ELITE BUFFET: Top tier talents Yuri Korovoez, Matt Boyer and JK Roher show off massive muscle beef and monstrous meat to the backstage registrants on the first day the official backstage. These were just a representation of the big names in naked bodybuilding to be seen milling around the Alpha!
The first full day of the Mr. Alpha show prep was an exciting preview of the astounding amount of pro-level beef that will be on display this year vying for naked bodybuilding’s top prize. There was the best of masculine muscle from across the globe, with thick, frightening musclecock wall-to-wall in the open section of the backstage prep area. The assemblage of so much stripped and massive muscle led the gathered audience of fans and press into a frenzy of sexual arousal. Much has been said about how top IFNB pros possess the ability to cause overwhelming excitement in those who are nearby.  The intensified enhancements these men go through cause a reaction similar to strengthened pheromones, and thus "regular” men turn suddenly ravenous for sex.  The more advanced the pro, the more blinding the horniness response.

And possibly most famous for causing sexual frenzy among even the most stoic of men around him is JK Roher. Though he is now considered a battle-tested veteran of the sport, at only 28 years-old JK Roher comes with the greatest expectations on his enormous shoulders. Roher was the youngest winner of the Golden Phallus ever at age 23 and was able to dominate the field as the most perfect man in the world another year after that. But poor showings in 2016’s competitive season led him to pull back from the field. But the massive Swede is notorious for driving himself into sexual frenzy because of how much he loves shoving his big muscles and fat cock into the amazed eyes of admirers, so it should have been anticipated that he would return to the competitive stage sooner rather than later. “Award or not, I know all men worship me and always will," he says flexing a massive bicep and bouncing his cock. "I never get tired of seeing tough, strong dudes turn into begging fuck bitches at the sight of my thick, iconic masculinity!"

Roher arrived at the press open with another pro known for his own bountiful charisma sprung from his hyper confident aggression. 44 year-old superstar clothed-turned-naked competitor Matt Boyer, sometimes called by his nickname "The Bomb", is well known for having one of the smoothest routines on the competitive stage and an aggressive, and his almost maniacal urge to unload hot sperm on the men around him. As a relatively successful clothed bodybuilder, he showed an early talent for dominating all other males around him, though his obvious, thick erection straining at his posing suit often got him in trouble during his career. Boyer has developed into a truly spectacular musclebull, ready to display his amazing physique whenever and anywhere he pleases. “I don’t wear clothes unless I’m getting ready to drop one of my ‘Boyer Bombs’,” he explains. “I don’t like it when men can’t see how much bigger and better than them that I am. And with a penis this beautiful, it deserves to be on display at all times.”

Rounding out the interesting group was 26 year-old famed naked athlete Yuri Korozoev. The Russian icon of naked bodybuilding is famed for his exceedingly intense training program. Initially an acolyte of chem-free trainer Bogdan “Papa Byk” Silvestrov, Korozoev spent 4 years working under his ruthless, military style training program. Byk’s program treats male bodies as the ultimate machines, with strict disciple, grueling workouts, and no boundaries. “I owe who I am to Papa. But after years of his abuse, I knew I needed enhancements to get my cock to thickness that matched my body and got my physique fully balanced enough to win,” says the flexing star, wiping a dribble of pre-cum from his cockhead. “He was not pleased, but it was time for me to dominate the world my own way and grow my dick so big that it scared lesser men around me.” Korovoez is sharing a suite at the host hotel with his training partner, Brazilian celebrity Raul Rubenez. The two have a noted open-door policy for any other muscle men who want to hang out. “We like sharing our space and our training with others. So if you have huge glutes, colossal arms like mine and a dick that hangs to your knees we are happy to have you!"



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  1. Roher hands down. His prick is pretty and his cumload capability is unchallenged


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