevich milks his 16th load for the day in the outdoor training area. The extreme amount of cum being constantly milked from big muscle cocks required the move outside. 

The forcing of naked bodybuilders in training to cum over and over, without pause, is a common exercise technique for the monster-cocked pros on the IFNB competitive circuit. It takes a truly exceptional and ravenously horny man to put up with the constant sexual demands and cum production needed for non-stop milking. But for “Papa Byk” Silvestrov, forced cock milking is an absolute baseline for any of the muscle hunks who attend his facility, at whatever level of training.
“How can you create a cock which exemplifies the most extreme in masculinity if it does not cum so frequently and violently that it is liable to blast you in the face at any moment?” Silvestrov asks, rhetorically. “When a man signs up for Papa Byk’s, he signs away his rights to control his body. I will rebuild him into the very best Alpha, but he must endure it all. If he passes out because I stroke his cock all day? Weak! He will do better tomorrow. If he cannot cum hands-free while I fuck him? Weak! I will fuck him all day and all night until he cums!”

The idea is extreme, but the results are there. The young men of his training programs were renowned for their cum abilities, and Silvestrov treats his paying clients with the same level of expectations. Papa and his staff of highly aggressive trainers are relentless at attacking and stimulating muscle cock literally for hours on end, sometimes strapping down clients to get the required results. But the intensive muscle growth programs work, and Papa’s clients are some of the most prolific cum shooters in the world. The amount of semen is so extreme that Papa moved the cock training area outside to avoid the gallons of cum that used to coat the raw concrete floor.

“It was unbelievably hard and unrelenting when I first arrived,” says Sergei Osel, a teen amateur bodybuilding champion looking to move into pro status. “If Papa had not been holding me down while endlessly stroking my cock, I would have tried to run. Though I was so dazed I don’t know if I could have! But over time, my natural state became that of extreme masculinity. I now have the need to cum constantly and repeatedly so that shooting hot loads from my fat cock has become like second nature. Now it is 30 loads or more a day."

"People act like an amazing and dangerous dick is the result of just typical training," Silvestrov explains, furiously stroking the engorged member of a squirming, moaning local bodybuilding pro. "But to reach perfection you must subject the physique to intense programs to shock results into the body. It may make me work the cock so intensely it might feel like it is going to fall off, but I assure you it will not! It will be an Alpha dick that is the ultimate male machine.”




  1. I would love to help training non stop cock milking

  2. Awesome regime. I would kill to just get between his legs.

  3. Exciting news from Papa-Byk’s Gym; long noted for its strict adherence to natural methods of body and cock development and its absolute ban on any synthetic aids such as steroids, synthetic male sex hormones etc. The superbly equipped, sexy guys you see at the gym are all products of this natural approach to musclecock development. Results are slower, of course, than those obtained by chemical enhancement, but they are long-term better and healthier for the bodybuilders themselves and lead to development of world-class fuck-sticks over which the owner has complete control. The sperm you see in this shot, being milked from the young stud Sergei Osel, is of the highest and purest quality, untainted by any resides of the synthetic enhancement substances so widely use by the bodybuilding fraternity worldwide. Sergei is just one of many young men who train at the Gym to be subjected to this intensive manual method of cock enhancement.

    Papa-Byk has just announced that it is now milking all its young men, still with the basic, dual aim of helping them to grow their own cocks and develop the ability to cum hands free whenever they wish. But instead of this being done in the open as hitherto, in the near future, this will be performed in a sterile environment indoors and all the precious, top quality, naturally pure sperm, free of any enhancement chemical residues will be collected in stainless steel vessels and preserved under refrigerated conditions. It will then be delivered, by air-freight, still in refrigerated containers, to Papa-Byk’s American partner, Growco Laboratories of Los Angeles. Growco is one of the most noted advocates of, and adherents to, the recent trend in the use of natural products only to the sport of naked body-building and is, as its name implies is a leading supplier of natural cock-enhancement products.

    This superb quality, natural sperm, is then repacked by Growco into unit dose disposable packs each fitted with a special anal applicator. Growco-Live Sperm Packs are despatched by express one-day express delivery to its clients in southern California for immediate use. Growco recommends to users, that on receipt, the product be used that same evening before sleeping. Their patent applicator has a nozzle which easily passes a guy’s anal sphincter and allows him to self-inject the full dose of this precious fluid into his anal passage. It is then absorbed into his system and works it magic overnight. At present expensive – but worth it - and limited to the greater LA area of southern California, Grocow hopes to find partners for the distribution if this exceptional product throughout the USA within the coming year.

    No one will claim that this advance is a substitute for direct delivery of a donor stud’s sperm into his partner by the traditional method of anal copulation, nor does it have the pleasurable effects for both parties which an anal fuck has. But for dedicated muscle-cock builders who find themselves alone with no live partner available to fuck them on a regular basis, it is one way of ensuring that a guy receives the all important dose of third party, live unadulterated sperm, which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial in aiding cock-growth and cum control.


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