Hardcore Is Redefined At This Extreme Gym
DOWN AND DIRTY: Dimitri Nesserov, a 4-time Russian National Champion, works out at Papa Byk’s every day. Nesserov says the secret weapon to his success is “Papa’s cock. 110%.” 

After the refined history of Wein Cock Builders and the sunny celebration of naked muscle that is Buff Beach, a visit to Papa Byk’s will come as a shock to almost anyone. “Spartan” is sometimes used to describe Papa Byk’s, however a more apt adjective may well be harsh. And that is just how Bogdan “Papa Byk (Bull)” Silvestrov wants it.

In 2000, Silvestrov (a former world-ranked naked bodybuilder) set out to create his own chem-free training techniques to replicate the gains that early enhancement drugs were making. He believed that through punishing hard work he could activate similar growth potential in men, and the body would respond in-kind to bulk and expand. “Papa Bull” continued to work and refine the program, ultimately developing a training course famed for its aggressive and sexually brutal exercises that push the naked muscle athletes to ruthless levels of sexual and muscular intensity. While controversial for its merciless assault on men's muscle and sexuality, the results were effective and popular in his home country, and Silvestrov was the IFNB Youth and Young Adult coach for the Russian Naked Athletic League for 13 years.

But hungering for a physical place to execute his ideas, Silvestrov opened Papa Byk’s in 2015 in an abandoned factory building on the outskirts of Moscow, adjacent to his own estate. Less a “gym” in the Western sense, Papa Byk’s functions more as a camp, with men either boarding at the spartan dorm or arriving at sunrise to put their bodies through vicious abuse at the hands (and cock) of Silvestrov in the hunt for extreme mass. Once criticized as "little more than a muscle sex slave camp for men desperate to become alphas,” whether sun, rain, or even sub-zero temps, “Papa” puts his pupils through their paces in the rough, unheated space. The men lift weights at least three times a day, consume an intensive diet of lean protein and muscle cum, and have frequent (forced) constant sexual stimulation which has helped Papa prove that amazing male development can happen naturally. 

Silvestrov insists that what he does is really nude bodybuilding in its purest form, and true to the ideals of the sports founders. “This is no country club!” he says, a not-so-veiled reference to Wien. "To do great work without enhancement means you have worked your body twice as hard. This is the true measure of a great man. How much dedication can he show? How much will he force his body to endure to win? Who cares if he can take a pill or talk about Socrates? The endurance is the quality of a true naked athlete.”




  1. It may seem early in the year to start talking about next Christmas, but the posting of the first pictures taken at Papa Byk’s Hardcore Naked Gym in Moscow prompts me to tell fans about one of that Gym’s star athletes, if not the star athlete of recent years, a totally exceptional young stud called Stanislaw Szczanszczanitsky, who is not from Russia but from Poland. Yes, I know, you don’t have to tell me. His his name is totally unpronounceable to us in the Western World. But but such is the fame of this young man at the age of only twenty five, that he is already famous throughout Eastern Europe and is now ready to launch himself onto the Western Muscle-Cock scene under the name of Stan Shanit.

    Stan, who hails from rural Poland was seen by his school sports master as a bodybuilder and future cocks-man of exceptional potential and, at the early age of seventeen, he was awarded a bursary by the Gym itself to study and train with them in Moscow until the age of twenty-one. By the time he was nineteen he already had the physique of a mature young bodybuilder and a cock to match. Now aged twenty five, in the first flush of his youthful maturity, he is a blond bombshell, just short of 6 foot in height and weighing in at around 250 pounds of fat free, solid muscle.

    Thanks to Papa Byk’s unique natural cock-training techniques, Stan has possibly what is the most aesthetically pleasing cock and ball combination anywhere in the world. He now has a 10 inch rubbery soft cock of 6 inch circumference, which curves gracefully in a sort of parabola over his well-separated balls held in a high-hitched scrotum. Exceptionally for a Pole, but a must for any professional naked body and cock builder, Stan has had his cock expertly cut to show off its magnificent head. When erect and ready for action, Stan sports an amazing 15 inch long, dead-straight penis, some 2 ½ inches in diameter: truly one of the most gorgeous and amazing fuck-sticks ever. And this guy is does not only pose to show off his equipment, as he also knows how to use his exceptional endowments to perfection. He is already considered in the East as an absolute ace in the art of anal fucking.

    Whilst he still returns to Papa Byks, regularly for training, Stan now travels extensively in Eastern Europe, where he has developed an enthusiastic and faithful group of discerning, rich, male clients, to whom, in the role of a Male Escort, he has become a regular purveyor of quite exceptional anal sex.

    And it is precisely this aspect of his life, as an expert deliverer of unbelievably erotic sex, which brings me around to next Christmas. This summer Stan will compete for the first time in the USA in the numerous muscle-cock events which take place annually. But for the two weeks over Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 he will make his talents available as a live-in Male Escort at that prestigious, vacation destination the all-male, nude spa and resort, The Oasis, located in Key West Florida. So fans, any of you who are thinking of a break from the rigours of winter in the north, could do no better than book in at he Oasis (oasisinthesun.com) for a relaxing vacation of sea, sun and exceptional sex. My recommendation is that if you are seriously interested in experiencing some of the greatest sex, ever, is to make your reservation now and book a private one-on-one session with Stan Shanit. His services do not come cheap, but, believe me, he is worth it. An hour with him is a bind-blowing experience: sex so good in a way you had never imagined it could be.

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