TOO CLOSE? Ethan Martillo and Garrett Longmeyer show off their newfound connection at the CMCS Sponsored Alpha Jr. After Party. Longmeyer had just completed his first international competition. 
Although not as frequent as you might imagine, there are occasions when an alpha bodybuilder end up in an intimate relationship with another alpha. The naked bodybuilding lifestyle is intense and easily misunderstood by girlfriends and other outsiders. They can be confused and will not understand the extreme devotion to all things masculine – building huge muscle, showing off massive cock, and shooting endless streams of seamen. This can make it tough for young jocks to maintain the focus on a girlfriend or any romantic relationship, since Alpha dick really demands the willing and trained asses and mouths of other men to truly be satisfied. But for a man that still desires a connection to another, often the only other person they can turn to that will understand and support their devotion to the lifestyle is another bodybuilder since living the lifestyle has to come first for these men.

The official CMCS sponsored Alpha Junior After Party laid some of these connections bare, and played into detractors that accuse the CMCS of promoting social and lifestyle over true bodybuilding. Garrett Longmeyer is a college freshman from Illinois who decided to make the Alpha Junior his first international level competition. "I had competed in local and regional contests, mostly in the teen level," he says. "But I wanted to check out the Alpha and see some of my naked heroes in the flesh. As a competitor, I get lodging and a stipend, so why not try it?"

And although he is familiar with the CMCS (Longmeyer's college has a chapter), he is not a member. "It seemed like too much bro partying. I just love the sport itself. Getting big, looking jacked, intimidating people and driving them wild when they look at my hot, naked body. Besides," he adds, "my girlfriend likes how stacked I am and how much everyone wants a piece of me. She doesn't like all the training I do, but I told her, it's all about the sport and training up my body. And when it's with guys it isn't cheating!"

But a strange thing happened to Longmeyer in the dorms the very first night. He formed a connection with his dorm mate, Ethan Martillo. Martillo is attending as a student representative as the leader of his college chapter of the CMCS in Arizona. "Ethan was in the bunk above, but realized the first night that it was broken. With the dorm completely full, they couldn't find a spot for him, and I felt too sorry for him sleeping on the floor. So I offered to share my bed."

"I had done all the training, oral, anal, all that. But those boys I trained with were just helping, we were getting our dicks worked the right way, but nothing more. But having Ethan and I pressed up against each other in that twin bed was the first time I had just laid naked next to another guy. It seemed like it was going to be completely uncomfortable, but almost instantly our bodies connected."

"We talked for a little while, but the heat of his body was turning me on. And I could feel his hard-on pressed against my ass. It was so insistent that after a while, I slowly positioned the head against my hole, and sunk on. It was a real connection with another guy who gets what it's like to need to link with all things masculine all the time. After he came, he climbed on top of me and started riding my dick. By then, all our dorm mates were up and egging us on. It was fun to have the audience, but sometimes it just felt like him and I, when he would sit deep on my cock and look right in my eyes."

Longmeyer and Martillo have been more or less inseparable through the competition, with Martillo working backstage. "Well, I'm going to have to tell my girlfriend when I get home. Ethan and I are going to make sure we keep seeing each other, even with the distance. I am not looking forward to that conversation!"




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