International Destination is Still Home to Some
HOME SWEET HOME: Masters competitor Bram Gottig does lifts while a constant stream of thick pre-cum oozes from his dick. This awesome sight is not a rare occurrence – Gottig considers Buff Beach his home gym – and his home!

As famous as Buff Beach has become as a pilgrimage spot for devotees and fans of naked bodybuilding, there are still men who get to consider this location “home”. For these regulars there is a certain pride in working out at arguably the birthplace of public naked sports in America, but there is also the acknowledgment that it is also, well, just a gym.

“I work out here every day. Well, every day except when there’s a storm,” says one of the most devoted regulars, 52-year-old Bram Gottig. He has a long competitive history at the megaweight class, and his lifelong dedication to naked bodybuilding shows in his massive arms and shoulders and can-thick cock. “I can probably count on one hand the number of days I’ve missed being out here flexing and pumping in the last 10 years, outside of when I’m on the road for a competition. But I love the ability to be out in the air, being watched, meeting new guys everyday from all over. It's a pretty awesome place to get to do my lifting every day.”

Gottig’s dedication is aided by his decision to move to a beach shack on Buff Beach a decade ago. “It is nothing special, really just two rooms and a kitchen. And it’s as straight up a bachelor pad as you’re ever going to see,” he says with a laugh. “But I have literally a two-minute walk to Buff Beach, and I never have to put on clothes. I even had them take the closet out of the bedroom to create display racks for my trophies. I love massive muscle more than I love anything, so getting to live this way is a blessing, not a sacrifice."

An aged handwritten sign hangs from the porch, proclaiming the place “Bram’s NB Flop House.” “That was a gift from my bud Matt Boyer. He always tells me he doesn’t know when I sleep because there’s always other massive, huge-dicked dudes hanging around at all hours. But I welcome it. I want my place to be the unofficial hangout spot after a workout at The Beach.”

With little space inside and an exhibitionist’s streak (like most naked bodybuilders), Gottig has set up the front yard to do most of the entertaining of his fellow muscle heads. Behind a low fence (“I want to make sure everyone can watch”) there are several sets of free weights and a weight bench. A wide porch shelters a couple of oversized lounge chairs on one side and a sling with stirrups hanging from chains on the other. “I did have the porch reinforced about 6 years ago. Believe me, you don’t want to be responsible when an inflamed 320 lbs muscle beast getting his hole drilled with his legs in the air falls flat on his back, pulling the whole porch down in the process!” he says with a laugh. “It’s never a dull moment here at the Beach.”




  1. It really is a waste of time for men with coats so thick, throbbing and always dropping pre-cum wearing clothes! It becomes a crime against nature to trap sculptural bodies and colossal carcasses into tight shirts, pants and shoes! Bram Gotting did not just get rid of a simple wardrobe, he got the freedom with which every naked bodybuilder dreams of not even seeing a pair of underwear in his house, having a house free of clothes. Bram is now a happy and naked man! So it should be, really!
    Bram causes a certain embarrassment when he needs to travel to compete, since he only carries a bag with him, containing the tickets and money for his personal expenses. Bram is often detained at airports in countries that do not tolerate public male nudity. The IFNB has offices at all airports to secure the release of its athletes from law enforcement. While in detention, Bram shows up for the guards, entertaining and often obtains the visa of permanence without the need of intermediation of the IFNB, just leaving only liters of sperm to the guards, placed in special thermal bottles. Some guards consider the sperm of bodybuilders as SACRED ELIXIR.
    Bram also frightens guests of the hotels he hosts when he's in competition. Many women complain about the sight of a huge, naked man in the hotel lobby. However, Bram is not shaken and always manages to stay in luxurious suites, counters by businessmen who are avid for admiring their beautiful naked body. Bram always returns home with more money than he had before, since naked prostitution makes a lot of money for Bram. Bram competes a lot more for fun and exhibitionism, as well as always living the adrenaline of being able to be incarcerated in a country hostile to male nudity. Bram was arrested in two countries hostile to nudity, being held for one year in one of these countries until the IFNB succeeded in his release. From the chain, Bram wrote his best seller, "The Nudity Journal," where he describes how he became a naked and respected prisoner ...

  2. In the fall of 2014 I became the assistant coach at Community College, a private college in Los Angeles. I secretly started a NB team. Also, my mother died and left me her house. I lived naked as much as possible. I heard of a realtor who located properties for nudists. He was focusing on creating a nudist/gay neighborhood in the cul de sac where he lived, in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. As I was selling my mother’s house, a large house in the center of Lange Ct. went on the market. My neighbors are nudists or gay nudists, and comfortable with NB. My secret NB program morphed into a recognized, money making arm of the Phys. Ed. Dept. I am the coach in charge of the NB program. Nudity is optional in the Phys. Ed. Dept., but NBs and ANBs are required to be naked on campus, as the head coach, a nudist, and I am. The college board president supports the program and raises funds for it. Also, his 18 yr. old grandson is an ANB. The community of Silverlake, if not embracing NB, at least tolerates it. Businesses have prospered because people want to see the naked muscular, big dicked, young men frequenting their establishments. I’m 33 and go to the convenience stores, the popular heath food store, and occasionally to a fast food restaurant, naked. I drive naked. As coach of the NB program, I am known in the community. It doesn’t hurt that I am muscular and have a 14” cock. Students generally enroll for 2 yrs. at CC and are told up front about the NB program. On campus students greet me, and in the community I’ve never had a negative experience. Occasionally, young men or male family members approach me to ask about NB, or how to enroll in the program. Currently, I am the coach of the team, teach NB classes, advise a satellite program for 18 yr. olds at the Silverlake NB Gym, and am advisor for the program at UP (University of Pasadena). I also use my home for private training sessions, group and individual, and last summer I held a 10 week ANB camp for 7 young men. The neighbors got used to seeing me naked with 7 young men, naked, and working out with weights and doing cock work.

  3. Bram Gotting faced great resistance until he was recognized as a naked citizen and had rights to nudity everywhere and at all times. As a teenager, Bram arrived dressed in high school and often came out naked! Bram was always required for male anatomy classes or posing as a living model, a reason for the College to allow for its nudity and not to cause embarrassment among the students' parents. Bram, when graduating, came to the graduation party in a black tunic, but he was barefoot, as he always walked. The black tunic did not stay in Bram's body for long.
    Bram, upon receiving his diploma, immediately removed the black tunic, threw it forcefully through the air, and astonished everyone to see a sculptural male body and a titanic erection. Bram's penis was so immense that pants could no longer shelter him. Bram's parents forced him to get dressed. But his trousers were always torn, either by the monumental trousers or by the tearing erection of his enormous cock. Bram left the school straight for a waiting car. It was his freedom, anyway. Bram left the moralistic city and all the population that saw him as an alien, a naked and crazy boy and went to live on the beach with other naked bodybuilders.
    This was, without a doubt, the best decision for Bram. Even because a group of moralistic and religious ladies were pressuring the mayor and the sheriff to send Bram to jail because of the embarrassing view of them from that boy's naked body! Bram would be arrested shortly after graduation if he tried to get naked again. However, Bram already suspected this and secretly provided for his move to Muscle Beach, a nude-male paradise.
    This is yet another passage in Bram Gotting's NUA life.

  4. This past weekend 3 of my ANBs spent Friday night thru Sunday afternoon at Bram’s NB Flop House. They went to Buff Beach naked and found Bram’s house. Bram and other NBs were eating dinner at a picnic table in the front yard. Hector, Miguel, and Reggie told Bram they wanted to train with the NBs, and in exchange for letting them spend the weekend, they would serve as ANBs. The 3 college students, very muscular, with large cocks, weren’t as big in muscle and cock as the NBs. Bram welcomed them and said “I’m always happy to meet new NBs. Pull up some chairs.” During dinner Bram said “you say you’re ANBs, can you take my monster cock up your hole?” Hector stood, bent over, and said “shove it in!” Bram plunged every inch of his gigantic dong into the twink’s hole. Hector grunted and groaned, and was fucked for 10 minutes. Bram pulled out and shot a massive load on all seated at the table. Bram shouted, “let’s work out!” The 3 ANBs reported they worked out with weights, but their holes were stuffed the majority of the time. The NBs said working with the 3 was enabling them to consistently shoot massive loads and at a further distance. It was the most potent cum Hector, Reggie, and Miguel, had eaten or taken up thier holes. They worked out at the beach site and in Bram’s yard. They loved being watched by the public. Bram thanked them for the weekend and invited them to bring their ANB and NB friends.

  5. Bram, when not on Buff Beach, is always fulfilling an extensive agenda as "Male Nudity Ambassador", a position achieved on account of his many titles in the IFNB championships. Upon leaving Buff Beach, Bram is always greeted by his neighbors and always takes pictures with tourists, since he is a separate attraction in this neighborhood always sympathetic to male nudity.
    Bram does not like having cars, so he always travels by taxi to Buff Beach airport. Mr. Robinson, the old Buff Beach taxi driver, is the one who always leads the friendly and attentive athlete naked on his trips to the airport. Mr. Robinson even has a special car, bought by Bram, since Bram's penis does not last long without ejaculating a heavy load, and Bram's travels always cost a trip to Mr. Robinson's account of the excess of sperm in the seat and the roof of the car. For this reason, Bram decided to give Mr. Robinson a new car, exclusive for the transport of naked bodybuilders, always present in Buff Beach and who always stay in the warm home of Bram. The unique car avoids hassles for Mr. Robinson and he can leave the car always wet and with the odor of sperm, which makes the naked bodybuilders hallucinated ... Not infrequently, Mr. Robinson's car leaves much sperm leaking through the streets of Buff Beach.
    Bram does not cause any estrangement when he arrives at Buff Beach Airport. Obviously, as a naked man he is, he takes only a purse containing his personal documents, a little money for hotel accommodation and nothing else. Bram and other naked bodybuiders have a special bathroom at Buff Beach Airport where they can bathe and squeeze out excess sperm that occasionally a charge thrown on the way to the airport can cause. Bram always leaves this bathroom extremely wet, since he does not even like the towel contact to dry, because for him "they remind me of clothes and I hate them for it!". Then the naked man comes out of the bathroom with his whole body wet, making a very sexual and attractive impression of himself.
    In the boarding queue, Bram's naked figure is always highlighted. There are men who fight to know who will sit beside the handsome naked man! However, Bram likes to travel comfortably, so he travels in business class and chooses flights that are almost empty. Going completely naked from Buff Beach is very pleasurable for Bram. And the excitement of arriving in a city that is not friendly to male nudity, also excites Bram, who knows that any problem with the legal authorities will be solved by the legal department of IFNB, but the adrenaline on account of the looks on his body permanently Nude leaves Bram excited!

  6. When he lands in non-coastal cities, Bram is advised to be the last to get off the plane, not to cause embarrassment. Since some journeys last for hours and there are no places reserved for sperm discharge in some airplanes, Bram's cock fights for hours throbbing and giving much pre-cum, like a human cascade! Bram can hardly walk, the excitement of his cock! On his way down, he has a hard time getting off the plane ladder, so he is advised to be the last to descend, because upon reaching the ground, Bram pours a very powerful load of man juice, flooding the airport floor.
    Bram even kneels, the strength of his sperm load! Soon after, he stands up and walks naked and absolute under the frightened looks of other passengers. Upon arriving at the arrival hall, police authorities are already waiting for Bram, informing him that he will be detained until the IFNB presents the authorization for the movement of naked men, a federal document that releases naked bodybuilders from the burden of having to dress . As Bram carries nothing but his purse with documents and money, he will not be able to buy clothes. Bram goes into resigned confinement, but he knows that this annoyance, which can last up to a day or two, can become an immense pleasure, since the cops are also bodybuilders and he will have a lot of distraction until the IFNB resolves his situation with the law.
    The police, kind and kind, apologize to Bram and ask him to be comfortable in the cell reserved for naked men in conflict with the law, a space reserved for the IFNB to resolve the legal demands of their federates. As he is in possession of the document proving his affiliation to the IFNB, Bram will not be sent to a municipal prison. In the detention cell, a policeman is reserved to watch Bram and not infrequently, the policeman distracts the great champion, asking him to hold pose sessions and to show the strength of his penis! Bram loves these erotic games! Bram has nothing to complain about, if he is detained, it will also be a pleasure!

  7. Hi Editors,

    I have posted this here as it is currently the latest shot on the blog, even though it refers to a comment made by you to me fairly recently, but which I have not nee able to locate. In a way it illustrates what this suggestion below is all about.

    Thanks for your note about the archive. I had completely overlooked it. But you know, even now I know it is there, it is not easy to find an earlier posting. Take my reference to Greg Stone; I don’t even remember whether it was in 2015, 2016 or 2017 or none of them!

    Your blog suffers from the perennial problem that all blogs suffer from; they are chronological and kilometric and grow like topsy! One article follows the next and they just build up and up until you can find nothing very easily. In a word, you are sitting on an absolute gold-mine of shots of naked musclecock-bodybuilders, quite the best of its type on the internet, but which is presently totally unexploitable. It has just become too big for anyone to keep tabs on. So shot upon shot, becomes almost like a newspaper article: read once and then discarded. But unlike a newspaper article, your shots are not discarded as you keep all the information electronically.

    But just suppose you wanted to do a retrospective on, say, Carlos Monza, a stud well worthy of a second or even a tenth look. It’s a virtual impossible task at present. The only common factor drawing articles together is the name or names of the guys featured in each individual shot. The competition details, dates or other information are of no help in creating an indexing system.

    I think we, the fans and you yourselves could get a lot more out of the blog if you rendered the archive accessible via the names of the protagonists. It is really a very easy thing to do and would provide a much lacking search tool and allow both fans and yourselves to search what is an unrivalled selection of musclecock shots.

  8. continued from above

    As a first simple step, all you need to do is to go manually – there is no other way – shot by shot through the archive and index every shot with the date and the names of EACH GUY guy in the shot. If you do not know any of the the guys’ names in a particular shot, then just pass over that shot and drop it from the data-base. This indexed data is then held in one file, so that anything and everything can be accessed.

    I would recommend that you write the names systematically in the standard way SURNAME - GIVEN NAME. Example: Monza Carlos.

    So, for example with your latest shot of Bram Gottig, here is how the record would look: - it’s really very elementary.

    03062019, Gottig Bram, A

    Where you have two named guys, or even more, in one shot, then you need and entry for each guy:

    03062019, Dimes Harrison, G
    03062019, Reyes Diego, G

    By adding the letter A - Alone or G - Group, this will allow the user to select either his chosen NB posing alone in a group.

    So, the access dialogue might look like this:



    Here all the years are shown (the last four digits of the full date)
    The user can select one or several of the years offered or, the default option: All Years.


    Here the user is shown the alphabet, from A through Z and selects a letter, upon which a window opens, listing the FULL NAME name of all the guys whose SURNAME starts letter D. Choosing the letter D would list all the guys whose surname begins with D, but with the given name added. s in the case of DIMES, above, the user would see DIMES HARRISON.

    The user then selects the name of the guy whose shots he would like to see, for the years chosen to be followed by the last question:


    This filter allows the user to select photos of his target Musclecock either posing alone, posing in a group or all photos where he appears.

    The system then selects only the chosen postings, which are shown as they are in the the blog, with no alteration and with all the comments etc. intact.

    I am not sure whether the two stage choice of target name, first by initial letter and then by the name itself is really necessary. I have suggested it only to avoid the user being presented with a very long list of all the names in the database. But if there are not too many, then perhaps you could list them all in alphabetical order and avoid the first question.

    So there you have my suggestion, for what it is worth, I think it would add enormous value to the blog as it now is. And from the programming point of view, any competent programmer could programme it for you in a very short time. It is not rocket science but it would add enormously to the value of the blog.

    And as mighty oaks from little acorns grow, who knows that from my simple suggestion, all sorts of sophistications might be added over time, as that is the way in which things develop.


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