The Viennese Original
ARISTOCRATIC DICK: Founding member Hubertus Graf von Großerschwanz (center) along with his 4 sons were all founding members. His personal connections to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand guaranteed the Wien Herrengymnasium’s success even in the face of conservative consternation among the Viennese bourgeois. 

Wien Cock Builders is recognized as one of the most famous naked gymnasium of the modern era. The history of the club starts in 1896 when the Wiener Herrengymnasium (Vienna Men’s Gymnasium) was formed as a private social and athletic club in the capital of the Austrian Empire. It was an Austrian response to the perception that the French and British were unduly influencing the formation of the modern Olympic Games in Athens that year, including the Austrian insistence that the games should have been competed nude, as they were historically. The club was a celebration of the (somewhat suspect) through-line of Imperial Austria linked it to the ancient empires of Rome and Greece. 32 aristocrats and sportsmen banded together to found the Herrengymnasium, directly molded on the Gymnasiums of Ancient Greece. These men wanted to create a space that fulfilled both the strivings to refine the male body into the classical physical ideal and a place for socializing and engaging in intellectual pursuits.

Directly interpreting the traditions of the ancient Gymnasiums, the men stayed true to the meaning of the word, as in Ancient Greek gymnós meaning "naked". Only adult males were allowed, and men had to be naked at all times. The club’s ethos was that staying naked at all times would encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male body, and encourage all the members to spend time showing, viewing and appreciating each other’s bodies. Male physicality was to be appreciated in the building up of smooth, well built musculature and also a robust and responsive penis. Among the ancient processes done by early club members was the ritual shaving and oiling of the fully nude body, and to this day it is both a service to and requirement of members that they work out completely shaved and with an oiled body.




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  2. I wonder how many fans realise the significance of the German name Grosserschwanz. It literally means "Big Tail" but in the present context obviously means "Big Cock"

    The father of these four young studs, Hubertus von Grosserschwanz, clearly had a genetic disposition to produce male progeny, who with their magnificent physical sexual endowments, truly honour the family name.

    The man on the extreme left of this picture, I have managed to identify as Karl Ulrich von Grosserschwanz, the eldest of Hubertus's four sons. He has possibly one of the most magnificent cocks ever. Even in its flaccid state in this picture it is truly formidable sexual implement and an object of aesthetic beauty in its own right. And it is this young man who was destined to carry forward the family tradition of producing exceptionally well-endowed young men whose sexual activity in each successive generation has become legendary.

    The Wiener Herrn Gymnasium, was the first naked body-building establishment of its kind in the world and as such h it is generally considered as being the father of the present sport world-wide. The sport and art of hand-free cumming dates back to ground-breaking efforts in this gym.

    Connoisseurs of the male physique will have noted that all the men, father and his four sons , in this shot, have been circumcised. Circumcision, today the sine-qua-none for any man who aspires to be a naked body-builder and show of his masculinity, was not the norm in nineteenth century Europe. Only Jews were regularly circumcised. However, Hubertus, who has to be considered the founder of the sport, saw that the full beauty of a man's sexual organ could only be appreciated if that veil of foreskin covering his cock-head was removed. And so he had himself and all his four sons circumcised, thereby establishing what has become the norm for the sport. And circumcision has since that time been the tradition in the Grosserschwanz family.

    I am continuing my research into the history of the Grosserschwanz family and hope to be able to write another informative comment on the important role they played in the sport of naked bodybuilding.

  3. Silent movie actor, George O’Hearn, was also an athlete and nude model in the ‘20s. By 1930 he had opened nude gyms in Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, and Silverlake, so fellow actors and fans could follow George’s methods and techniques, always in the nude. All the walls were mirrored. O’Hearn supervised the members only gyms thru the ‘50s and incorporated IFNB’s philosophies and guidelines. The actor made it clear that the gyms were not gay, but to achieve muscle and cock growth naturally, cum had to be absorbed anally or orally. It was understood that the purpose of the gyms was for members to attain an ideal body. This alllowed straight men to take a cock up the ass. His motto was “real bodybuilders give and take cock.” Membership was open to straight and gay men. All members pledged confidentiality. Well known heterosexual and married actors were members. George assumed right that as the years went by, actors would desire more muscular bodies. Many wanted to be able to prove that they had big cocks. In the ‘50s the most famous member was an exhibitionist on movie sets and in theatre dressing rooms. He became famous starring in historical movies. He mentored a twink actor at the gym, who preferred to take the mature man’s cum us his asshole. As George introduced impromptu hands free cum shooting contests, actors competed to be #1. The famous actor held the record for a handful of years with 15 blasts. In front of everyone, he plowed two of his favorite twinks the day of the competition. He talked about starring in a documentary about O’Hearns’s Hollywood Gym, but it never happened.

  4. My researches into the Wiener Herren Gymnasium have revealed an astonishing story. Firstly the term, Gymnasium, is totally inappropriate. It means a secondary school and has nothing to do with the English word, gymnasium, which in German is a Turnhalle. What possessed Hubertus Graf von Grosserschwanz to choose this word to describe his creation is difficult to explain. Was it because his main objective was to teach young men the joys and sexual fulfilment which come from a muscular body and a large and active penis ever ready to bring that most exquisite of all pleasures, the male orgasm, to its owner.

    Well, that is now all ancient history, as whatever the correct name for the Hubertus's Viennese creation, it was the undoubted inspiration for the world-wide IFNB network of naked body-builders and the sport we all love.

    But to come back to the founder of all this, Hubertus became the Eleventh Graf von Grosserschwanz, at the tender age of sixteen, when his father, the then tenth Graf was killed in a riding accident. Hubertus, even at sixteen, was already a well developed, muscular, young man, with an insatiable sexual appetite. As a member of the Viennese aristocracy, where the unheard of, if not the overtly approved of, was tolerated and, indeed, enjoyed, Hubertus bestowed the undoubted pleasure of his already sizeable endowment on members of both sexes. He just enjoyed the act of copulation, either anal or vaginal, and got equal pleasure from each. Hubertus was, in today's language bisexual.

    His mother, seeing where her only son was heading, decided that he should be to be tied down in marriage as early as possible and get on with the task of producing a male heir. So in an age where arranged marriages between aristocratic families were the accepted norm, she arranged for him to marry the seventeen-year-old Amelia von und zu Schweinitz, daughter of a Prussian nobleman, thereby introducing what she hoped would be a dose of sober north German blood into the frivolous Viennese character of her son.


  5. Hubertus went along with his mother's wishes, but as it turned out, Hubertus now aged just eighteen, but with sexual experience way beyond his years, and the virginal seventeen-year-old Amelia, got on like a house on fire. Still waters run deep and Amelia, whose sexuality had been hitherto stifled by her hide-bound Prussian family, found her sexual soul-mate in her new husband, Hubertus on their wedding night.

    A virgin she may have been, but when she felt, for the first time Hubertus's rock-hard nine inches slide smoothly inside her, she melted into his arms and the two of them spent their entire wedding night fucking like a pair of rabbits. A little over nine months later, that enormous injection of virile sperm supplied by Hubertus, produced their first son, Karl-Ulrich.

    And then at ten months intervals, for the pair never stopped fucking, Kai-Uwe, followed by Jens-Jakob and finally Wolf-Dieter saw the light of day. In less than four years, aged now only twenty-two, Hubertus found himself the father of four healthy sons with only ten months between each successive birth.
    So Wolf-Dieter was only some three years and four months younger than his eldest brother. It was this small difference in their ages that probably drew the four boys and their father Hubertus together to become the world's first muscle-cock team.

    Unfortunately, tragedy struck. Amelia, aged but twenty-one, died giving birth to her fourth child, Wolf-Dieter. One has to ask oneself what might have happened if Amelia had lived. Would the ten-month production cycle have been kept up? We shall never know. But in his extreme grief, Hubertus took her loss very hard indeed.

    He never ever again slept with another woman for the rest of his life. His sexual activity from now on was purely with other males. he founded the Wiener Herren Gymnasium and devoted himself to the development of his four sons into what would become the first group of world-class cock and muscle builders on whose back the sport as we know it today was built.

    To be continued later


  6. In the above shot, the young men from left to right are: Karl-Ulrich, Kai-Uwe, Graf Hubertus, Jens-Jakob and the youngest, but tallest of the four brothers, Wolf Dieter. I believe that Karl-Ulrich, with his world-beater of a cock, was just twenty years old when this photo was taken, which puts the youngest brother, Wolf-Dieter, at sixteen.

    In fact, this historic picture was was taken on the Wolf-Dieter’s sixteenth birthday, the day on which he was initiated by his father and brothers into the Wiener Gym. Karl-Ulrich had not yet married Dorothea-Sophia von Hinternfrick to start on the enjoyable process of procreation of the next generation of this illustrious family. Together, from this date on, the four Grosserschwanz brothers were to form the first team of naked, muscle-cock bodybuilders to present themselves in all their youthful glory, to the general public. This marks the start of naked muscle-cock bodybuilding as we know it today and the Wiener Gym was the forerunner of the IFNB organisation which today promotes the sport worldwide.

    The initiation of the brother into the privileged circle of the Wiener Gym, was a ritual performed exclusively by his brothers. Although the four brothers regularly fucked and exercised with non-family members at the Gym, the initiation of a new Grosserschwanz was a strictly family affair, even though it was ceremoniously performed in front of non-family Gym members.
    So when young Wolf-Dieter’s turn came, he was strapped down on his back on a table, his anus was well lubricated and his three brothers each in turn, fucked him. This strangely incestuous procedure was considered by the family members a sort of droit de seigneur operation. It was only after having been thoroughly fucked by his three brothers that Wolf-Dieter was considered a fully integrated member of the gym, giving him access to all the sexual privileges that the honour offered.,

    After that family initiation, four other gym members, whose participation in this event had been selected by a draw, successively treated Wolf-Dieter to the pleasure of their own cocks, a favour which he was then allowed to reciprocate.

    It is safe to say that as leading members of the Gym, all four brothers became leading practitioners of the art of anal copulation and hand-free cumming. They led the way in the creations of the sport as we know it today.

    1. Thank you, Jason for your thorough historical research into the Grafs von Großerschwanz. They are indeed a fascinating family, and their commitment so early to living a life that fully celebrated the masculine in all its rightful glory. Please continue to share information as you find out new and interesting things.

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