ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY?Speculation continued after Brazilian star Raul Rubenez and Russian professional Yuri Korozoev arrived together for registration. Their physiques were stunningly similar, a testament to the amount of time and effort they have spent training each other.
Outsiders or newer fans not familiar with naked bodybuilding often view a world filled with alpha men sucking cock, ass fucking and dick stroking amidst intense muscle flexing, brash exhibitionism and complete arrogance and immediately assume this is all driven by animal lust. Yet all of this is a focus on maximizing the body for a competitive sport, not an indulgence in pleasure. The sexual behavior is essential to training to improve one's sexual stamina in the sport. This is an arena where men come to expand and present their masculinity, including prominently their individual sexual power, yet not a place where sexual fulfillment is the actual focus or objective.  The intense sexual connections that may occur between the thickly muscled studs of the sport are not designed for lust or love, but for competition.

It is this mindset that keeps the sport exceptional and prevents it from crumbling into an orgy of sex that some fans yearn to see.  Personal sexual preferences are irrelevant in the world of competitive muscle and cock power; the focus is on male prowess with no judgement being made in competition with regard for one's personal interests. So for the overwhelming majority of naked bodybuilders their constant same-sex fucking is about training and lifestyle, and has little to do with their own preferences and relationships. 

Yet the intensity of the bond that can happen between two dedicated Alpha males training together can lead to some men finding themselves stepping over and connecting in a more intimate way. There has been speculation that Raul Rubenez and Yuri Korozoev may have crossed that line, however neither has officially confirmed. What is obvious was their immediate connection at the 2016 Anaconda. Since then they have not been shy about showing that they are connected deeply on a personal and sexual level, a connection that is speculated to exceed that traditionally between even the most connected training partners. 

Despite living on different sides of the globe (Korozoev in Russia and Rubenez in Brazil), for the last two years they have rarely been seen without each other. This fact, and the sudden and very public way that Korozoev (who previously never used anal stim), proudly and unashamedly, let the Middle/Heavyweight Rubenez repeatedly bury his Brazillian fuckpole in his Megaweight ass, definitely got people speculating that the two had formed a more intimate bond. 

The two arrived together at the Alphas as well, and surprised many by registering for the same weight class; Super-Heavyweight! “We spent the entire summer working on refining my physique down to take off excess mass and really balance it out,” says Korozoev, wrapping his arm intimately around Rubenez’s naked waist, “and for Raul we pumped him up and focused on getting his muscles and cock fully pumped to Super-Heavy level.” 

"Keep the focus always on the sport," the usually even-tempered Rubenez growls when asked if there might be something deeper to the connection between him and “Hard Red” Korozoev. “We are both professional naked bodybuilders and the epitome of Alpha men. When we are training for the sport of male excellence, the focus of our sex is performance and hardcore cock training.  During those times if the sex was about personal stuff, we’d lessen our game.”




  1. Haha, this has been an open secret of the industry for so long. And the article clearly describes it that way. For us die-hard fans of the sport, following (well, maybe "tracking" would be more accurate) our idols at respecting distance, their complicity was obvious the moment they met and they have stayed close together ever since.

    Then again, it might just be a very strong bromance; the simple fact that this sport requires 24/7 dedication in lifestyle and training, which involves a great deal of sexual performance sublimification, can easily draw people to hasty conclusions. Aren't Alpha Muscle Gods allowed to develop normal, regular friendships? Just because their sexual drive is way beyond ours, and need relief as much as they need to breathe, or lift, or juice up, or eat ?

    I've met a few guys, three actually, who were very long, close friends to major competitors in the sport. Very best friends. All admitted that over the years, they had learned to comply with their friends ever expanding sexual frenzy. One ended up loving it, but for the other two it was just a chore. But not really a problem on the long run.

    They said approximately the same thing : they were having a few days hike alone with their best friend, something that hadn't occured in a while since his blooming career as a promising alpha bodybuilder had already taken over his life, but only after a few hours, they saw their friends in such agonizing pain and crying for help that they did what any real friend would do, freeing their mate from his misery.

    Sorry I went a little off track - but my point is, something that can easily be seen as a very strong bond between a major alpha muscle sex athlete and a regular man, when it involves two major competitors, imaginations run wild, and yes the thought of a fairy tale romance between these two powermen gives me butterflies, too.

    One day, in Puerto Rico, I was staying in the same hotel as them. Told that way, it sounds like luck, but luck had nothing to do with that.

    On the first evening I was sitting at a table of the bar next to the pool, and the two majestic megawheight bodybuilders appeared in all their splendor, fully naked, although it wasn't a nudist resort, but, hey, nobody complained apparently.

    Much to my dismay, they were dangerously heading towards me, and I would have liked to disappear in a mouse hole as Mr Korozoev was smiling ever closer to me.

    "Oh, it's mister... Sorry what was your name again?
    - F... Francois...
    - Yeah, Hi, I'm Yuri, remember we had a chat last time we met?"

    That's the kind of guy Mr Korozoev is. Not only he had come to me last time in Sarajevo, and had a nice talk with me, even though he knew I was stalking him. And he politely walked to me to salute me, and I was so embarrassed, I'm not supposed to exist, I was sure he must have had forgotten me, but no, I was honored and deeply ashamed at the same time, I'm not supposed to interfere in any way in the life of my Gods.

    " See, Paul, this is Francois, he's a very nice guy, great fan of our art... Francois I bet you know Paul already...
    - Absolutely, this is a great honor to meet you Mr Rubenez, I..." mumbled the rest of my sentence.
    " Glad to meet you Francois." Mr Rubenez was a little more distant.
    " Francois is a bit shy, but he really is a man worth discussing with. Ok we have to go have some rest, see you later Francois, take care!"

    And Mr Korozoev lifted his hand to check with mine, and it took me a second, but I lifted mine too, and Mr Korozoev's hand came in contact with my hand, palm against palm, and it was a real, good contact, and I had my hand flat, fully pressed against the hand of Mr Korozoev, just for an instant - Mr Korozoev's hand was of course a lot larger than mine - but I had my hand touching the hand of Mr Korozoev.

  2. Sorry I'm overlong and bragging, yes I am. Ever since, every time I met Mr Korozoev, he always has a kind word or a wink, sometimes he even puts his arm around my shoulder or stuff like this. He's careful though, because he knows I'm fragile, once he had me in a headlock for fun and with my head pressed against his chest I pissed my pants and he felt bad.

    We're not friends by any means, but although Mr Korozoev looks so intimidating with his T-Rex jaw and piercing eyes, his rumbling Russian accent, the alpha declarations he plants in interview and of course, his monumental muscles and fear inducing genitals, he's really a weirdly down to Earth guy, incredibly human despite his great superiority to the rest of us; he likes his fans and always welcomes them.
    I can't believe I've written so much, anyway, long story short, when I arrived at breakfast the next morning, they waved me to join them at their table (!) we talked a little, but during most of the half hour we spent there they just had meaningless talk with each other giving themselves stupid lovey dovey names.

    " You seem pretty into each other", I said to fill a silence. Mr Korozoev, as they were done eating, stood up, leand towards me, winked and said
    " And as you're an internet blabbermouth I guess it might as well be official.
    - Who, me?... But, what makes you say" they were already yards away.

    And now indeed... But, hey, it was almost a year ago, and lots have been happening since. And I've been waiting so long to share all of it! Feels good."


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