After eight years as the official record of the International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding, covering the competition and personalities of the Alpha men that make up this world of aggressive, oversized naked muscle and cock, we have decided to shift focus. We thank our fans and followers for all the years of dedicated readership and (somewhat) regular commentary. Without fans, none of this ever worked.

Instead of full narrative coverage of naked bodybuilding competition, going forward we will be posting more "paparazzi" style photos from the world of naked sports. These will show more of the amateurs and “real” men brave enough to live in the world, naked and proud, 24/7. The look and feel will be a bit different, and all the prior posts will move to the archive. But please feel free to use the comments sections to keep your thoughts, observations and the larger world of Alpha men alive.


  1. I regret to have not commented often enough. Too bad when we just consume and give no feedback.
    I like the on stage posing of the IFNB most, because thats what bodybuilding is about: showing the perfection and beauty of muscular bodies with the hardon phantasies. I dont know how these picture are done really, and maybe there a pictures or stages of pictures that havent been shwon, a s, for instance, I like the posing without cum better and maybe these pictures exist but were not published. Anyway, I´d hope that we could still see some posing pictgures in the future. Even if we dont comment, I appreciate the amazing good work of this page.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, stories and ideas with the IFNB Blog. Keep Alpha Alive!