A FAMILY THING: The stunning Ballo family were among the first to arrive at the Mr. Alpha event. Veteran Tedi Ballo (left) has invested his time and effort to develop his nephews Jabari (center) and fellow champ Joff (right) into fellow competitors.

The most important annual event in the world of naked sport kicked off today with the first day of registration for the Mr. Alpha event. Every year the largest, horniest and most perfect men collect to face off in competition to prove that only one among them is the epitome of what a man in his most extreme state should be. This competition is not for amateurs or dilettantes. These are the most brutal muscle-bulls on the planet, with dongs that inspire lust and horror in equal measure (lust from their sheer size and horror from the limitless and demanding libido that drives them).

So it is with wary anticipation that hosts, organizers and muscle-head fans watch the delectable array of the best nude musclemen arrive at registration for the 2019 Mr. Alpha, Alpha Junior and Alpha Exposition. Among the first to arrive was the stunning men of the Ballo family.

It is the first time that many have been able to see all three competitive family members in the flesh together, and the genetic similarities between 39-year old uncle Tedi Ballo and his 25 and 19-year old nephews, Joff and Jabari, were noticeable to their worshiping fans.  All are notable for their thickly developed yet beautifully balanced torsos and shoulders, and lusciously hefty ebony dicks.

As a relative novice Jabari will be participating in the Alpha Junior, but as they did at the 2014 Pan -Africa, Tedi and Joff will be going head to head against each other in the Super-Heavy weight class. Asked how it will be to compete directly against his mentee and family member, Tedi dismisses any speculation that it will hinder his performance, “I always step out on that stage to win, no matter who I face off against. And I think ultimately, we’ll outshine the competition anyway. Few bodybuilders other than myself can get me completely rock-hard, but my nephews’ muscle and cock always get my alpha cock swelling and horny."

Despite being a newcomer to professional competition, like all Ballos Jabari has an intense focus on the bodybuilding lifestyle. Growing up with a star uncle and a huge older brother, he was a prodigy from a young age. But his path wasn’t always to take the easy way. He has spent his last three summers interning at various naked muscle resorts. “I spent last summer at Buster’s. I loved taking my turns down in the “Bro-down” pits, really gritting my teeth and taking hour after hour of SPH fueled musclecock. My uncle and Joff really prepared me well, but I always grow from a challenge and want to beat whatever record they might have.”

Jabari freely admits that he is driven by a competitive streak with his family. “When Joff and I were kids, we would spend our breaks at Uncle Tedi's and would hear his monster cock slapping against his quads as he walked around the house and would think how that is what a real man was. We would see how much he would lift, and how fearlessly he did it nude and with a massive hard-on, and he just was the epitome of true male power. When he got old enough and Joff joined him in his workouts, I was SO jealous."

“Jabari was such a brat,” says Joff with a laugh. “He would get so jealous of the time I got to spend with uncle Tedi. He would literally sneak up behind us in the gym when we were lost in an aggressive sexual training session and physically pull Tedi’s cock out of my ass! It would leave us both in a sexual rage, and he would end up the target of our sexual aggression.”

“I guess I ultimately won since it was the intent of my game all along!” says Jabari.




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    1. I think the Ballo’s have all been committed to sharing family cum. From their own descriptions, it sounds like his nephews have been well acquainted with the outstanding male power of his impressive black dong and have been taking his testosterone rich cum since they first started training. Joff specifically in the past has talked about how his uncle’s cum has been imperative to his growth as a muscle competitor. I imagine the brothers also are well acquainted with each other’s cocks. But it sounds like Uncle Tedi’s BFF and training partner Chad Galvin is often on the receiving end of getting holes stuffed with multiple Ballo family penises. With the three Ballo men sporting such massive dongs, I wonder if Galvin could even do a full triple-penetration? I know that is a form of training you’ve spent time recently mastering, and I wonder if you, the other coaches, or the boys have any more updates on their double- and triple-penetration work?

  2. I just want the opportunity to spend private time with him.


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