After 122 Years of Naked Muscle, Wien Still Looks To The Future
CONSTANT BUT NOT CONVENTIONAL: 29 year-old Maximilian Großerschwanz-Hinternficken, a 6th generation member, keeps the tradition of naked bodybuilding alive using techniques his great-great-great grandfather would have never dreamed of.

There is the assumption that with its storied history, aristocratic bent, and high price membership that a workout at Wien Cock Builders would be more country-club than hard-core. But Maximilian Großerschwanz-Hinternficken, a 6th generation member of one of the founding families insists that the Wein is anything but stodgy about it’s ability to train the next generation of naked athletes. 

“As much as the men of my family, including my Great-Great Grandfather, Count Lukas von Großerschwanz, and his brothers and father all based the foundation of the Wiener Herrengymnasium on the classical ideas of masculine beauty and bonding, there has always been a focus on the present and a push to the future of the male ideal. The club has always been about old school training but with the latest technology. The idea that we are some sort of genteel pussies could not be further from the truth. At the Wien you will get the workout of your life surrounded by hardcore muscle and thick, pulsing cocks.”

Wien Cock Builder’s elevated status as a gym does set it apart however. A plethora of the best and newest equipment is ridiculously abundant, ranging from beginner level to pro status. Adjacent to the gym floor are multiple areas for additional naked sporting, including boxing, indoor running track, diving pool, submission-insertion wrestling, and a cumshot-distance court.

Indeed, as much as the intellectual pursuits of the membership may give the club an academic reputation, the action continues to be on the building of phenomenal physiques. The gym floor is most frequently an intense cacophony of 40+kg dumbbells slamming to the ground, loud cum splatters and deep grunts of hard fought triumph by the naked men of the Wien. This is why a workout at the Wien has become mandatory for European champs, from Dan Otter and Carlos Monza to Carlo Emanti.




  1. Perceptive fans will have noticed that Maximilian, the present member of the Grosserschwanz has acquired a second barrel, Hinternfrick, to his name. He has also dropped the civility of “Graf” from his every-day name and styles himself as Max Grosserschwanz- Hinternfrick in accord with with modern usage in Austria, where the nobility titles are now purely used as a courtesy, like Herr and Frau.

    When Karl-Ulrich the eldest son of Hubertus, founder of the Wiener Herren Gymnasium, married, his bride was a certain Dorothea Amelia von Hinternfrick, the only child of Freiherr (Baron) Willibald von Hinternfrick, the last of his line. Inferior in status to the Grosserschwanz family, the Hinternfrick had one great attraction: they were enormously wealthy. And then as now, money talks and so Karl-Ulrich swallowed his pride and married a socially inferior heiress for money, thereby increasing the wealth of the Grosserschwanz family tenfold.

    As part of what we today call “the deal”, it was agreed that the name of the Hinternfrick family would be appended to that of the Grosserschwanz. So Hubertus’s son became the future Graf Karl-Ulrich Hubertus Wolfgang von Grosserschwanz-Hinternfrick. And the young stud in this shot is, in fact, Graf Maximilian von Grossenschwanz-Hinternfrick.

    So where does all this leave us? Well from Hubertus onwards, the males of the family had always been known for their big cocks and the addition of Hinternfrick, which means Butt-Fucker, to the family name exactly described the preferred sexual predilections of successive male descendants of Hubertus. They all had big cocks and they all loved to fuck male arses. Maximilian, the present Graf is no exception.

    I am presently researching to see if I can find out what happened at the wedding of Karl-Ulrich and Dorothea Amelia. Legend has it that this was an exceptional affair.

  2. So far I had pieced together a sketchy, but credible, story of the Grosserschwanz family. Hubertus, the eleventh count of the name and father of the four exceptionally muscular and sexually well-endowed sons who together constituted the original core members of the Wiener Gym, has to be considered as the creator of the sport of naked muscle-cock bodybuilding as we know it today.

    We left Hubertus von Grosserschwanz as an unfortunate young widower, and his four sons, about the time his eldest, Karl-Ulrich was about to enter into an arranged marriage of convenience with Dorothea-Sophia von Hinternficken only child of Freiherr Willibald von Hinternficken an enormously wealthy land-owner.

    There, unfortunately, the trail went cold. For a while, I could find nothing about the marriage of Karl-Ulrich and Dorothea-Sophia and what happened to the other three four brothers.

    Then on a holiday in Austria, in Vienna, it suddenly struck me. The 29 year-old Maximilian Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken was still alive. I found him at a place called Wien Cockbuilders, a naked body-building gym of only local importance today. When I say local importance, it is nonetheless the place where visiting international celebrities go to exercise themselves when they are in Vienna. The original Wiener Herrengymnasium, the 1896 founder of a sport, which was to become world-wide under the aegis of the IFNB, as we know it today, is long gone.

    I explained to Maximilian that my main interest was to piece together his family history from the founding of the Herrengymnasium by his great-great grandfather Lukas. Much of what I report below based on what Maximilian himself told me. He had but few documents relating to the family as much had been lost in the two world wars, in both of which Austria found itself on the losing side.

    It turned out that Graf Lukas von Grosserschwanz, was, in fact, Maximilian’s three times great grandfather. He had founded the Herrengymnasium in 1890. But it was his son, Hubertus, Maximilian’s great-great grandfather, and his four sons, who in 1896 brought the place to its then preeminent position in the world.

    Maximilian told me that it was on the marriage of Hubertus to Amelia von und zu Schweinitz that the extraordinary genetic ability of the male members of the Grosserschwanz family to sire exceptionally sexually well-endowed, muscular young men manifested itself. Since that date, extraordinarily, not a single female child had been born into the family; the von Grosserschwanz males procreated other males; but males, as they matured into men, developed magnificently muscular led bodies and exceptionally large cocks.

    Whether the big-cock-gene was uniquely due to Hubertus, whose own muscles and penis certainly qualified for alpha status, or whether it was partly attributed to his wife, Amelia, his four sons were living proof that the Grosserschwanz men were sexually quite exceptional, both in their physical endowments and their rampant, uninhibited bi- sexual behaviour, which knew no bounds and totally ignored the conventions of the time.

    According to Maximilian, the photo of Hubertus and his four sons dates from around 1900. Karl-Ulrich, the eldest who was to become Maximilian’s great grandfather, married Dorothea-Sophia von Hinternficken at a great ceremony in 1901

  3. In addition to being active members of the Herrengymnasium, the four brothers were also officers of the elite Kaiserschutz Einheit – literally the Emperor Protection Unit – a military group, whose sole function by 1900 had become a that of a purely ceremonial club, where young studs from Austria’s noble families – and there were lots of them – could dress in gorgeous uniforms and strut their stuff at weekends in Vienna’s many parks.

    Like the Grosserschwanz brothers, many of their fellow officers were also members of the Herrengymnasium where, they were able to exercise their uninhibited taste for sex of all types. It is safe to say that the young, military members of the Herrengymnasium were the crème de la crème of Austria’s copulating nobility and the four Grosserschwanz brothers led the field.

    So when Freiherr von Hinternficken gave his daughter’s hand in marriage to Karl-Ulrich, both he and she knew exactly the type of bisexual maelstrom into which she was marrying. But such considerations carried little weight in comparison to the advantages accruing to both sides of union. The marriage assured the continuation of the ancient family name of Hinternficken and the Grosserschwanz family, in particular Karl-Ulrich, became enormously wealthy.

    But also the newly named family, von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken raised the Hinternficken name from the level of Freiherr (baron) to that of Graf (count). So in a country where bowing-and-scraping and excessively exaggerated deference to anyone with even the lowliest of titles, were part and parcel of daily life, Freiherr von Hinternficken swelled with pride that his daughter would, on her marriage, accede to the title Dorothea-Sophia, Graefin von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken. In his wildest dreams, which were never to be realised, he imaginatively saw the young couple further honoured by the Austrian Emperor, for services rendered, raised to to the ultimate rank of Herzog and Herzogin: Duke and Duchess.

    The wedding, which took place at Schloss Arschloch, the ancestral home of the Hinternficken, was an extraordinary affair, which I shall detail in the next part of this true, but nevertheless, almost unbelievable story. And if I tell you that Loch, in German, translates to hole in English, with a little onomatopoeiacal imagination, you can probably see what Arschloch means in English. Its graphically descriptive name might also whet your appetite to read about what happened at the wedding of Karl-Ulrich and Dorothea-Sophia.

  4. I first met Maximilian – Max as he told me to call him – in the changing rooms at the Wien Cockbuilders Gym. But we immediately took a liking to each other, as so often happens, and we got on well together from the word go. Max was intrigued by the fact that I, an unknown foreigner, on holiday in Vienna and with only a limited knowledge of German – not an easy language, I have to say – was interested in the part his family had played in the development of naked bodybuilding as a sport. And so after a brief preliminary conversation, he invited me back to his apartment: “Jason, why don’t you come back to my place as I have a few interesting bits and pieces which were actually used at the at the wedding of my great grandfather to Dorothea-Sophia von Hinternficken in 1901.”

    The few interesting bits and pieces, as he put it, turned out to be the full captain’s dress uniform of the Kaiserschutz Einheit, which Karl-Ulrich, Max’s great-grandfather had worn at his wedding in June 1901 when he was twenty-one years of age. Additionally Max had a collection of old, now very faded, black and white photos which had been taken on that occasion.

    Schloss Arschloch, where the ceremony took place in the private chapel of the von Hinternficken family, was a fairy-tale, architectural confection perched on a promontory above the River Danube, to the west of Vienna. The wedding was attended by Karl-Ulrich’s three younger brothers and by a number of their fellow muscle-cock bodybuilders who were also members of the elite Kaiserschutz. I saw immediately why Max had wanted to show me the type of uniform these young studs had worn, for they must have looked resplendent in their finery.

    The uniforms of the members of the Kaiserschutz, had been designed to show off – indeed to enhance – the muscular and sexually well-endowed physiques of their wearers. The uniform consisted of a pair of dark-blue trousers with a red stripe down the side of each leg. But what a pair of trousers! They were so tight fitting, as some of the old photos testified, that the wearer appeared, literally, to have been poured into them. Their well-muscled arses were smoothly covered with no show-through sign of any underwear. The tailoring had been done to ensure that both buttocks were clearly defined, thereby making the maximum of this sexually attractive piece of male anatomy.

    But the sexual attraction of the young-men’s buttocks faded into insignificance when it came to the crotch. All the wearers, as befits member of a muscle-cock club, had large cock and ball packages. And so, to emphasise this most important possession of any man, the crotch of the trousers had been artfully cut to accommodate and show off, rather than disguise, these exceptional endowments.

    Max showed me an old pair of what we today would call a cock-string; a pouch made of the finest, soft chamois leather, which the members of the Kaiserschutz had worn under their trousers to discipline their kit and to ensure that their assets were well presented.

    And then there was the tunic. This was a short coat, finishing at the wearer’s wait, was cut in V shape to follow the classic torso line of a body-builder. But what a coat it was! Made of scarlet material with gold frogging in parallel arabesques down the front from top to bottom, and again along the sleeves, this sensational tunic, it complemented perfectly trousers, with their accentuation of the sexual attributes of the wearer.

  5. Karl-Ulrich, the bridegroom, wearing the even more elaborate uniform of a captain of the Kaiserschutz, together with his three brothers and fellow officers in their lieutenant’s uniforms, stood there in all their splendour, exuding masculine sexuality in spades from every pore, as they awaited the arrival of the bride. A dozen or so pairs of inviting, muscular, young buttocks straining against the smooth fabric of the trousers were in themselves enough to whet the sexual appetite of the congregation – male and female. The erotic tension in the chapel was palpable. It was almost as if the air was crackling with static electricity.

    Add to that the splendidly bugling crotches which each of the young officers proudly displayed with no embarrassment at all, this was an erotic scene hitherto only to be dreamed of. But today, it was real and was a tantalising promise of what was to come later. By the time the bride arrived on her aged father’s arm, it is very probable that every member of the gathering, males and females included, were sexually aroused by the overt eroticism of the drama which was unfolding before their very eyes.

    Finally, Dorothea-Sophia, in virginal white, was given in marriage to Karl-Ulrich by her aged father and the union of the two families was sealed. As the bridal couple walked slowly down the aisle, the congregation applauded Karl-Ulrich Hubertus Lukas Graf von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken, the first count and his bride to bear the new family name.

    As was the custom, the the wedding guests and bridal couple gathered in the great hall of Schloss Arschloch, where a sumptuous wedding feast was laid out. No expense had been spared and specially imported French champagne was served in preference to still Austrian wines. The wedding feast and associated festivities went on until early evening, when the bride retired to await the arrival of her new husband, to whose obviously massive endowment, of which she was already acutely aware, she would, a few hours later, surrender her virginity in an intense bout of marital copulation. But that was for later, as now, what was a traditional fuck-fest enacted by Karl-Ulrich and his fellow officers had first to tale place.

    All the female guests had left at the same time as Dorothea-Sophia had retired to the bridal chamber to await her initiation by her husband into the joys of marital sex that was to become part and parcel of her life from then on. Make no mistake, Karl-Ulrich was totally bisexual. He enjoyed fucking both sexes equally, an act in which he indulged on an almost daily basis. So he had every intention of deflowering is wife and showing her the delights to be had from fucked with an enormous cock.

    However, the casual, uninitiated observer to what was now about to happen,, could be forgiven for thinking that Karl-Ulrich, his brothers and their fellow officers of the Kaiserschutz, were nothing but a set of oversexed, rampant, horny homosexuals.

    So the wedding feast was cleared away and long tables, fitted with padded covers, were brought into the hall. A number of young cadets of the Kaiserschutz, all gorgeous, sexy-looking young men, with their young muscularity and burgeoning cocks, entered and stood there, totally naked as befitted future members of the Wiener Herrengymnasium.

    Their role was to assist their superior officers in what was to be one of the greatest, hedonistic demonstrations of anal copulation ever. Competition to be selected to assist at this unique event had been intense among the cadet-corps, and to have been selected was seen as a signal honour. So not surprisingly, the elite few cadets stood there proudly at attention, all of them with an erect cock at an acute angle to their bodies. In their own right, these lads were a very attractive and fuckable proposition.

  6. Finally, the fatidic moment had arrived. Karl-Ulrich, his brothers and eight of his fellow officers now re-entered the hall, in their full naked glory. For the first time, the vast majority of the onlookers, who were not themselves members of the elite Herrengymnasium, saw the superb muscles and sexual equipment, which had been tantalisingly constrained by the Kaiserschutz uniforms, now liberated from its enforced confinement.

    The expression full naked glory is barely sufficient to describe the degree of sexual arousal which most of the onlookers experienced n seeing these young men. Had anyone ever seen before, twelve such perfect specimens of male physique in the buff? Other than the hair on their heads, all twelve young studs had had all their pubic and other body hair removed. So their superb muscles, fuck-sticks and balls were displayed in all their glory. And a truly glorious, erotic sight it was. The audience went wild with enthusiasm as the young men of the Kaiserschutz were welcomed with a thunderous round of applause.

    And then began a demonstration of mind-bendingly, erotic anal copulation, the likes of which had never been seen before. Karl-Ulrich’s three brothers and his eight fellow officers, bent in one long line across the long padded table which had been brought in expressly for the purpose and spread their legs wide. So the onlookers were treated to a never-before-seen view of eleven pairs of naked muscular buttocks and fuck-holes pointed directly at them.

    The young cadets then passed from one stud to another and lubricated each expectant anus in preparation for its penetration by Karl-Ulrich. The de-facto captain of the cadet group had the honour of anointing Karl-Ulrich’s massive ten-inch erection with oil. And then followed what can but be described as a homage ceremony, a sort of Droit du Seigneur, as each member of the Kaiserschutz acknowledged the alpha-status of Karl-Ulrich in their group by accepting his cock up their arses.

    So Karl-Ulrich passed from anus to anus, shafting each one in turn, but contenting himself to giving each supplicant just four or five strokes of his penis. It was the equivalent of a baptismal ceremony, as each young man passively declared his loyalty to Karl-Ulrich as head of the new dynasty of the von Grosserschwantz-Hinternficken, in paying homage to his alpha status cock,

    It seemed appropriate that the members of the Herrengymnasium and Kaiserschutz, should pay their respects in such a way to Karl-Ulrich as the head of the new dynasty, as it reflected the name, Hinternficken – butt fuck – to which he had just acceded by marriage.

    Once this amazing formality was over, the scene change to one of joyous free reign, uninhibited, anal sex between any and all members of the Kaiserschutz. The young studs succumbed to their own hitherto controlled, sexual desires as they now fucked each other, with gay abandon in every conceivable way. Even the young cadets found themselves drawn into the erotically festive atmosphere and most of them left that night having taken at least one massive cock up their arses.

    On the principles that charity begins at home and that blood is thicker than water, Karl-Ulrich cemented his family ties by making sure that he fucked his three brothers and that they fucked him before he finally left the fuck-fest, still in full swing, to exercise his wedding night marital duties on his bride.

    Dorothea-Sophia, although only but seventeen years old at the time, greeted her new husband with enthusiasm and had no difficulty at all in coping with his generous endowment. As for Karl-Ulrich, even though he had been fucking his fellow officers, more or less non-stop for two hours, he still had enough stamina and spunk left in him to be able to impregnate his new bride on their wedding night. And so began a long and happy marriage, marred only by the inability of the pair to produce other than the one son, their only child, who had been conceived on their wedding night.

  7. Max suddenly said that he was hungry and suggested that we go out to get something to eat. Over the meal I learned the sad story of the declined of the von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken family in the twentieth century. I had asked myself what had happened to this obviously wealthy family, as Max lived by himself in a modest apartment in the centre of Vienna with none of the trappings which I imagined went with the life of the scion of a titled family.

    Karl-Ulrich managed to sire only one child, the male heir to the family title. But then in the First World War, his three brothers were all killed in action. His son, Max’s grandfather, eventually married, but he too produced only one son, Max’s father. And what seemed to be the curse of the family descended also on Max’s father, for Max too, the son and heir, was an only child.

    The two world wars, in both of which Austria was on the losing side, decimated the family fortunes. The hyperinflation of the 1920’s decimated the family fortunes and the extensive estates which the family had possessed were lost in war reparations to the allies. Then the Second World War rendered the coup de grace to what was left of the family fortune. The von Grosserschwanz mansion in Vienna was totally destroyed by allied bombs and to add insult to injury the rural Schloss Arschloch received a direct hit from a group of stray bombs from an American plane and was reduced to rubble.

    “So, Jason, the man you see before you, Maximilian Hubertus Ulrich von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken, the fourth count of the name and the last surviving member of the family, has been reduced to the level of a working class citizen, who now earns his living working for a magazine publisher as a translator of obscure technical articles from English into German. The only thing I have left in common with my ancestors is that I continue with the family naked bodybuilding tradition founded by my great great grandfather, Hubertus.”

    “So, Jason, there you have it. You now know the whole sad story of our once illustrious family and the leading, but now forgotten role, which it played in establishing naked bodybuilding and cock-culture worldwide. But just let me ask you what motivated you to follow up on a few chance photographs on an internet blog and seek me out in Vienna? Aare you potentially interested in taking up the sport yourself. What is your personal interest?”

    This was the first time that Max had asked me about myself. So I told him that I worked in a Los Angeles advertising agency and that my own family, the Lands, family had their roots in Austria. I had been intrigued by the fact that the genesis of a sport of which I was a keen observer, if not myself a practitioner, was a well-known, Austrian, aristocratic family. I also told him that like him, I was unmarried and was an active member of a male gym in LA, where endeavoured to keep myself in shape. So as I had planned a vacation in Austria and had seen the photo of him working out in the IFNB MuscleCock blog, so the opportunity to flesh out the story had seemed too good to miss.

    “So there, Max, in a nutshell, you know why I contacted you. You are, in fact, the only naked bodybuilder I have actually spoken to in my life. Sitting here with you, Max, is the nearest I have ever been to the sport.”

    “Well, Jason, I wonder if you would like to get a little closer to the sport, than just being and observer, a blog-follower. Correct me if I am wrong and tell me to get lost if I offend you, but it is my guess that you and I are two gay men. So, in the light of what has been said, how would you feel about coming back with me to my place and letting me show you some of the fundamentals of the sport? Frankly, Jason I find you a very attractive young guy. And you have an arse to die for. So, how about it? What do you say?”

    So there it was, as plain as a pikestaff. Max fond me sexually attractive and wanted to fuck my arse. I could not believe my luck. This truly was the most unexpected icing on the cake of my vacation.

  8. I admit that it was with a mixture of elation and excitement, tinged, nevertheless with a slight feeling of apprehension at the thought of the unknown that I went with Max back to his apartment. I had looked at hundreds of photos of naked musclecock men over the years and no one was a greater admirer of their incredible physiques and their, at times, unbelievable fuck-sticks. But this was the first time I would seeing and experiencing one of these Demi-Gods in the flesh.

    It was not that I was unaccustomed to anal sex; indeed quite the reverse, as I lead a very active gay sex-life back LA and am what I liked to think of as an all-rounder: a guy who is equally at home both with fucking and being fucked. But unless I had read Max wrongly, his immediate interest was in fucking my arse. So perhaps I would get no return match. But beggars cannot be choosers, so time would tell.

    As soon as we arrived back at his place, Max stripped off and in a few seconds was in the buff, his cock already erect and rock-hard and, judging by the drops of the drops of pre-cum already oozing from his magnificent cock-head, raring to go and stretch my anal sphincter. I don’t know how many guys reading this account of the Wiener Herrengymnasium, have ever actually been close to a living practitioner of the sport, but believe me, it is a mind blowing experience when you see, for the first time, in the flesh, all that magnificent muscle and the veins of an oversized cock, throbbing with anticipation of the pleasure to come as he prepares to fuck his partner.

    I stripped off my own clothes and stood there, totally naked, feeling horribly puny, in front of Max. What I had always proudly thought of as my well-ripped body suddenly faded into insignificance against the massive muscularity and rampantly horny cock of my companion. I suddenly felt and inadequate in the face of the muscular mountain I was facing and, in a moment of fear, wondered if I would be up to taking Max’s massive cock up my arse.

    But my fears were allayed by Max, who like the true gentleman he proved himself to be, led me gently to his bedroom where he made me kneel on his bed. He then lubricated both my anus and his own cock generously with oil, before kneeling down behind me and pushing his huge cock-head against my tight little entry pucker. At first sight his cock-head seemed too big ever to pass my anal opening, but I was so wrong as he gently increased the pressure until my muscles relaxed, and then, in one smooth movement, he slid his full length inside me.

    Reading the blurb that goes with the typical IFNB photo, one gets the impression that the alpha-males always treat their NBA assistants like dirt. They fuck their holes to death, without any consideration at all of their assistants’ feelings or sexual needs. The NBAs are seen to be there merely to be used as a tool, like a hammer to knock in nail.

    Max was nothing at all like this. He had told me that he was a highly experienced Meister Afterbegatter – literally a master butt-fucker – which I learned later was a title – equivalent to a university degree – given in Austria, after a stringent series of practical and written anal copulation exams, only to those men who showed that they really understood the full significance of the fact that there were always two equal partners, the fucker and the fucked, to every anal sex act between two males and the secret was that both participants should emerge fully satisfied from the act.

    And so began my first experience being fucked by a musclecock: but by a musclecock who was also a Meister Afterbegatter, which was, without any doubt, one of the greatest and most pleasurable sexual experiences of my life. It was the gay, sexual equivalent of dining in France in a Michelin three-star restaurant, where the Michelin Guide says – and here I admit I paraphrase: It’s worth the detour so damn the cost. Possibly not an apposite reference, but I am sure you see what I mean.

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  10. So there I was with Max’s rock-hard cock as deep inside. I am not sure what I had expected to feel as that over-size tool stretched my anal sphincter and thrust way to my innermost depths. I admit that I had wondered when I saw Max’s fuck-stick, ready for action for the first time, a totally different matter from seeing it in a photo, whether that thick fuck-pole with its oversized head would ever get past my own tight anal pucker. But in the end my fears were unfounded, as that magnificent piece of man-meat just slid smoothly inside of me as of it was finger sliding into a well-used glove.

    I had read in the IFNB reports of the way alpha-males fucked the holes of their assistant to death and I confess that I was still slightly apprehensive even though Max was inside me, as I waited for him to being the actual process of fucking me. The penetration had been fine – even enjoyable – as Max had slid his huge rod smoothly into place. But was my hole now about to be subject to a brutal assault by this massive cock which filled it so completely in a way I had never before experienced? In the event it was nothing like that at all.

    After his initial penetration, Max paused for about fifteen or so seconds to allow me to accustom myself to what he must have known was the biggest piece of man-meat I had ever taken up my arse. Only then did he begin, at first very gently, the reciprocating action which is the essence of the act of fucking. Instead of being the onslaught of which I had read, those first thrusts were absolutely heavenly, probably due to the careful lubrication of my partner’s penis. Then as he progressed, he gradually built up the length, force and speed of his strokes until when we were both on the verge of climaxing, he was fucking me really hard and giving me more or less the full ten inch length of is cock at every stroke.

    Then with the consummate skill of the true professional, when he saw that I was about to shoot my load, he withdrew his cock completely from my hole, waited with it positioned for re-entry for a few seconds, before plunging himself back into me with tremendous force and speed. As his pelvis bottomed against my anus, both of us exploded into simultaneous orgasms, I felt him jerk his sperm inside me, whilst I myself sprayed my own seed over his bed. I have to say that in my normal, LA, regular sex-life it was rare to find myself brought to full orgasm by my partner.

    What I had just experienced with Max, was totally mind-blowing in its intensity. Max had shown me, as he had said, that he truly was a Meister Afterbegatter – a master buttfucker. I count that first fuck with Max as the greatest sexual experiences of my life. But the evening was only just beginning as Max then went on and showed me what a true professional he was, as he brought me four times more to unbelievably intense orgasms before we both eventually fell asleep, exhausted by the sheer effort.

    The next day at later at breakfast, Max asked me how long I would be staying in Vienna and if for the rest of my stay I would consider moving in with him. And so for the next five days until, the end of my vacation, I lived with, slept with and was fucked by Max every night. What had started as a sightseeing trip to the land of my ancestors turned out to be the most satisfying sexual episode in my life.

    As Max and I had become firm friends, he opened his heart to me, so I must conclude this story of the von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken on a rather sad note. Max lamented to me that he was the last of the line of his famous family. “You see, Jason in spite of my sexual vigour, my sperm is, in fact, totally sterile. I had mumps when I was a child and have been left unable to father a successor. When I am gone, that will be the end of the family.”

    And on that sad note I left Vienna and the saga of the von Grosserschwanz-Hinternficken. The the sport of naked body and cock-building lives on, but the role of the family as its founders is totally forgotten.



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