The Famous and the Amateur Mingle at The Beach
naked bodybuilders workout
IDOL WORSHIP: 19-year-old amateur Harrison Dimes excitedly gets to spot for his hero, Peruvian naked bodybuilding star Diego Reyes. “I didn’t know he would be here! I can’t believe my luck,” says Dimes.

One of the most celebrated aspects of Buff Beach is the completely democratic atmosphere. Founder Terry Garrett firmly believed that all it took to workout at The Beach was the right attitude and a hard cock. So it didn’t matter if you are the biggest name in naked sports or a kid straight out of high school. If you are willing to strip down, pump up, and show off, you were welcome.

That atmosphere continues to this day, and as excited as an amateur kid from the sticks is to meet his idol, the superstars of bodybuilders can be just as excited to workout with up-and-comers and appreciative fans.

The day after his promotional tour, when he was surrounded by cameras, press and fans, JK Roher surprised the few early-birds when he arrived sans entourage at 7am the next morning for a workout. “I chose Buff Beach to kick off my tour because I love working out here. Feeling the hot sun on my muscles as I hammer them with weights, and the cool sea breeze on my dickhead as I get ready to shoot. . . . it really doesn’t get any better than that. So when I’m in California my dick is always twitching for me to make time to come by for a workout with the real guys doing hardcore naked workouts.”




  1. Yesterday, I took 5 of the 18 and 19 yr. olds from the Silverlake NB Frat House (they go go Community College where I am the NB coach) to Buff Beach. They live naked 24/7 as much as possible. We took no clothes. We arrived at 10 a.m. and it was out luck that J. K. Roher was there giving an impromptu demonstration. My guys couldn’t believe one of their idols was there. 5 naked muscular, large dicked teens, got the attention of J. K. as they walked from my car to the workout area. See us, J. K. altered his demo to show the importance of stim to shoot many loads, hands free, one after another. He had us workout with weights until our bodies were sweating. Then he had us line up and get on our hands and knees. Without saying a word, he plunged into us in turn (making the crowd go wild) and fucked each of the teens and myself for a total of 15 minutes. The young men gasped and groaned, as the beast plunged into our holes with his monster cock. Then he got onto a platform and shot 10 consecutive loads between poses onto us. We licked Roher’s cum off each other and ate. My students were honored to have that monster cock in thier assholes and to be able to eat his potent cum. Some of the teens said it was the best NB experience of their lives. The crowds were impressed with our bodies, asked where we came from and requested autographs. A couple fo 18 yr. olds in the crowd asked to workout with my students. The stripped and joined them in the workout area. I thanked Roher for including us in the demo and told him experiences like this make coaching NB worthwhile. Roher said, “you deserve another fuck,” and shoved his dong into my hole as I was standing. The crowd gathered at the waist high fence to better watch and cheered us on. He fucked me for several minutes, pulled out and shoved his cock down my throat and shot a massive load. I shot a load at the same time. He told me to keep up the good work with my students.

  2. I would love to see how society coexists with naked men in everyday situations, like going to the supermarket, for example. It could also show how the presence of a naked and muscular man is seen on the subway or in urban trains. I think it would be even more exciting. I wonder what a man who lives naked 24/7 must pass. Some naked bodybuilders do not even have a posing suit ... I'd love to read about it.

    1. At the age of 18 I started to go to Muscle Gym in Silverlake and worked out naked regularly, usually an hour before closing. The minimal staff stayed in the lobby and didn’t see me. A few guys watched me working out nude. I would talk to them and get hard. Some of those guys bacame night time regulars and also stripped. There was a staff opening and during my interview I learned that the management knew of my naked workouts, but they didn’t mind because it was pretty dead late in the evening and I was attracting new clientel. The owner wanted me to work on the floor naked and to provide training. After a while I started driving home naked. Occasionally, I would stop at my favorite liquor store for a drink or protein bar. The owner’s son was a friend, so with my desire to be as naked as possible, I went into the store, hard at the thought of being seen. Jimmy was surprised and said I was looking like a bodybuilder with a porn actor’s dick. A customer was in the store and liked what he saw. He was a student at Community College and I told him about Muscle Gym. He said he would join. Jimmy said come in naked during his shifts. It would help increase business when word gets out. He took a photo from above my cock to my face and printed it. I autographed it and added “from Muscle Gym.” Unknowingly, Muscle Gym started the beginning of my career in NB. Jimmy asked me to sign as Naked Boy, which is also NB.

  3. A couple of pro bodybuilders who should get into NB are German Gunter Schlierkamp and Steve Benthin, aka Hans Hoffman. Both have the muscles of a NB, but not the cock. For average males they are endowed. There is a photo on the web of Gunter fully naked meeting fans. Steve’s posers are so revealing, in long shots he looks naked. He has posed in a setting similar to Buff Beach. As Hans he poses naked and does solo work. I would love to meet both men naked at Buff Beach.

  4. Gunter naked in public:


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