BoNe IN: Hugo Hackelberg and Pierre Douton demonstrate the effectiveness of their new collaboration, and app that allows Naked Bodybuilders and local sponsors to connect anywhere in the world  
Because naked bodybuilding is such a present and physical sport, it has lagged behind in the social and technical innovations going on in other areas. Bodybuilders are innately and rightly obsessed with themselves and their bodies in the present. And though they have men falling at their feet wherever they go, finding the right type of lesser man can be tough since outside of official and amateur sporting events, it can be tough to come across these men by chance. But in unveiling their new collaboration, Pierre Douton and Hugo Hackelberg hope to use technology to build a larger network of naked bodybuilders and sponsors.

Named BoNe (pronounced "bone", short for BOdybuilders NEed), it is a new app meant to connect bodybuilders with local sponsors wherever they are. "Being a professional requires lots of travel. You are rarely in one place for too long, even whatever place you call 'home'," says Douton. "BoNe takes the guess work out of finding a lesser man ready and willing to work my cock right, as well as ready to pay me for the privileged of having my beautiful fuckstick powerfucking their mancunt. In just a few clicks, I can find both wherever I am in the world." 

Hackelberg explains how it works. "It's about creating a place where a bodybuilder, or the 'Bone' as we call them, can find what he needs at anytime by leveraging the nearby network of sponsors, or 'Holes', as we call them on BoNe." 

Registration is free. But there are then two paths; for Bones, there is a verification process in place to make sure the athlete is indeed a naked bodybuilder of appropriate quality. Once verified, he can upload his info, like years in training, weight, dick size, frequency of fucking, and a minimum level of sponsorship they'll accept. For a Hole, he must have a verified means of payment, and as soon as he starts bidding he will be  available to be viewed by a Bone. As their bids increase, their geographic range increases to a greater and greater number of Bones. Now whenever a Bone feels a need, he can log into the app, and see what Hole is available nearby and how much they are sponsoring if they are selected. Using the in-app messaging capability, he can tell the Hole when, where and how long he'll be using him."

Hackelberg adds, "When the Bone has satisfied his need, both easily confirm in the app and the sponsorship credit moves from the Hole's account to the Bone. And to help keep things fun and interesting we have added both a social aspect and a rating system to keep things competitive and engaging. There's a feed where Bones can publicly share how much money they have earned from a single sponsor, including an aggregate calculator if a Hole pays them repeatedly. And for the Holes, they receive star ratings based upon their fuckability by previous Bones and their generosity. The star ratings are visible to the Bones when searching for Holes, as well as allowing Holes to show off to each other."

"We also added another function for amateurs," says Douton. "For those muscle bitches in training, if they are a Bone most of the time, but realize I'm in town and know they need to feel the power of my thick dong in their hole, they can flip to a Hole if they want to. Whatever their sponsor credits earned then become bidding credits. If an Alpha then graces him the gift of a true Alpha's load in his stretched hole, and he has dumped his cash at our feet, he can then flip back to being a Bone." 

Currently in beta testing, the Hackelberg Group promises that the app will be available to download shortly. "We want to revolutionize the sponsorship system. This will make it easier than ever for Naked Bodybuilders, the betters of all men, the ability to keep working and growing wherever and whenever they need to by tapping into our network of micro-sponsor Holes. It is a new day for naked sports sponsorship!" 




  1. I love the Pierre Douton posts! I wish you could see more of him in this one and I wish he would suck a stud's cock, but he always makes me horny! Thanks!

  2. I would definitely have that app.

  3. Where are the cock rings and ball strapped


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