ONE DOWN: Reveling in his return to the top of the naked sporting world, JK Roher starts his epic victory fuck campaign with 8th place finisher Tomaz Obciąganie

Among the customs and traditions of naked bodybuilding competition, one of the most revered and celebrated isn’t even officially acknowledged by the IFNB. The post-competition Victory Fuck is hallowed by all competitors, the victors and the recipients, as the final act of dominance and deference amongst their tight and exceptional ranks.

“The Federation only has rules to regulate the public competition and a base set of behavior guidelines during the official events for our athletes,” says IFNB Vice President of International Competition and Operations, Paulo Busek. “The post-win Victory Fuck tradition is just that – a tradition as old as naked competition itself, yet confined to post-contest behavior, when our competitors get a chance to celebrate and wind down for the rigors of competition. But it is not for the IFNB to step into backstage Alpha traditions. But we do keep the backstage open as long as needed for our athletes to wrap up post-competition.”

The practice starts just post the medaling and trophy ceremony, when all the competitors return to the backstage area. As the competition may have gone on for days and a competitive win is the culmination of weeks and months of demanding, sexually heightened training, the victor is often riding off adrenaline, euphoria and an explosive amount of sexual frustration that needs to be released. But instead of finding an Assistant to let loose the explosive buildup of ravenous sexual energy from days of heightened competition, the winner may choose any of his fellow Alpha competitors to release his most extreme impulses upon (usually the runner-up). Having spent days battling it out with his Alpha brethren for his spot, there is a delicious reward in turning a fellow bodybuilder, your competitive equal, into a whimpering cum-dump as a way to publicly force all men backstage to see that you are the one true Alpha above all other men.

Over time, as the men have grown in size and mass, and their sexual appetites ballooned, so has the length and elaborateness of the tradition. Victory Fucks lasting hours are now de rigueur, and the use of just a single competitors’ hole is somewhat antiquated. One might imagine that the extreme machismo and self-aggrandizement of an Alpha might make this a humiliation for the recipient, but quite the opposite. “This is one of the most hallowed traditions in the sport,” says Matt Boyer. “It resets and reestablishes the proper order after a show, rightfully celebrating the current ‘king’ of whatever competition we have all been vying for. Sure, there’s a level of humiliation to having your buddies, training team and fans watch as you submit to another man using you like a sloppy mancunt. But that order is sacred, and when I have won competitions, it is a code of respect that we all pay to each other because you could be next.”

And after a few years out of competition after previously reaching this pinnacle, the new reigning Mr. Alpha is planning a bacchanal for the ages. Roher is calling it his “Thirteenth Labor”, after the story of Heracles impregnating the 50 daughters of Thespius in a single night. “I’m going to stay here all night if I have to,” says the champion with a wink, noting that between the Open and 225 classes there were exactly 50 other contestants. “Hercules was the paragon of masculinity and so am I. These guys are going to thank me when I drop a load of my demi-god semen inside them.”



  1. I love this narrative. Very striking to notice the differences as well as the similarities. No mention of the number of orgasms though, I wonder why this crucial statistic is missing.
    It is the only real world indication of a gentleman’s capabilities.

  2. JK certainly has an awesome physique and cock, but I don't think that "Amish beard" does him any favors.

    1. I totally agree with you, Calhoun. That beard makes him look like a look like a candidate hill-billy.

  3. I'd eat every load from his gushing monster.


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